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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on December 23, 2012
Rod The Autobiograpy
By Rod Stewart

Rod Stewart's no-holds-barred autobiography "Rod" proves beyond all doubt that Blonds really do have more fun. It's a memoire breathtaking in its honesty - filled with revealing anecdotes and vignettes - some none too flattering to the author. They say a gentleman doesn't kiss and tell but that was before Rod wrote this book.

Stewart recounts many humorous incidents including an embarrassing exchange of Christmas gifts with Elton John (a novelty bar fridge from Stewart and a Rembrandt drawing from John) and a subsequent wedding gift from John of a £10 gift card with a note saying "buy yourself something nice for the house." We also learn about the activities of the "sex police" and Stewart's wickedly imaginative publicist, as well as how Stewart and his fellow musicians typically turned up for studio recording sessions with no idea what they were going to record and then ad-libbed from there.

Apart from accounts of Rod's humble beginnings, his prodigious love life, his various passions and his musical evolution, the most interesting aspect of the book for me was the veritable history of the whole rock genre that it presents.

The reader comes away with a greater appreciation for the legend who has sold over 200 million records. It's a compelling life story which, as the book jacket says, is "not bad for a guy with a frog in his throat." Well done lad!

Barry Francis
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on November 29, 2012
Knowing what a rocker Rod was in the Faces, I am not sure why I was surprised this book was so candid. I guess when you get used to seeing what he's up to nowadays, you forget what things used to be like. He goes into a lot of great stories about those early days. I am a fan of Jeff Beck Group, Faces, and Rod's early solo material, and the book contains a good amount of content on all 3. I have no interest in the constant talk about soccer, but it's a big part of his life so he's going to write about it. Overall and very enjoyable read though.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon July 14, 2014
I confess, I am one of those guys who loved LOVED Rod Stewart throughout the Jeff Beck, Faces,And first 3 solo albums. Mandolin wind is one of my favourite songs of all time. Its definitely in my top 10 ever. Then he lost me with the lack of rocking music,disco era stuff and his Hollywoodishness. I know he discusses this in his book and somewhat poo-poos it....but for me it was and is real.

And now for the review. Even though Rod discusses his poor behaviour at times and other "negative" incidents I never got the feeling he was the least bit remorseful. It almost felt he was bragging. " Look what I can do and get away with" kind of macho prancing. I have read many other rock BIOS where incidents have occurred that are not good, and as the reader you get the feeling that the "author" genuinely regrets and condemns that behaviour. Not with Rod Stewart!
The book itself is well written and mostly follows the time line from beginning to end. There really are not any revelations or bits of info that are shocking and that have never had the light of day. It is a very bland telling of the Rod Stewart story.

The big missing topic to me is...Where is the reason Rod did not want to do the Faces reunion. This was proposed a couple of times by Woody and the surviving guys. I think his voice has had it for the most part and he just won't admit it. I saw him on American Idol? Or some such show in 2012 and he was was embarrassing to watch. If that's the case Rod just admit it and pack it in.

Also in the book his American Songbook is presented in a very positive light. I know he probably sold a gajillion copies, but artistically, IMHO, it is just a total sellout and an admittance that you can't do real rock music any more. For Gods sake my 80 something year old aunt went and saw him on one of those tours and bought all his albums.!!!
These are all just my opinions. Again I used to love Rod and his music, but he is dead to me now.
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on January 30, 2015
As others have noted, Rod Stewart shows no remorse for his behavior or that of his band-mates. He proudly tells of having a limo drop one girl he has flown in for bed and then the Limo drives to 'arrivals' to pick up his next girl; His band-mate having to snort cocaine off the stagehand's penis and his pride at never having bought the Coke he himself snorted. And how he was never hooked is so very sad. I listened to audio and perhaps the reader's abiilty to sound like Rod shouting profanities as though that is all okay as Rod "is just a poor lad who got lucky in life", makes it too vulgar as we hear the parts of female anatomy filling his vocabulary. I do not think getting money, drugs and girls is lucky. I think it is sad. And I do not think as Rod seems, that growing up poor means you cannot grow as a human being with sensitivity that Rod Stewart either lacks or really feels?; thus a book that sounds boastful but perhaps inside was a need to confess that he knows he has not been a "good" person. The party with all the women he impregnated and their kids at Christmas once though never repeated sums up a Rosd Stewart who can sing but that's about it though hopefully he is a better father than role model for his kids.
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on August 13, 2013
With Long John Baldry having a bed in the hallway of our West Hampstead flat in the early 60's and the Klooks Kleek just down the road, how could I not enjoy Rod's account of his life from those early days? His acknowledgement of Long John's influence and his on-going loving respect for L.J.B. seals the deal for me along with igniting memories of some extraordinary musicians and characters. Rod of course won't remember me but listening to him that first night at Eel Pie island you knew that he was going to be huge.
For anyone interested in the life of a rock 'n roll star the book is a very entertaining read and filled with many amusing details. It's hard for any normal bloke like myself living in the real world not to feel a certain amount of envy when reading about his surreal life and despite his admissions of "guilt" for the way he treated a number of his stunning girl friends, there's a side of him that like our mutual friend Ewan Dawson who I knew well in another life, comes across as spoilt along with "using" people in a way that only fame and money would allow. This however is a minor and personal quibble.
Reviews are to sell books and whilst it is ironic that I am helping Rod to trouser a few more shillings rather than the other way around I have to own up that you'll get your money's worth if you buy it.
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on June 14, 2013
While I was never a huge Stewart fan I recognize his longevity and therefore am interested to read his story - of becoming a singer in the 60 and hitting his peak in the 70s... the narration is terrific - informative, humorous and entertaining. Alongside Keith Richards' autobiography - this would be the top for 2013.
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on January 3, 2013
I am not one for autobiographies but this title is one that I kept calling me back. Mr. Stewart does a fantastic job of mixing the funny, the honest and sometimes the darkest parts of his life. This book allows fans to begin to understand the story behind the artist and learn what has helped create this great rocker. Despite some comments about a distracting stream of consciousness, I thoroughly enjoyed the author's style of writing and felt that it added to the down to earth, personable aspect of the work. The book is definitely worth the read.
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on February 10, 2013
An excellent book and equal entertainment value as Ronnie`s biography. I have seen Rod many times on the stage (Yes I was also at that Toronto cancellation) and this Autobiography is just icing on the cake as far as the entertainment that Rod Stewart has given me over my many years. I think I was there at the beginning of Steampacket when he played at the Royal Pier in Southampton.

Good one Rod you lucky b.............
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on February 8, 2013
I am a huge Rod fan, and really enjoyed the book. I especially loved the parts about his early career days that led up to his fame and fortune. I always find it interesting about how artists and celebrities worked their way up to where they are. It wasn't always an easy road. I appreciated the honesty, the humor, and Rod seems to be genuinely grateful for his success, which was nice to hear.
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on December 22, 2012
I think Rod Stewart put himself out there. I;ve been a fan of his for quite some time and read a lot about him but to be perfectly honest, this book revealed some very personal things that he did in his lifetime. To my surprise, he wasn't always the nicest person as far as his relationship with women was concerned but he admits it. Anyhow, I'm still a big fan of his and loved his Vegas Show.
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