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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on January 10, 2016
One of the most important pieces of advice in Strangers in the Mirror by Marlene Steinberg is that those who have suffered dissociation/PTSD MUST LEARN to comfort themselves. Often those who are transitioning from one way of being to another, criticize themselves horribly about their imperfections. Sometimes this self flagellation over normal growth mistakes is so harsh that further progress is halted.

Jennifer Loudon details all manner of ways for those accustomed to criticism to stop that self abuse and instead to comfort themselves! It takes time to stop saying 'Idiot" when I lose my keys again, and instead take a breath and reassure myself that we'll find them. (I now keep spare keys with a neighbour!"

Eleanor Cowan, author of : A History of a Pedophile's Wife: Memoir of a Canadian Teacher and Writer
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on November 14, 1998
So often women are either cast in the role of care-giver, or place ourselves in that role; often we either feel guilty taking the time to care for ourselves the way we do our families and friends, or somehow perhaps think we don't deserve it.
This simple to use guide helps us first to focus on how we are feeling, getting in touch with what we need. A simple directory of 'situations' gives page numbers for suggested activities.
The activities range from the sublime to the ridiculous, but don't laugh at any of them until you have tried them. Just leafing through the book without even doing any of the suggestions seems to help me destress; just the reminder that I can do things to nourish my body and spirit is a wonderful revitalizer.
I have given away close to a dozen copies of this book to friends who are used to putting themselves and their needs last on the list of priorities. I can not praise it highly enough for women who can not find time, energy, or inclination to give to themselves the care and love that they give those around them.
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on November 3, 1999
As a 20 year old, I picked this book up simply because I liked the idea of comfort. As I sat in the bookstore flipping through the pages, I found myself wishing I could do all of the things Louden suggests. Her ideas are very creative (such as making a list of 100 things that make you happy), and this is an excellent book for anyone who loves simple pleasures, but can't really think of them on their own. Louden is not forcing her ideas on anyone, but merely suggesting ways to improve your life and take time to yourself. This is a great book for any woman, any age, and any background because everyone likes to feel happy with their life. I have definitely learned a lot about myself, and hope that I can now work to put her suggestions into action.
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on September 4, 1999
I first read The Woman's Comfort Book in 1993. Since then I have given multiple copies. This book has helped many distraught friends - miscarriage, husband's death, children going to college. I stopped to write this because as I was ordering yet another copy for a friend, I happened to read the negative review posted. I have to disagree. I have found all of Louden's books to be extraordinarily well researched, highly ethical, filled with common sense, and funny. I have been struck in recent years by the idea that other books have mimicked this one - portions of Simple Abundance and Succulent Wild Woman come to mind. Although at times it is simplistic and I wish she would write an update to it, it was the first book of its kind and it still packs a powerful, loving, and responsible message.
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on November 18, 1999
This book was referred to me about 6 years ago by my psychologist I was seeing at the time. It is the most wonderful book I have ever owned. Guidance on how to comfort your self, mind, and soul from what you will need to get started, whether it is a candle, bubble bath, etc. To how to do the comforting! I have given a copy to all of my girlfriends! (I highly recommend all of Ms. Louden's books) Enjoy!
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on January 26, 1998
This, the first in a priceless series of books by Jennifer Louden,is truly a "must have" for every woman. The book is full of useable suggestions on how to practice the lost art of self-care,all arranged in an easy to use format. It does take some practice learning to take care of yourself, but this book gives you the permission and the resources to do so.
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on March 30, 1999
I can't put the book down. This book contains so many wonderful ideas! I find it comforting to sit in my oversized chair and flip through the pages, deciding what I'm going to try next.
I'm going to buy several as gifts for my friends. Do yourself a favor and buy it!
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on March 28, 2000
This book helped me through a very difficult time in my life. It offers simple ways to learn to treat yourself well. Often women don't give themselves the time they deserve---this book definitely helps. Every woman should own a copy of this book.
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on August 23, 1999
This book is a keeper for me and my clients. It's another valuable resource for women. Learning how to better nuture yourself is never a waste of time, and this book is a great tool to help guide you along.
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on February 4, 2012
Great Book. Full of interesting techniques for those just looking to melo out their lives or those who suffer from anxiety/depression from day to day.
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