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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on July 1, 2003
The best part of this book was the last page, as I knew it was OVER.I have always liked this writer, and her books. We have a 'gaming magazine' here- nothing more- oh- not to forget a murderer who considers shooting over a dozen people near the end.It was wall to wall video games, a murder with a mouse cord, and karate moves, and a buzzard.There were no leaping loons, however-unless you consider the entire cast of this book.If I were a video person, perhaps I would have liked it better. I am happy to say it was a library book~ no money spent here.
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on March 22, 2004
You shouldn't read this book anyplace where you will be embarrassed to burst out laughing. The Affirmation Bears are side-splittingly funny, in my opinion, and the author has such a funny way of stating things and such funny situations. Imagine what she does with a computer game company (the hero-detective's brother's) sharing office space with therapists -- she manages to poke gentle fun that is nevertheless laugh out loud funny at both groups. The description of the computer people (almost all men) painstakingly picking vegetables off their pizza or the competing ideologies of the therapists (one, for example, is a weight-acceptance therapist, whereas another specializes in eating disorder) are examples of the humor that will make people in these professions laugh at themselves.
The plot takes a lot of suspension of disbelief, but is still well-done. Basically, there's something very odd going on in this new computer game company ("Lawyers from Hell" is the game) and Meg has been asked by her brother to try to figure out what's going on. She has to take a break from blacksmithing because she injured her hand, so she's trying to manage the wacky office. Not far into the story, one of the computer folk is murdered, and her brother is suspected of the crime -- so she must find out enough to get her brother off the hook.
I highly recommend this book -- it's one of the funniest mysteries I've read, and I can hardly wait to read the next in the series. I might even buy the hardback...
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on November 12, 2003
Meg's brother Rob has been trying to make money off the role playing game he invented for years. He's finally formed Mutant Wizards and released it as a computer game, to great success. Now he's hard at work on the sequel in a new, larger office.
But something is going on just below the surface. Rob is worried, so he asks Meg to investigate. Since she's just hurt her hand and can't work as a blacksmith, she agrees. After two weeks, she's done nothing but fill in for the receptionist and help them move into the new office space they share with a group of therapists. But then Ted, the office practical joker, turns up dead on the mail cart. He was a pain, but he was harmless, right? When Rob is hauled off for the crime, Meg leaps into action to give the police other suspects, turning up quite a few secrets in the process.
This is the fourth adventure for Meg. This one didn't feel quite as funny to me as the others, possibly because many of the supporting players from the first three weren't here for the main action. There were still many amusing things along the way, however. For example, the "affirmation bear" had me laughing every time it showed up. The mystery plot is stronger here then others in the series, with quite a few unexpected revelations and a very nice twist at the end. A couple personal sub-plots keep things interesting as well. Everything comes together for a great climax that had me laughing and turning pages as fast as I could to find out what would happen next.
While those looking for the continued hijinks of Meg's eccentric family will be slightly disappointed with this book, there is still much to recommend it. I enjoyed every page and found the book over all too fast. Here's to many more entertaining adventures with Meg and her family and friends.
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on September 6, 2003
When her brother asks her to help him sort out the problems in his computer game company, Meg Langslow thinks it is the [plain] version of Lawyers from Hell causing the problems, but the dead man on the robotic mail delivery system is far more serious--especially when the police tag her brother as the primary suspect. Knowing that the police are unlikely to look past their first catch, Meg decides to investigate on her own. But every time she tries a late-night investigation at the company, she runs into gaming programmers, psychologists having affairs, and others behaving badly.
An assortment of animals--including the pack of dogs that the programmers bring to work and a one-winged buzzard, along with a strange animal-loving motorcycle hood and hints of blackmail complicate the plot and give Meg fits as she tries to sort out what is really important. An excitng and wacky conclusion adds to an amusing and surprisingly thoughtful read.
Author Donna Andrews nails the strange chemistry of a group of programmers struggling to create lives for themselves even as they survive a death-march toward product deployment. Meg is an entertaining character, thoughtful enough to be sympathetic, but with more curiosity than common sense. Although the ultimate killer is not especially hard to guess, in CROUCHING BUZZARD, LEAPING LOON, at least, getting to the conclusion is where the fun is. And this novel is a lot of fun.
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on February 4, 2003
A blacksmith cannot work with only one hand so when Rob Langslow asks his sister to take on the job as office manager, Meg can't think of a reason to refuse although she wishes she could. Being office manager at Mutant Wizards is a cross between being a den mother at a college dorm or perhaps an older sister to a pack of brilliant eccentric adult children. Rob thinks something is wrong at the company and he wants Meg to find out what it is.
With all the craziness going on at the company Meg doesn't have a clue what is going on until someone is murdered on the automated mail cart and everyone in the company has a reason to want to see him dead. Meg finds a list showing the victim is trying to blackmail many of the workers at the company and once she breaks the code she's sure she will find the perpetrator. Unfortunately, the killer doesn't give Meg time to decipher the data before the culprit makes another move.
One of the reasons this series is so successful is that Donna Andrews keeps moving the heroine into a different environment with each new novel. This ensures the story line remains fresh and original as Meg leaps into new arenas. CROUCHING BUZZARD, LEAPING LOON is a humorous amateur sleuth novel that will have the audience chuckling out loud at some of the events that take place in various portions of the novel especially in the office space. The support cast is so loony that they manage to make the lead champion look like a levelheaded, down-to-earth changeling sort of like Marilyn Munster.
Harriet Klausner
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on December 20, 2010
Well, I was thrilled with the first book. In fact so thrilled I wanted to buy the whole serie. I withold myself and bought Crouching buzzard, Leaping Loon, Revenge of Wrough Iron Flamingo, Murder With Puffins, We'll Always Have Parrots. I was glad because it turned out they were not so great as the first book "Murder With Peacocks". It kind of put a damper on my excitement. They were so so, not to say boring and couldn't wait till it ended.
Now, I am more careful in my choices. Some reviews are kind of written by fanatics whom are very generous and give a 4 or 5 stars to about just any book only because they like the author, and would say a book is great when it's not. I've learned through reading many "bury me alive boring books", so I'm only going to take in consideration the 3, 2, 1 stars, those people are more objective and less inclined to throw away stars like confettis at a wedding.
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on August 17, 2003
I was lucky enough to chance upon Ms. Andrews first book-"Murder With Peacocks"- when it was first published, and have eagerly awaited Meg and company's new adventures each time one comes out. My Hubby thinks I have lost my mind when I shake the bed with laughter while reading and re-reading these books at night!
Since I am allowed to share a house with Spike's feline equavalent, I really enjoy his contributions to the story and his help in resolving the mystery. I keep asking my Katie-Kittie why other pets write best sellers or inspire them and all she does is be a Cat.
I enjoyed the "Buzzard and Loon" greatly and hope the next installment of Meg's chronicle relates the adventures of the restoration of the spooky mansion and it's contents. Don't make us wait too long!!!!
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on March 16, 2015
Another fun, quirky Meg Langslow novel, the fourth in the series.This time the story centres around Meg's brother Rob's software company Mutant Wizards. Rob has assembled a group of brilliant employees but they are eccentric & some may have something to hide. Rob worries that there is someone causing problems within the company & when Meg has an accident blacksmithing he asks for her help to solve the problems as she recuperates. When a death hits the company Meg decides she must solve the mysteries. With her boyfriend Michael away in Hollywood, Meg puts on her sleuthing cap & with the help of her father tries to solve the death & the company problems. I can't wait to read the next instalment.
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on March 14, 2003
A One winged Buzzard in the reception area, A one winged Meg at the switchboard, Crazed "Spike" in a cage under the desk, a pregnant cat under the other side of the desk, throw in slew of computer nerds, along with Meg's sluething dad and goofy lovable brother and you have Mutant Wizards. Throw in six definately challenged therapists who share the office space its a laugh a minute, The joint is so chaotic that nobody even notices a dead body traveling around on the automated mail cart! Well Meg has her work really cut out for her, this place day or night is a hoot! I love this book and can't wait for the next one, they just get better!!
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on March 16, 2004
Meg is working for her brother to help him figure out what is wrong at his new company. As her brother wanders around doing his 'kung fu' imitation, a man is found dead. The police are not looking for other suspects and this leaves Meg to do the research.
From getting knocked out by a moose head, feeding a buzzard, a vet covered in tattoos, and more- this is a funny book.
Well worth reading. I think this is maybe on of her best books.
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