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3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on May 9, 2002
OK, let's get step by step to the point: This book (and the other 5 of the Earth Chronicles series, as well as the 3 companion books) presents a very exciting, revolutionary view to the ancient history, to the universe and to the sacred texts and myths. Sitchin's unique, "brave" interpretations, based on Sumerian/Akkadian clay tablets and cylinder seals and Egyptian papyri, suggest a very extraordinary alternative on the roots of our civilization which claims to replace the mainstream, orthodox understanding of history and universe. His main axis is a mysterious planet (belonging to our very own solar system, lurking in the depths of outer space but still "unknown" to us) which was somehow "hidden" in the mystical and "mythological" bulk of ancient sacred texts. Sitchin spots the "vague point" in myths, then clears the dust and mud carefully, finally points at this "surprising" planet which had been waiting to be discovered by us since millenia: This planet was called NI.BI.RU in ancient Sumerian (meaning "Planet Of Crossing"); had an orbital period of about 3600 years around the sun; and it was symbolized by the holy sign of "Winged Disk" in ancient cultures, as well as the cuneiform sign of "Shar" (meaning "3600" and "destruction".) He deciphers almost all the details about this huge planet and its "inhabitants" from a series of clay tablets, beginning with "Enuma Elish", the Babylonian Creation Epic, with a very careful attitude on ancient symbolism. This finding alone is enough to make his theory one of the most significant approachs on ancient history. But Sitchin goes further.
According to Sitchin, the "inhabitants" of planet Nibiru, "The Anunnaki" as they were called in Sumerian, had landed on Earth 450,000 years ago; had colonized our lonely planet for their mining purposes; had searched for gold and other valuable materials which had been needed in their own planet for the sake of their "atmosphere"; and at one time, when they had needed "extra labour" they had created the mankind "in their own look", by manipulating the genetic structure of the "ape man"; then they naturally had become the "powerful gods" of our ancestors. Seems very radical at first look, but also a very logical explanation, especially when considering the fact that even the "monotheistic" religions had made up their holy books (Old Testament, for example) by borrowing themes from much ancient resources and modifying them. (Thus, biblical Nephilim was nobody but the Anunnaki according to Sitchin.) A more intriguing point is about the two puzzles of modern science: "Planet X" theory (astronomers believe there should be another planet beyond Pluto since last century) and the "missing link" in evolutionist theory between the "humanoids" and "homo sapiens".
I do not want to spoil your reading fun, so I won't mention any other details on Sitchin's unique theory but I feel I'd like to state a "caution" about him: Though his theory of planet Nibiru with a 3600 years orbital period and his powerful explanations on "ancient gods" concept are very important to understand the roots of our civilization, there is something very "disturbing" with Sitchin's approach: His obsession to prove and verify the Old Testament as an actual historical resource. He puts the dawn of Sumerian civilization to 3800 BC (and puts the orbital passage of Nibiru at exactly the same date) just to make his theory to conform with the Jewish calendar, which begins on 3760 BC. He goes even further and suggests 3760 BC as the starting point of the Nippur calendar - which actually is thought to begin around 3100 BC. More disturbing than this, Sitchin takes biblical Abraham as a real personality and claims him as the real descendant of the Sumerians - a "wise" man from Nippur (thus, making the Hebrews literally "the chosen people of the god(s)" as the Old Testament states).
This religous and "nationalistic" approach not only ruins his exciting theory with his prejudice and religious obsessions, but also forces him to make dramatic mistakes on the dawn of civilization (and with the orbital periods of Nibiru) just to make everything "literally" conform to the Old Testament. And in the course of his "Earth Chronicles" series, he uses a method which can hardly be considered as scientific: He begins quoting a Sumerian myth (often without exact references) then inserts his commentary on the events; goes on with another quote from the same story (this time from an Akkadian source); again puts his commentary and then quotes a passage from the Old Testament he believes related to the same myth. This makes up a very eclectical version of the original story: A collage, just made everything to conform his view and of course, the Old Testament.
Strangely enough, Sitchin ignores Maya end-date of 2012 AD (which could contribute well to his theory on orbital periods of Nibiru); does not pay attention on Indus "kaliyuga" (starting of which coincide with Mayans "5th Sun"); and does not mention the Revelation of St John (which is very intriguing and without doubt was borrowed from much older sources.) Because none of them has any use for his efforts to verify the Old Testament. Do read Sitchin's books, they are very important works; but be warned and read with "caution".
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on May 3, 2016
A wonderful story, told to Zecharia by a group called the Syndicate/illuminate/The Deceivers dictated by 3 different people, unfortunately I just found out recently, if you want to know more go to: [...]

It's a sad day for many, but we will all find out the truth sooner of later. Many scholars, have translated the tablets of the ancient sumerian text, and unfortunately what Zecharia wrote; has no mention of what is in his book, in the translations. I used to be a big fan, but when I found out, I was let down. The truth again deluded by falsehoods.
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on February 1, 2003
I first read this book in 1991, the scope is amazing,
the theories awe inspiring. This book started a reading
regimen that has lasted 12 years and spanned 100's of
other books on the topics first introduced to me by
Sitchin. Get prepared to change everything you think
is true. View it as a start of a great journey.
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on March 27, 2004
I have been a fan of Sitchin for years and have read most of his books, but "The Twelfth Planet is my favorite of all. He lays it all out; from Bibical text, ancient Sumerian writings and obscure writings, to reveal that in ancient times UFOnauts from other worlds did indead visit and influence our ancient civilizations greatly.
Having read the TOP books in the UFO/Alien/ Government Cover-up Genre; "Unconventional Flying Objects" (NASA UFO Investigator for 30 years) by the scientist Dr. Paul Hill; my FAVORITE is "Alien Rapture" by Edgar Fouche (Top Secret Black Programs Insider) and Brad Steiger (Great fiction-soon to be a movie); "Alien Agenda" by the best selling author of 'Crossfire' Jim Marrs (Best reference on UFOlogy); and "The Day After Roswell," by Colonel Corso - I'd say this book is a MUST READ also!
Why would a respected, decorated, connected Military Officer (Corso) swear in a Court of Law that the UFO Conspiracy is real and that the facts and agenda in these books ARE TRUE? Why did NASA try to ban Dr. Paul Hill's book? Why were Fouche's home, car, and hotel rooms broken into? Why did he go underground after delivering his 'insider presentation to the International UFO Congress? Why has the great researcher and bestseller, Jim Marrs, been slandered? Why are there still questions about the deaths of Corso and Hill? Were their sudden demise a product of this conspiracy?
Why? If you read this excellent book and the others, you will know that they are indeed true. Two well-respected American Astronauts have come forward to proclaim they had seen evidence of the Roswell UFO crash and stated they know the cover-up is real. You be the judge. Read this book and check out the reviews of the other TOP books I have mentioned.
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on April 26, 2004
I really enjoyed this book, as well as others in this series. Some of it got to be a bit of a tedious read, but I found it wholly interesting.
By far, this book explains ancient UFOs the most subjectively. Many say that the Sumerian texts should not be taken literally. I ask them, WHY NOT? Those texts are the first written history of mankind - why should they be classified as anything but just that. On a personal level, this book filled in some of the blanks that many modern ideologies and theologies left in my mind.
Whether you think this is all a bunch of hooey, or solid fact, or you fall somewhere in between the two - Sitchin's theories are undeniably powerful and intriuging.
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on August 31, 2003
Are you comfortable with the conformed truth about our human history and its origins, according to our conventional teachings or are you prepared to accept or swallow the real truth of our dubious and murkier history of humanity and its actual origins, like Sitchin, Hancock and others who dared to defy or challenge conventional beliefs and teachings?
Legends and myths were made to give later generations the "fog" of history: to create illusions through entertaining oral storytellings to off-set any real inquiry or curiosity into humanity's deepest, murkier pasts. Ever wonders why priesthood in most ancient civilizations such as Sumer, Egypt, Babylon and even the Hebrews were known to be very powerful? They were considered as "guardians" of secrets and knowledges of the past and about the gods. They didn't wanted the uneducated or working mass to know anything more or deep except to expect them to work to benefit and appease the "gods"!
Do you believe that we are truly that alone in the universe?
Do you believe we have made so much progress in such quick fashion with technology like splitting atoms, telephone, airflight/spaceflight, cloning and computer chips for the past 100 and so years, that which took mankind centuries to achieve?
Remember: in ancient times, the sun and the moons (including Earth's) were thought to be planets!
So whether you wish to deride, reject or laugh at Sitchin's fascinating and compelling research of the Sumerian civilization, its correlationship with aliens (assumed to be "gods") and mankind's origins on the basis of accepting the conventional and conformed truths that you grew up with or believe in? Or venture into the rabbit's hole so far, so deep that you would have to unlearn everything you've learned?
Only you decide if you wish to be open-minded to any or not at all. Sometimes, the truth can be very hard to swallow.
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on March 3, 2003
People can have many kinds of motivations for believing or disbelieving this kind of book. First in Sitchin's "Earth Chronicles" series, The 12th Planet gives a history of Man's origins which is a curious synthesis of "old time religion" and modern scholarship. In fact, believers in UFOs and aliens from other planets might be Sitchin's most likely audience-if not for the fact that his work is scholarly, well, semi-scholarly; it has a bibliography but doesn't cite sources, still it takes a certain level of education and intelligence to get much out of it.
My impression is, in a nutshell this: it may be true-at least some of it-because a lot of it makes sense. There is a certain logic to it. Though on the other hand there are gaps and holes. For example, if "the gods of old" were really spacemen who genetically engineered "Adam," meaning the early Homo Sapiens, or Cro-Magnon man, why is there no physical, high-tech evidence of their existence? And why were their "chronicles" written on clay tablets instead of in books or on ancient CD's?
Then again there is a lot of compelling or at least tantalizing evidence, (if the sources verify the evidence). There is the rich legacy of the Sumarian writings; there is the ancient architecture; there is evidence of gold miming in southern Africa, pre-dating the earliest known civilizations; and much more. But for me, the idea that is most intriguing is the one that posits the Nefilim ("the gods"), as the likely creators of civilization--including agriculture, husbandry, the "naked ape," (man), the arts and sciences; and much more--all of which seemed to appear "whole cloth," out of nowhere, in the Middle East, a few thousand years ago. It is as if Sitchin answers biologist Michael Behe's riddle. The 12th Planet also provides a curious explanation for astronomer Tom Van Flandern's Exploded Planet hypothesis.
This book is a great example of out-of-the-box thinking.
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on November 3, 2003
Having read the TOP Four books in the UFO/Alien/ Government Coverup Genre; My FAVORITE is 'Alien Rapture' by Brad Steiger (Great fiction-soon to be a movie); and Alien Agenda by the best selling author of 'Crossfire' Jim Marrs (Best reference on UFOlogy); and Unconventional Flying Objects (NASA UFO Investigator for 30 years) by the scientist Dr. Paul Hill, I'd say Corso's book is a MUST READ!
Sitchin's research is second to none. Read up on his credentials. I've read all of his books and this is the best!
If you read this excellent book and the others, you will know that they are indeed true. Two well respected American Astronauts have come forward to proclaim they had seen evidence of the Roswell UFO crash and stated they know the cover-up is real. Many books have been written about the Catholic church's cover-up of ancient manuscripts. You be the judge.
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on February 27, 2004
This is the most incredible book I have ever read. It started the process of completely and permanently changing my view of human origins and human history. In the 12th Planet, Zecharia Sitchin has presented an astoundingly strong case for ET intervention in the creation of the human race. This version positively rocks both evolutionism and biblical creation to their core! An astute reader will supplement this book with others by Sitchin, Graham Hancock and related authors. One should also investigate the current state of evolutionary "science". Having taken the time to read the material, I can only conclude that everything we know is wrong from both religious and mainstream academic sources. A "god" did create man in his own image, only he was a flesh and blood resident of our own solar system who looks just like us. Many people will be disturbed to find that humans are merely a genetically engineered hybrid race of primitive workers. I certainly was when I first realized it was true. However, the story of our origins is a fascinating and humbling one which I believe is required reading. Especially when you realize that our creators will be back.
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on April 23, 2003
yes, i finished the book with lots of questions of the "does this really make sense" variety but the book brings me to the edge of atheism for several reasons:
1. having read the old testament several times, i have been struck by the polytheistic language which crops up again and again and the contradictions in God's attitudes and decisions. Presuming God to be unknowable to man seems to me a non-answer: if we are in His image, He also should have some recognizable motivations, but often He does not. Why did He make us? Why try to destroy us, why hang His son out to dry and then say He was doing it for our sakes (implying that He had to appease someone else)? At the very least understanding the Old Testament as a hidden polytheistic text really clarifies meaning for me. Of course, Sitchin is not the first person to wonder about this but he does it well.
2. Having thought about #1, with all due respect to the scientific critiques offered here, I think alien invasions are more empirically testable than presuming a deity, and Sitchin makes, I think, a good argument that the Sumerian relics are more consistent with astronaut "gods" than presumed Gods.
I cannot verify the facts presented, but the thesis--while hampered on occasion by dry language--is forcibly argued and worth reading
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