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3.8 out of 5 stars
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on August 22, 2009
What a lovely book. It was so hard to put down. I read this book right after I returned from East Africa, so was able to identify with a lot that was described. I highly recommended this book, especially to those who have travelled to that region of Africa.
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on October 26, 2009
I have read all three books on this subject in order. This was the first. I really loved this book. Corinne Hoffman has the gift of describing places and people. I learned so much about this tribe from her book. You could almost feel her intense feeling for her Samburu husband and his family. Her descriptions of Nairobi and Mombasa as she experienced them, are spot on.
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on September 26, 2005
This book changed my life. It tells the story of Corinne, a young German woman who gives up a comfortable life and moves to Kenya to marry a Masai Warrior and live in a Manyatta (mud hut). Here she deals with the hardships of disease and beurcratic nightmares. In a country that treats it's women like animals and property, she is strong, beleiving that love wil concure all.
It is fast moving and reads like a constant flow of thoughts.
I couldn't put it down. Corinne Hoffman is an inspiration.
The White Masai is a great love story and a tragic drama, one that will mean something to me forever.
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on May 23, 2011
An easy read. Her story taught me about the Masai and their culture while reminding me of my recent trip to Africa. Looking forward to reading her other books.
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on December 3, 2012
J'ai été fascinée par ce livre basé sur une histoire vraie. Je ne pouvais pas comprendre comment cette femme d'affaire européenne a pu tout abandonner pour aller vivre dans une hutte de terre avec un Masai qui ne parlait même pas sa langue et surtout tenter de s'y établir et mettre un enfant au monde dans ce monde si différent du sien. Je vous le recommande.
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Holiday infatuations are not unusual during visits into far away and "exotic" lands. Unlike their usually temporary nature, this dramatic love story between a Swiss business woman and a Masai Warrior leads the heroine-author on a voyage of discovery that the reader is privileged to share. Corinne Hoffmann's personal memoir of the years with the "love of her life", is an absorbing read - at some stages the account is almost too amazing to be true.

Hoffmann writes with honesty and passion about her love for the man, the people she lives with and the land she discovers and increasingly calls "home". Having fallen for the beautiful Lketinga, during a holiday, Corinne decides to move to Kenya to start her life there with him. She sells her belongings back home and embarks on the adventure of her life. With great frankness she exposes her own naivety when searching for "her man" who had moved away from the tourist coast, finally tracking him down to his settlement in northern Kenya. There, her lack of awareness of local customs create more than one drama. She doesn't give up, however, and learns to adjust as she goes. They even get married in traditional ceremony. To the amazement of the locals, she is wearing a white wedding dress. Her description of the life among the Masai in this remote part of Kenya is full of insights into the traditional life that they lead. Warmth of feelings and even tenderness develop between her and "Mama" in particular, but also with the closer family and neighbours. Her love to Lketinga does not diminish despite the numerous misunderstandings they are facing, due to the limited language abilities and their vastly different backgrounds.

The local diet, malaria, hepatitis and her pregnancy all pose threats to her health and even survival. Several times she returns to Switzerland to recoup her strength, but as soon as she leaves Kenya, she yearns to be back. To contribute to the basic economic stability of the community, Corinne buys a car that allows her to ferry supplies from the nearest town to the settlement. She even opens a local shop which creates benefits for the family but also results in additional tensions between her business approach and her husband's tradition and customs. It is hard for her to accept that the cultural differences between her and her husband may jeopardize her continued stay in Kenya. In the end she has to draw the painful consequences. Using 'a "needed vacation" with her daughter as a ruse, she does not to return to Kenya for many years.

With "The White Masai" Hoffmann has written a beautiful and moving portrait of a life committed to bridging vast cultural differences. Her style is very direct, almost intimate. The reader can visualize her life among the Masai, sense her emotional strength and the upheavals that accompany the love between her and "her Masai". Hoffmann returned to Kenya with her daughter after 14 years to meet up with her Kenyan family. [Friederike Knabe
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on June 14, 2014
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on June 1, 2015
Loved the writing and the story, quite a page turner. Can wait to read the sequels. Thanks
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on February 3, 2011
This book was embarassing to all women!!! Any woman that would move to a different country to be with a guy she doesn't know is completely crazy!! She didn't speak the language, didn't know the traditions and for that matter...he didn't ask her to come, she just showed up.

If a friend of mine moved 30 miles (let alone another country) to be with a guy she didn't know, didn't speak the language, had barely talked to him, I would tell her she was crazy. Corinne thinks she is such a heroine because of all the things she takes on but never admits that maybe she put her self in this position. Never does she realize that she made some bad decisions and she was part of the reason that their relationship wasn't working.

She should be completely embarassed that she did this and then even more embarassed that she wrote about it and told the whole world she was an idiot.
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on November 12, 2006
absolutely worst case of exploitation i can imagine. obviously everything is for sale to the author, especially her family (for her last book where she goes and visits her former husband and his family she takes with her a book editor and a film crew!). It's just so easy to exploit the topic being a white woman from Europe and writing about your life and experiences among people of a completely different background and culture. Who are the European readers going to relate to? And what have the 5 star reviewers learnt from the book - that cultures are different, that educational backgrounds are important in relationships? Just makes me wonder was it the case of hopeless love or carefully executed scenario for making money - as we have now been given four books and a film from her? What's next - a video game, theme park? Truly creepy.
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