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on January 10, 2002
I purchased around $200 worth of textbooks on Probability and Random Processes for a graduate level course I took. Of those books, this one got the most use. It summed up topics concisely and provided adequate examples with enough detail to actually show me how to get an answer. If you are getting regular textbooks on this topic, it would be well worth your while to pay the extra small price for this handy guide. It will be well worth the money.
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on November 9, 2003
Probability is a hard subject to understand for many and I am no exception. There is no one book that can present the subject matter in clear and precise way. This Schaum's outline as the title suggests is a good outline. It sums up the various topics and like other Schaum's texts solves a huge number of relevent problems. But it cannot be used as a substitute for a text. I cannot suggest any one text (Papoulis, Garcia, Gharamani etc.)either because I haven't found a satisfactory one so far. I have taken probability at different levels of education and the one thing that I have come to realize is that an understanding of the subject only develops over time. There is no magic solution except that you have be it for a while until your mind begins to think along the same lines. But I'd definitely suggest this book as a supplement to any text. In fact, call it a mandatory supplement.
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on October 27, 2002
Very very impressive book. Nothing but clear consise worked out examples. Example after example after example.
I had the misfortune of having to take a graduate level course on this topic, using Papoulis (horrible book), and it was being taught by an even worse professor. Since I have used Schaums books before, I grabbed this one. This book is THE ONLY THING that kept me in the game.
Considering how cheap this book is, it has value far greater to me than books like Papoulis or Leon-Garcia. It is a shame in my opinion that regular text books are not written like this one.
Thank you Dr. Hwei P. Hsu for writing this book.
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on September 13, 2000
After being out of school for ten years, this book proved to be essential for my M.S.E.E. course in Random Signals. This book concisely summed my undergraduate engineering Signals class with solved problems. In addition, the solved problems acted as a guideline for my Master's class. I felt that I could not have gotten through my class without this book.
The reason why I ordered this book in the first place was the advice of my professor. My professor is a Ph.D. in the telecommunications workplace, acting as an adjunct professor. This working Ph.D. continues to use his well-worn Schaum's as a reference.
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on February 7, 2006
This book covers 90% of my course. It is missing some topics like Entropy and some special distributions, but those you can pick up easily from your original textbook once you have enough understanding of the main bulk of the course.
Studying from other text books was pretty much like reading a book in Old English or a letter written by a Greek philosopher. It is a shame the writers totally neglect their mission as facilitators and present the meterial just for the sake of math, without considering some human being is reading,and even more, have to sit for a test in what they wrote!
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on September 25, 2005
This book has many exercises with answers/solutions to each and every exercise covering a wide range of topics from probability. The book, however, should be used along with an appropriate probability textbook. An excellent companion to Hsu's book is the introductory text by Henk Tijms. This book contains many worked-out examples and exercises as well, but also explains why probability works and how it can be applied in practice. As engineering student, I learned a lot by using both books.
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on August 15, 2003
Why can't textbooks be like this? I want to learn and actually do the problems. Textbooks seem to have obscure problems that have little explanation. This book has real problems professors assign, and this book demonstrates how to solve these problems! I want to do well in my classes, and this book helps me do just that.
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on March 16, 2003
I had to use a book written by the professor teaching me probability. His book being very poor quality I decided to try this one instead. With success, it is a very clear and compact book. The only thing I found is that it does not cover enough distributions, and that there are quite a few typos.
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on November 25, 2015
Excellent book. A tonne of solved problems.
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