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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on February 4, 2009
While female narrators have generally dominated Kelley Armstrong's addictive Women of the Otherworld series, long time readers have often wished/clamored/begged for an opportunity to hear tales told from the perspective of the Otherworld's strong cast of leading men. Never one to deny her readers, Armstrong obliged, offering up a series of free online novellas narrated by some of her most intriguing male characters.

'Men of the Otherworld' is a beautifully bound collection of these stories. Two novellas, 'Savage' and 'Ascension' chronicle Jeremy Danvers' perilous rise to the Alpha throne seen through the eyes of his adopted son, Clayton. Clay, a misanthrope whose wit, and delightful moral ambiguity have made him a popular fan favorite since his first appearance in 'Bitten', provides readers with a unique insider's look at Pack life. It's interesting to hear his narrative voice change as he matures from a feral bitten child into an intelligent young man eager to embrace his role as Jeremy's best and most feared enforcer.

Two short stories bookend the novellas. 'Infusion' teases readers with its hints at Jeremy's true parentage, while 'Kitsunegari' actually reveals who, or more appropriately what, Jeremy's mother was before she met her violent and untimely end.

These stories are a real treat, and since all the proceeds from the sale of this book benefit the World Literacy of Canada, it is truly a guiltless pleasure.
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on October 27, 2009
I love the Otherworld Series by Kelley Armstrong.

That being said, I had never read the free novellas that she offered on her web site. I don't know why this is. Part of it has to do with the fact that I love holding the book in my hand. The other part of it, I guess, was that I didn't want to read anything outside the actual series of books.

I know, finicky but true.

But I was extremely excited to hear that most of the online fiction would be taken off of Kelley's web site and published into a couple of collections, the first of which is Men of the Otherworld.

I was a trifle worried that it would read like a bunch of mismatched short stories that wouldn't really flow together very well. However, I am happy to report that I was way more than wrong.
Men of the Otherworld consists of the tales Infusion, Savage, Ascension and Kitsunegari, the collection of otherworld tales actually reads like a novel. The book follows the progress of the men of the pack including Jeremy's birth, Clay's being bitten, his training and acceptance of his new life.

In fact, though these tales were written at the same time as the novels, because of how they are arranged, they make for a better read than some of the more recent Women of the Otherworld novels. Not because those novels were bad; far from it. More, I think, because there is an urgency to these tales, a need that burns off the page.

If you've never read Kelley Armstrong's novels before, Men of the Otherworld is actually a great place to start as everything but the last story takes place before the series itself.

And with all of Kelley Armstrong's proceeds going to World Literacy of Canada, you're getting a great read and doing something good. How can you go wrong?
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on July 7, 2009
I have read all of Kelley Armstrong's "Women of the otherworld" books and enjoyed them so much. I was excited to start "Men of the otherworld" but had no idea it would be this good. I was so absorbed into this book I read it all in 1 day. I couldn't put it down!! I loved that I got the background story of Jeremy and Clay. It even goes into how Jeremy was conceived and why he might be a little "different". The story gives the background on Jeremy's father "Malcolm" as well, (whom I dislike a lot by the way). The hurdles that Jeremy goes through with Clay to make him "blend" in with society was sad at some points in the book but also had me laughing out loud at other points! You really get to understand why Clayton is the "way he is", his dislike of humans, his temper and WHY he is so protective of Jeremy. I am so happy there are more to come and can't wait for "Tales of the otherworld" coming March 23, 2010!
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on June 15, 2016
it was good and really interesting, but it was kind of hard to distinguish when one story was done, and the other started because the main story had labels for each chapter instead of 123 kinda thing!
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on July 27, 2009
I really enjoyed getting to know the men of the Otherworld better. In the other novels, you get the perspective of the female characters and they are fantastic books. But it was nice to get in the head of the men, to understand their side, to feel with them. It gave me a better understanding of them. I think it will give me a new enjoyment of the novels of the Otherworld.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon March 18, 2010
I have read many reviews of different authors and always wondered about some of the comments, especially those written by "reviewers" who knew nothing about the book series and have only read one book. Although this book could be read by someone who does not know the series, it could be a jumping off point, but I recommend reading them in the order offered by the author.

This book is required reading by those who love the "otherworld" series. The background information regarding pack life, Clay, Jeremy and Malcolm, allows for a more comprehensive understanding into the characters psyche.

I recommend this particular series of books by Kelly Armstrong, but I recommend reading the series in the order presented by the author. Starting a new series of books, midway through the storyline is not helpful, and can be quite disconcerting. To those who have never read a book in this series, start with "Bitten" and progress to "Stolen" then proceed from there.

I love these characters and find myself hoping for further adventures, especially with Noah, Reese, Morgan and the twins.........Have I got you interested now?
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on February 25, 2010
Fantastic! That's what I think of Men of the Otherworld! As a fan of Kelley Armstrong's Women of the Otherworld series, I was very excited to read this collection of stories told from the men's point of view. I was definitely not disappointed! For someone who loves continuity and a good back-story, (both of which Men of the Otherworld has in spades!) it's a perfect addition to an already great series.

Comprised of four short stories, Men of the Otherworld begins with a story on Jeremy's father Malcolm, followed by two longer stories on a young Clayton, and concludes with a new present-day story narrated by Jeremy. As always, Kelley Armstrong's writing is fantastic - the characters are well rounded and believable, and the story is engaging and flows easily.

While it was great to get a glimpse into Jeremy past by meeting his father, and to see things from his point of view, it was the stories on Clay that really made this book for me. These two stories (which almost read as one long story) fill in all the information we don't get in the Women of the Underworld novels. We learn how Clay became a werewolf, how he came to be with Jeremy, and we get to watch him grow from a young wild boy into the man we later meet through Elena. As an added bonus, the hierarchy and structure of the pack are explained, and stories of how current Pack members came to take their place are intertwined with Clay's story. We even get a glimpse into what caused previous Pack members to abandon their status in the Pack.

Men of the Otherworld is a must read for fans of Armstrong's Women of the Otherworld books. The fact that proceeds from this anthology go to World Literacy of Canada is even more of a reason to run right out and get your copy.
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on November 16, 2013
I love Kelley Armstrong all her books so far have kept me wanting to know more about the characters and the adventures they encounter so when I get to this one I know I will not be disappointed plus she has new ones out so I better get reading!! very happy ty!!
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on June 18, 2014
LOVED IT. It was great reading the back history of Clay, Jeremy and Malcolm. Kelly Armstrong is an amazing writer and brings such depth to her Characters.
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on February 20, 2014
this book is one of my favorites just because I like knowing more about clay the other parts were ok
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