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on December 29, 2011
This book is incomplete and does not provide any added value. The class information is freely available on the SWTOR website and perusing the forums will give you considerably more detail that you will find in this book.

The class summaries cover only the base classes (levels 1-10), not the advanced classes (levels 11-50) and the class tips are useless once you unlock your advanced class.

Of the 351 pages of content, only 14 pages are devoted to ALL of the base classes, less than 2 pages per class... hardly helpful. The skill trees and abilities are NOT included.

Of the 351 pages of content, 45 pages consists of 'concept art.'

There is no information provided for any other game mechanic. The UI, crafting, social skills, light side/dark side points, valour, to name a few, are all completely missing.

Even as an atlas, this pook fails to impress. The maps, when they are provided, appear complete but they do not tell the whole story. There are no map legends on the actual pages despite generous use of whitespace on most pages. You have to flip to the "planet overview" pages to find the legend. This info is not even in the "How to use the atlas" pages. The maps themselves seem to be nothing more that screen captures of the in-game maps. There is no detail shown and, in some cases, entire zones are omitted completely.

I would have expected annotations and notes to clarify or highlight map quirks but, again, nothing is provided. For example, despite showing you where items like datacrons can be found, the do NOT show you locations you have to visit when you have "unlock" something to get to the datacron (i.e. the Balmorra Willpower datacron location is shown but nothing about buying a key for 5000 credits to open the access to it).

Also, I could find no mention of Codex entries. I'm guessing that some fall under 'points of interest' on certain maps but I can't be sure as the entries I have found in-game didn't appear on the maps I looked at.

This book is a waste of money if you're looking for help to understand the class mechanics or are looking for an off-line resource to study the skill trees or abilities. For example, SWTOR actually makes use of each skill tree situationally (in the case of Jedi Sentinel, for example, Watchman for levelling and DOT's, Combats for pure DPS builds and Force for crowd control) but none for that is covered.

I have no idea who this book is aimed at. I was personally very disappointed.
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on October 30, 2013
arrived on time as stated and in good condition, provides excellent detailed mapping for SWTOR zones to help with questing and leveling highly recommend for new players.
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on April 11, 2015
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on July 17, 2015
very nice and helpful guide
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on December 27, 2014
Awesome Thanks
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on January 26, 2012
Glad I bought this book... Good Atlas and very helpful for the beginner and intermediate players. The maps are good and contain a lot of information.
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