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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon September 5, 2010
I've read many rock/metal musicians' autobiographies over the years in hopes to learn more about my favorite artists , Megadeth happens to be on the list of bands that I really like and have strong respect for (especially Mustaine) so this was a must read for me. Honestly, Dave Mustaine's autobiography shouldn't be really all that surprising to anyone who's been a fan of his following him for years; a big part of his life has already been covered (addiction, getting kicked out of Metallica, his drug and alcohol abuses and his conversion to Christianity for examples). Megadeth founder and frontman, Mustaine has been in the rock'n'roll business for years, he's been successful and he's been in incredibly dark places in his life. Mustaine : A Heavy Metal Memoir is a great look at the rock'n'roll lifestyle and the excesses that comes with it. It's very much the good, the bad and the ugly, there's no shortage of any of them in Mustaine's memoir (even if the good is a little rarer). To be honest I expected more ink on the subject of his Metallica exit (make no mistake, he does talk about it quite a few times) and I'm glad that he didn't stop there.

Mustaine comes off as a smart person who's well aware of what he's done. He knows the damage he's done to himself with alcohol and drugs while at the same time hurting others around him. In fact he apologizes for hurting so many people over the years and learned to forgive others (yet you still sense he will never let go of Metallica, however he seems angrier at himself for blowing it). It's interesting to read about feuds Mustaine has had with bands such as Metallica, Slayer (Kerry King only it seems) and Pantera, one way or another it always seems to turn out alright (I'm not saying he was right or wrong). Mustaine's conversion to Christianity is a well-known fact in the metal community but reading about how it actually happened and how he found god and changed his life for the best (while still providing metalheads remarkable music, Amen to that!) was inspiring to say the least. I liked to read how even if he's a Christian he doesn't try to change anyone's personal beliefs and how it helped him reach balance and happiness in his life, not to mention that it strongly helped him get rid of his unhealthy addictions. He certainly has no problem acknowledging what he did well and what he did wrong, I'll give him that. Mustaine has very interesting views on things, for instance he disproves of satanic bands and his views on rehab were certainly...well interesting!

The book is filled with emotions, mostly negative ones. From the death of his father to whom he was not very close to his first job (selling substances) , being alone and not much of a family to support him. It seems what really saved Mustaine life was music like many other musicians, he had a passion and a strong will to succeed. I loved that Mustaine went in analysis of each Megadeth album, he talked about the events that lead to it, who played on it and what he or his fans thought. A Heavy Metal Memoir shows the true Dave Mustaine, he tells us the good when there's been good and bad when it was bad, he's very honest about what he says. I was touched by Dave's childhood story and when he talks about what he felt when his father died, I have to admit I cried, it's an intense book. It was nice to read about Metallica's RNR Hall of Fame Ceremony and their invitation to Dave, the answer he gave them said it all and he was not being arrogant or inconsiderate. On another note the pictures that are in the book (thought I must admit I'm not a big fan of the book cover) are very good and there are some very good ones of Mustaine playing live with Megadeth and one of each of his kids. There are some colored pictures in the middle of the book as most bios have and there are also others in black and white that can be found at each beginning of chapters and at many other places throughout the book.

The impression I had after reading the book was that Mustaine was seriously considering retirement, but it's not really a surprise since he's been talking about it for quite some time. He definitely loves the music but he wants to spend more time with his family and the music takes a big portion of his time let's put it that way. Recently Mustaine along with Megadeth performed some concerts celebrating the 20th anniversary of the metal masterpiece Rust In Piece and is still talking about new music, yet still talking about retirement. Enough with the retirement issue, some reviewers have commented that Dave didn't give away enough unknown content but I was rather satisfied with the book's content and how it turned out. It's a really interesting bio and I don't have much to criticize, in my opinion this is stuff fans want to know and want to read. Solid book, 4 ' stars.
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on July 2, 2011
The most interesting aspect I found after reading Dave Mustaine's autobiography was how the progression of time combined with the abuse of substances had created in Dave's life a distortion of events that becomes more clear in hindsight. This changing perspective, one of extreem highs and lows(literally), is how the reader and the writer explore Dave Mustaine's life. It is all very dramatic, and far from average as is the excessive life of a metal god if you will. You feel the drama more profoundly I find because of this kind of tone of self exploration Dave uses to describe his experiences that alternate between a 3rd person nararator and 1st person accounts of what happened. The use of this writing style sepparates the book into two stages, appropriate for how Dave's life unfolds. Admitedly, I appreciate the first "stage" of the story more than the second. Dave seems to speak from the first person more in the stages of building Megadeth, and tends to enjoy this part more than the second. His days in Metallica are described as "loud and dangerous", with many accounts of almost fearless wrecklessness with regards to risky behaviour including substance abuse. This first half talks largely about Megadeth in it's stages of inception, in Dave's youth and has many rich detailed stories ranging from the difficulties of finding the perfect band, to girlfriend issues that are often laugh out loud funny, but also are rather deep, and make you reflect about friendships, and what they mean.

The second "stage" begins roughly halfway through the book and reflects an emotional decline in Dave's life that eventually brings the reader back to the scene described in medias-rez style at the very first chapter, describing the disaster that finally caused Dave to turn his life around and make the latest monster of an album, Endgame. I enjoyed reading this part less because Dave seemed to enjoy this part of his life less. Whether adulthood and lost youth was simply taking it's toll or that the continual drug abuse and recovery was the source of pain, there is a marked change of tone that leaves a dark impression on the reader. This is the reason I give the book 4/5, Dave Mustaine is like a hero to me, and reading the stories of relapse, recover, rehab, repeat are a bit unexpected and kind of pathetic. Dave, however is a self-described fighter, and his life is one of significant struggle. One has to give him credit not only for what he's accomplished, but for his ability to take on his "darkes hour" and come out alive. Many who go down that road are much worse off than him.
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on December 14, 2010
I began to devour this book while waiting in line to meet Dave and have him sign my copy at a book signing in Toronto in July. Very quickly it was evident this memoir is written from a place of candor, humor, humility and honesty that I was both surprised at and appreciative of. After all, the Dave Mustaine of my youth was a balsy mouthpiece with a sneer that could send you running for the hills and melt your heart at once (if you were an impressionable teenaged girl who loved Metal that is).

This memoir is like having a conversation with a friend. The stories shared don't come across from a place of bragging or boasting, but from a place of experience, and sometimes veer into quite emotional and serious areas. Luckily though some tales told can also be both crude and funny at once, and it really feels like the words are falling from Dave's own lips. I found it a very deeply insightful look into both an amazing creature and a flawed man, he's human just like the rest of us. Huh, who knew? In the epic percieved battle of Megadeth vs. Metallica I think everyone will enjoy this look into both Dave's life and his thought process. I was a Metallica fan for many years, with only brief flirts of Megadeth in my musical landscape. Reading this memoir has absolutely made me a bigger fan of Mustaine and his life's work.....Megadeth. I thank God every day he got kicked out of Metallica - because without THAT part of his life we wouldn't have Megadeth.

I've now read the book twice and still adore it. Go get it!
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on May 31, 2015
An excellent read especially the early chapters where he talks about growing up and the formation of Metallica. There are parts that make you laugh out loud and I had to go back and read the lines over again to make sure I read it right. For example he says he supported George Bush and his response to 911. This was shocking to me given all that has been reported about that invasion. Later on he describes his first meeting with Marty Friedman and how he was using "budget" guitars. Did Carvin stop using wood and switch to plasic I thought to myself. Some of the guitars Carvin made in the eighties were gorgeous, just as beautiful as any Dean. I doubt Alan Holdsworth or those of us that play Carvin guitars would agree with Dave. After all this is a good read and I recommend it to fans but be warned the really interesting parts are near the beginning. As talented and tenacious as this man is he still very much human. God bless him.
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on February 24, 2014
I loved this book because of the back stories Mustaine tells so that all of his stories and situations tied together. I always thought of guys like Dave Mustaine as almost otherworldly and to put a human face on himself and relate to what he is,just a guy that has struggles like millions of others.Fantastic read and hard to put down at night !
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on August 25, 2010
I've been a Dave Mustaine fan since I was a teenager. I always considered him to be the modern Mozart of our time. The man knows how to write music..

His book is a very comfortable read, and it leaves you feeling very close to him.. I do feel he rushed things a bit at the end however, I would have liked to heard more about his reunion with David Ellefson, and really more about the last 10 years of Megadeth.. He touched on it, but didn't go too deep.. He was also very careful (which is smart these days) to discuss his political views.. He prefers to keep that in his music..

This book is a must read however even for Metallica fans...

I really should give this 5 stars because its so good.. But its just too short!! :) Ironic eh?

Here's hoping he still get's his #1 hit someday..

Thanks Dave for such a great book.
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on February 16, 2012
This is the best autobiography about a rocker yet!! Once I started reading it, I did not want to put it down. I found every page to be entertaining. I have heard people say it was a bit rushed in the end.... but since he has turned christian, and has straightened out his life....what else is there to write about? Happy to say, I will be seeing him in concert in Calgary on the 18 of Feb..... if it wasnt for this book I probly wouldn't have sought out tickets for his sold out show. I have always been a Megadeth fan, and read about some of his struggles, but it is nice to hear his side of the story in more detail. So glad he is still with us today, and continuing to make awesome music. This book is deffinately a must have for any fan.
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on August 21, 2010
As someone who prefers bio`s this one ranks near the top, an inspiring story. After reading this gained a lot of respect and admiration for dave mustaine, makes you want to go out and buy all the megadeth albums you may not own. Only regret didn`t get a chance to go to his book signing. Price can`t be beat.
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on August 14, 2010
This book isn't just for Megadeth fans, but Metallica fans as well... as Mustaine was a founder of both bands, it goes into detail during his time with Metallica and the making of Kill 'Em All. Hell, if you're a heavy metal fan at all, this book is for you. Very interesting and well written! 5/5 stars!!
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on August 5, 2010
If you are a Megadeth fan and a Dave Mustaine fan this is a must read. Some of the stories have been told before but they do go into further detail here in the book making them all the more interesting. A ton of great pictures and Megadeth/Mustaine moments

A must buy
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