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on June 13, 2000
Bill O'Neil's 24 Essential Lessons for Investment Successis a very readable little book containing some sound advice, but none,which in general application, isn't regarded as good practice already by any other book of this type. The majority of this book concerns itself with the application of an investment model closely tied to Mr O'neil's Investment Business Daily, and Daily Graphs. And that model is only relevant within the working practices of the American Stock Market, and its performance characteristics over the last forty years.
It seems to me, that by following the recommended procedures, to the letter, in conjunction with the much heralded Investment Business Daily, Mr O'Neil's assertions will be mostly self fulfilling: after all, if you only buy expensive stocks imbued with all the requisite characteristics and religiously sell at 8% below the buying price to minimise losses there's not much risk. But in order to maintain that security you need to keep up with IBD and Daily Graphs at further dollars, since the model is graphically based.
It was, also, quite a hoot to read Bill's opinion of foreign stocks and how they were dubious in comparison to those from the States because of uncertain political climates. As I type this, Microsoft, one of Bill's greatest examples, is being well marked down by the uncertainty of the ongoing anti-trust action, that looks to me, over here, in the UK, as sheer bloody mindedness by the American courts. So much then for the greatly lauded system of free enterprise. For further insight to this, read the, Brokers, chapter of Studs Terkel's, 'Working' in which a long serving stockbroker, Ray Wax, talks about his time in the Market, Jesse Livermore, and the 1066.
Anyway, 24 Essential Lessons for Investment Success , is good to read in itself, but care should be exercised if contemplating any further investment in Mr O'Neil's publications, since the not inconsiderable sums of money might be more gainfully employed in some of those less than $15.00 shares, he so dislikes. END
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on February 19, 2000
William O'Neil wrote a book called "How To Make Money In Stocks". It is hard to read, but the knowledge it contains is priceless. To me it seems like "24 Essential Lessons..." is O'Neil's attempt to clear up any confusion his first book left and elaborate on the important areas. Which he does wonderfully.
I would not buy this book buy itself, but used as a supplement to his first book the combination will give you the knowledge to make money in the market.
And to those who say this book is a shamless plug for Investors Bussiness Daily, which it is at points, I say so what? First of all O'Neil has every right to promote his newspaper. Secondly, IBD is vastly superior to the WSJ for strictly investing. He offers a two week subscription for free to prove it.
If I sound like a big O'Neil supporter that's because I am. The man's system has made me a [fill in the blank] load of money.
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on November 20, 2000
I fortunatly read teh book and as a student studying finace I was able to learn a few things from teh book that they don't teach you in school. He did push his paper quite a few times. It did get a little annoying. I receive stuff all the time from his company in the mail trying to get me to buy a subscription I don't care to read about it. That was the only down fall of the book. I have found soem of the tips very useful when looking at annual reports.
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on May 21, 2009
The number of plugs in this book to subscribe to O'Neil's Investors Business Daily becomes similar to the sensation of chewing on broken glass. I would recommend his other book instead- How to Make Money in Stocks, which wasn't as bad and has the same helpful information.
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on September 10, 2000
You don't have to buy it , you can see all in the net. [...]
i found in this site of Investor's Business Daily all the book, word by word in 25 lesson's, so put your money back in your pocket end enjoy the net.
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