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2.8 out of 5 stars16
2.8 out of 5 stars
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on November 3, 2003
This is probably the worst CS book I've ever read. Nutt has a real knack for making things that can be simply stated overly complicated and confusing. There are times when he'll spend several paragraphs trying to explain something which could have been explained in several sentences. Part of the problem is he's obsessed with set notation, which can be very useful in mathematics, but is totally useless in the context of what he's talking about. Other times instead of overexplaining things he'll underexplain it, things which aren't exactly obvious. Probably the two most annoying things about the book are: 1) the incoherent way the chapters are organized, you're left with a fragmented understanding of things, making it hard to put all the pieces together, and 2) he oversimplifies concepts early on in his book, foregoing a slightly more detailed explanation until later. But the way he does it makes you wonder what the truth really is. The whole book just feels like a bunch of jumbled concepts. Just look at the front cover.. Nutt thinks he's the conductor of them. But it's not music to my ears, just one loud cacophony.
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on April 19, 2002
Well first off being an applications programmer this book had alot of work to do to both make the topics interesting and understandable, well Mr. Nutt failed at both. The text is dry to say the least and often vague or incoherent. For example things are explained in methods such as "assume there 4 processes and no more are coming" well okay there bud. And every other reviewer has said it and I'm going to say it too, the labs are horrible! The objectives are vague the suggestions given are among the most convoluted ways to approach them, and the concepts and skills neccissary and no where to be found in the book.
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on February 16, 2004
I've been forced to buy this book and unfortunately using it for a month. The chapters are totaly inconprehensible, the information is scatered all over the book. He starts a subject, skip to another and get back to it a few chapters later. The problem sets are bogus. They ask about things that are not in the chapter and you can spend hours trying to figure out what he wants, just to find out after a few week that the answer is five chapter s later. The diagrams don't make sens whatsoever, some of them have so many lines you mistake them for abstract paintings. Don't try to use the code from the book, as it crashes all the time. Instead use the updates from Nutt's page, that also crash. The bottom line is : don't buy the book if you don't have to, and if you must, just copy the problem sets, because reading the book won't help you solve them. I would give this book 0 stars, but unfortunately it is not allowed.
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on July 1, 2003
I'm a systems researcher myself. I can't believe this book is allowed to be in publication. The writing is shoddy, and the relevancy of the material is fragmented. The poor quality is perfectly encapsulated by the two luminaries praising the book on the back cover. One is from Centre College, some liberal arts college I had never heard of; the other is supposedly a professor from the University of California, but upon closer investigation, he's only a staff member, not a real professor. This book has a second-hand feel to it throughout. If you're a student forced to use this book in college, I suggest you change colleges.
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on January 5, 2003
Mr. Nutt is a terrible author. He teaches at the University of Colorado, Boulder and it is also well known that he publishes an update every semester forcing his poor students to buy the new edition. As the other reviews pointed out, not only was this book poorly written it is poorly edited with an onslaught of errors. If you are a college teacher looking for a book to use in your Operating Systems class, DO NOT USE THIS BOOK, it is a concatenation of all the bad parts of other good books on Operating Systems.
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on May 3, 2001
Like the title says, this could have been better. No doubt it's difficult to write a "modern" book on operating systems in such a tumultuous area. There were blatant errors, especially in examples, and it seemed like the "In The Hangar" sections were the most relevant parts of the book. However, coupled with the "Kernel Projects for Linux" book, it is much better. If you need it for a class, you have no choice. Otherwise I'd check out books by Tanenbaum or the "dinosaur" OS books.
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on December 11, 2002
This book is pretty criptic and not recommend for use in the class room. there are many other books which do a better job of covering more topics and providing better descriptions and solutions. if you are a teacher considering this book for an operating systems class please consider your students and look at something different. if you don't you will spend lots of time decifering the authors wonderful mathmatical formulations of the topics he does cover
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on April 16, 2002
I only bought this book because it was required for my Operating Systems Design course. I find the book very difficult to follow and comprehend. The chapter exercises are frustrating because the answers to the questions are rarely in the chapter text! I know I speak for every one of my classmates when I say this is a poor textbook. If you are a professor and are reading this, PLEASE do not use this book. Find another one!
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on March 19, 2003
I like that this book has examples (Unix/Linux and Windows) right next to the concept that it is covering. None of the other os books have this- I think it makes a big difference when you are a student and don't know this material at all! I think some other reviews are talking about an older edition of this book. the one I just bought has great examples ...
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on February 27, 2000
This book seems to be poorly constructed. Halfway through a one semester community college course, my copy is falling apart. About the content, I find it difficult to follow and suggest supplementing this text with Stallings, Operating Systems, 3rd ed.
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