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on September 10, 2001
I found the book very useful for brushing up one's knowledge of trigonometry.It gets down to the point right away without wasting any time on unnecessary theory.After all, its your problem solving ability that counts and not how well you know the theory.:)
What I like most about this book is that it treats the subject matter from a student's point of view (like it teaches you how to get the answer using a calculator STEP by actually tells you which buttons to push).Also, throughout the book ,the application of trigonometry in surveying, construction,astronomy and air-navigation is emphasized.
I recommend this book for anyone who's taking computer science/engineering/technology courses in college.
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on August 10, 2009
This is a well-written book. As a former math teacher, I do appreciate the crisp introduction of the standard definitions, the motivational examples and the wide range of problems. There is no short-cut to understanding this material but the student who takes the time and makes the effort will be amply repaid for his/her efforts.

Students who seriously work through the problems without peeking at the solutions will almost certainly get a very high mark. But as with all books of this type, reading through solutions without a serious prior attempt is of no value.
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on December 29, 2001
This book is great for people with thick glasses with tape on them who are presidents of their computer programming clubs but for the rest of us this is not too great. This book is heavy on the theory but lacks application which MOST people need in their classes. No teacher is gonna ask you what a Apollo Axil Centripital Angle(no such thing) is. Too confusing but very organized. These people did a great job in explaining theory. I would not sugest this anyone to use this independently.
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on September 21, 2001
Trigonometry was never a good subject for me--I never "got" it. But when I was taking advanced math and science courses, I needed trig. This book helped me to "get" it, finally, and be able to solve trigonometric problems. It's very clear, up-to-date, and well-written.
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on February 16, 2016
I was amazed to received this book because I was expecting that this is an old one. The is as good as new...Thanks for this book that I got it beyond my expectation.
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on September 6, 1999
A complete outline of trigonometry, increased my final test score a lot
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on January 6, 2003
This book as mentioned in the title is horrible. It is incomplete in many areas, case and point, curve graphing. In many cases the book does little more than introduce the topic and give somewhat bland math questions. This book will not help you through a normal course because it is somewhat babified.
Now back to the incompleteness. Half-way through the book trigonometric function graphs are introduced (y=sinx and so on). The book very briefly describes aspects of each periodic function in a somewhat scattered manner. All of the information that is given fits on about one 8 1/2 X 11 piece of paper, somewhat terse isn't it?
This book is not for beginners and is most likely not even for people that would like to brush up on trigonometry. For a more comprehensive edition of a trigonometry tutorial you must turn elsewhere because this book will leave you asking what? huh? how? Perhaps one of the better trigonometry titles out there, and believe me I say this reluctantly because it is also deplorable, is Trigonometry the Easy Way. In conclusion if you have this book return it or if you can't use it only as a way to reinforce trigonometry ideas.
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