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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on January 22, 2012
I found this book utterly amazing. The characters, which there are many, are rich and dynamic! The main plot of the book takes a little while to get off the ground, but the background information is necessary in order to properly understand what exactly it going on in the book. Lisbeth is an amazing character, with many, many different facets. The story line keeps you totally engrossed and actually wondering what is going on, wanting to solve the mystery right there with them.

There is much talk about this book and it certainly lives up to my expectations. Just remember, once you get past the beginning with the background information, the book roars away at a fast pace.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon February 10, 2012
I loved this book. Some sections were very difficult to read, so it is not for the feint of heart. I mean difficult as in hear-wrenching, not particularly challenging language-wise.

It did start off slow, and at first I was thinking "What's all the fuss about these books, this is boring" but a friend told me that it did pick up, so I hung in there. After the first few chapters, it did really pick up, and by the middle I could scarcely put it down. I was reading it on the bus, at the gym, between classes, basically any time I had 5 minutes (<3 Kindle). At the end, I stayed up way too late to finish it, was tired the next day, but well worth it.
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on September 10, 2015
If you haven't read about it already, or seen the movie (either the original or the US remake) you might be the only one. I submit this review in no way thinking it is going to influence you. I just loved the book and the character of Lisbeth that I need to say something. It starts off as a mystery story but evolves into something so much bigger and better. The pages will fly by and you will grow to love the characters and the setting.
The estate has hired an author to continue the series...and I hope it goes well. However, it can't stop me from thinking what if the author were still alive.
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on March 28, 2013
Wonderfully written, nail biting, keeps you wanting to read the next page, and the next...
Trilogy is one that will be read and talked about for many many moons. Thank you Stieg Larsson! RIP
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on November 17, 2015
One of the best books I have read.
Unconventional, witty, fascinating, intriguing, mesmerizing …
I just didn’t want the book to end. I was captured in one magical world and have lived with the characters 24/7. It was an amazing experience, a great adventure.
Larsson’s specific style of writing is so beautiful and compelling. The plot is interesting, with so many twists. The characters are so full of life, so unconventional and real, especially Lisbeth. I love her!!!
Being part of this was a real pleasure. I still have a hard time finding another book as excellent as this one.
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on June 17, 2013
There is only 1 Stieg Larsson. This series is awesome. Amazing story for a writter, so real it makes me want to check the internet to see if these places & people really do exist.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon January 16, 2012
It's rare that I end up preferring a film to the original book, but in this case, the Swedish film far surpasses the written word.

The beginning and the end of the novel were painfully slow with the majority of the action taking place in the middle. Lisbeth didn't come to full fruition until the later chapters and that troubled me to no end; she's a fantastic character, why waste her? Why wait so long to establish her role in this story?

I'm hoping that the next two books in the Millennium trilogy will be much better.
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on September 14, 2013
It took me a while to get on board with this book but as they say good things come to those who wait. The first time I heard anyone talk about this book they said "give it 100 pages and you'll be hooked". Another person suggested that you had to read much more that that to really get into it. This sounded kinda awful to me but I gave it a chance and I'm so glad I did. This is one of the best books I have ever read. It stands on it's own pretty well but I highly recommend the reading the whole trilogy.
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on July 14, 2014
I totally agree with the person who wrote the one star review. The characters were not in the least believable and for the main
character, don't even remember her name now, at the age of I think 19 and portrayed as a very small person to have accomplished
what the author wrote is just utterly stupid, is the only word that comes to mind

I would not consider reading the others or seeing the movie, what a waste of time when there are so many wonderful
books waiting to be read
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on January 23, 2012
As a university student studying history, I haven't had the chance to read a novel outside of class for a while. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was a great welcoming present for me to delve into the world of fictions again. The characters in the book were full of flavour and the storyline was well constructed by Larsson. The only downfall of the book for me was the ending, which I felt was very disconnected with the rest of the book.
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