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4.0 out of 5 stars
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on September 28, 2004
I was a chain smoker of just over a pack a day for about 15 years. Although I made many attempts, I was terrified of quitting smoking. The mere thought of quitting was enough to increase my consumption of cigarettes. Now because of this book I have quit and I know I will never smoke another cigarette in my life, and I'm just so grateful that that part of my life is finally over. All this with none of the panicking, worrying if I could really go the rest of my life without a cigarette and without spending every day obsessing about how I haven't smoked. I cannot say enough good things about this book and I am frankly startled that Allen Carr has not achieved more reknown with his method. There is a reason Penguin Books brings us this title, and not some publisher devoted to the latest diet fad. Allen Carr has also published books on alcoholism, drug addiction, getting your child to quit smoking and weight loss, I haven't read them, but I would bet they too are easy, effective, FEAR-FREE ways of tackling an addiction. One note, this book seems rambling and way too long. You are SUPPOSED to smoke while you read it. I think the length is one way for him to get past the fear of quitting (at least it worked that way for me) so that you really can quit. This book cost less that 3 packs of smokes - YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE!
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on April 2, 2006
After smoking for 25 years I read Alan's book in one day and quit smoking for good that evening. If there was a Nobel prize for helping people see smoking for what it is(and is not)and motivating them to seek freedom from tobacco, he'd have my vote.
If you're prepared to confront the absurdly tragic reality of why you smoke, and really want to get on with you're life smoke-free, beg, borrow or steal, as need be, to buy this book. It should be on the curriculum in public schools. Just the kind of "controversial", "anti-establishment" info that might get students running from the weed, as they should be. I've already shared it with one friend who subsequently quit, and recommended it to another friend who works in sthe addictions field. Do yourself an immense favour and give it a try.
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on May 28, 2004
When I began reading this book (I know of several people who had success with "the easy way"), I read each page, paying attention to all of the information. True to my nature, I remained skeptical throughout, yet firmly open minded (also true to my nature, being an open minded skeptic is awesome!) Then came my last cigarette, and I've been free from that money eating demon ever since, and I would just like to say I FEEL GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!
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on January 2, 2009
No one can make you quit smoking; I was ready to quit, but having tried before, and failed - the last time 6 months after having quit, I needed an approach that dealt with why we smoke. This book helps you to quit if you are ready, mainly be focusing on the removal of the brainwashing we receive that we need to keep smoking to have a good life. The reason it is easy to quit is that the physical nicotine craving only lasts 3 days and is a short and easy thing to get through. It's the societal and psychological conditioning that we need to smoke, and that smoking gives us any benefit that keeps us hooked. Carr does a great job helping you to bring yourself to a place where you can deal with this aspect. You can quit easily if you have the right mindset to combat the psychological triggers and not see smoking as something you ever need to do again.

Carr's key message that aided me in quitting was coming to grips with my smoking as a form of drug addiction, and seeing the smoke as no longer anything but a nicotine delivery system that gives nothing, and takes a lot. In particular, when I read the book I realized that I have never truly been able to relax since starting to smoke 9 years ago, and have been a slave for all that time. It has only been 3 days, but I truly feel free as long as I keep my mind right on this subject and keep redressing the feelings and desire to smoke with Carr's excellent and all to true points.

If you want to quit, try the book. Carr encourages you to keep smoking all through it, so there is no fear in at least reading the thing. I think it is the only tool to actually help you get there, avoid the horrors of the willpower method and nicotine substitutes, and actually feel good about the decision (which we should). I have seen a review that says that the book didn't work for them, I would suggest reading the book again, or trying at another time when you are ready to quit, when you are actually open to the ideas in the book.
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on March 8, 2004
As a smoker for over 20 years, I never thought I could quit...I could not imagine not needing to smoke. Then my best friend quit and told me about this book she had read which "made it easy".
So I got the book and now I too am a happy non-smoker! And it was cravings, nothing! I never would have believed it could be so easy and painless. Not only do I feel better physically but my mental outlook has improved 100% too. Within minutes of having the last cigarette, I know that Mr. Carr's method was going to be successful because I had no urge to smoke! Not then and not now! My only suggestion for anyone who wants to use this book to quit is to set aside a couple of days without distractions to really focus on the contents (its alot of reading) and then quit. Carrs method requires you to be in a certain "headspace" and it just seems easier to get there by focusing completely on the book.(I started it on Friday night and quit on the following Sunday night.) I should add that I wasn't overly motivated to quit but after reading this book, I was able to stop cold turkey with NO PROBLEM (and I smoked over a pack a day!) I just wish I had read this book years ago! If you are a smoker, try this method, its easy, cheap (only the cost) of the book and most important, IT WORKS!
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on March 3, 2011
On May 23, 2011 I will have three years of being "nicotine free". It is a liberating feeling not to live for the next break when you can go outside and smoke. I am now one of the people inside feeling sorry for the people outside that smoke in the cold, rain or snow.
It took me 3-4 months to finish the book, and I quit a few weeks after reading the book. And I quit cold turkey, and never looked back. My boyfriend, now fiance, was afraid of mood swings. Let me just say the I did not go through any "withdrawal" moments. I guess that some companies need to make a buck on their patches, gum, pills. Allen is right, it is all in your head. You need the right frame of mind to quit, and suport from your friends and family. Today I am buying this book as gift for two of my girlfriends.I hope it will help liberating them too.
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on August 24, 2005
I am a 32 year female smoking veteran. Over a pack a day. I did stop smoking after reading this book but fell into the "I'll just have one" trap. After power smoking my way through 2 more packs, in one day. I decided to reread the book. I found that I needed something else so I used Paul Mckenna stop smoking hypnosis tapes plus Allen Carr insightful book. It does work - I am smoke free and will not fall into the trap of ever having another puff, never mind another smoke. Every smoker should read the book and make up their own minds. I am as surprised as anyone that a book could make me - a loyal smoker - stop. If the book does not work for you, consider it a diet and try again. Never give up!!!
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on August 18, 2012
i don't smoke any more. enough said. free at last! obviously a good resource, a gazillion copies sold! i think it is a great support tool for any one who is ready to stop the filthy habit. wish i read it 15 years ago! never too late.....................
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on June 17, 2006
I have been cig free for over 2 years now with no desire to ever have another cancer stick again. I read Allen's smaller stop smoking book initially and then read this edition and the rest is history. This book costs less than 2 packs of smokes. Open your mind and use the 3K a year you save for something beneficial.
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4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on November 17, 2005
I quit smoking for 3 months now. (I smoked for five years, 2 packs a day).
I wanted to quit in the back of my mind but had many fears about quitting. I was afraid to fail or suffer the consequences of not having that one cigarette.
I hated when people would tell me, "Smoking is bad for you" or how it affected my health etc. We know this. It's easier said than done.
Quitting is hard to do and Allen knows this, he speaks from his own experience. It's like a quest for truth, and Allen is your guide, giving you insight.
Read this book from start to finish, with an open mind, do not skip chapters, simply read it and consider what Allen Carr says from his own experience of smoking 100-200 cigarettes a day for 30 or so years!
I have to admit, when I bought the book, I didn't read it right away, I didn't want to give up was just sitting on my bookshelf, I waited until I was ready and once I started reading, I couldn't stop.
And now I can happily say I'm a non-smoker,and will continue to share Allen's experience as well as my own with others who want to know how to quit. Many of my smoker friends do not want to acknowledge this book just yet, or feel they're too stressed right now which is understandable, I was there, that was my "excuse" until Allen made a good point(among the many in this book);
You're still smoking even when you're not stressed!!!
Just Consider it! Thank you Allen!
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