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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on February 13, 2011
I followed recommendations by other Amazon readers and bought this book with high hopes. The concept was realistic but from the beginning I knew what was going to happen. The author tried to take the reader on a few twists and turns, the best part of the book was the last couple of chapters. I hate to start a book and not finish, especially if I have paid for the book, so I read the first part, skipped to the end and flipped back through the middle. I was disappointed and will not read another one of her books.
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on March 28, 2009
Rachel and Darcy have been friends since their childhood. Of the two, Darcy has always been the star of the story while Rachel watched on the sidelines, always doing the 'right' thing. All this changes when, on the night of her thirtieth birthday, Darcy's fiancé, Dexter, ends up in Rachel's bed. Rachel, first terrified of their mistake being discovered by Darcy, soon realizes that night might not have been a mistake, after all; her feelings for Dexter are strong, and they then engage in an affair.

While the basics of the story are a little predictable, it is the characters of Something Borrowed that sets this book apart from the others of the genre. Griffin is excellent at making them realistic, loveable but not perfect, putting everything in perspective. You feel sorry for Darcy as much as you are annoyed by her attitude, and you feel sad for Rachel despite knowing what she is doing is wrong. I thought there was a great honesty in Rachel's conflicted feelings and the way she described them, mostly avoiding self-pity.

Quickly enough, I was rooting for her and Dexter to be together - maybe feeling a little guilty of it at first, feeling as if I was there patting Rachel on the shoulder, encouraging their hidden relationship. As their affair - and their love - evolves, this is also for Rachel the opportunity to re-evaluate her friendship with Darcy. She goes through the memories that link them together, from their childhood to the present, all the while living a double life: sleeping with Dexter on night, dining with Darcy the day after.

As the reader soon discovers, Darcy's frienship is as much a gift as it is a burden for Rachel. Darcy is self-centered, capricious and wants all eyes on her. She flirts with other men (but would never accept her man flirting with other girls), decides of everything and has absolutely no empathy for her friends. Not exactly the kind of friend you'd want to have. The more you discover of her temper, the less guilty you feel for rooting for her husband-to-be and his mistress. I won't say I didn't feel sorry for her at times though, and I am quite curious to read Something Blue, wich tells the story from her point of view. Can Griffin make her more loveable? Will her friendship with Rachel be repaired? What will she learn from this? Hopefully, the sequel will answer those questions.

Something Borrowed was definitely a fun read; it is fast-paced and real in the details, with great dialogues. If you're looking for a great chick lit with interesting characters, this might be just what you need!
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on October 26, 2005
Who wants to read a book where the protagonist does all the unthinkable? 1) slept with your friend's fiancé 2) kept on with the affair while the wedding is still on. Apparently I do.
Emily does not skip any beat and goes right to the topic. The plots and characters seem realistic, and I think that is partially why the book is successful.
I thought I would dislike Rachel cuz she committed adultery with Dex, but as I read on, I can't help but feel sorry for her, and start to dislike the ditzy Darcy. I can truly say that Don't we all have friends like Darcy? Someone just LOVES rub it in? Someone who is spoiled? Someone whose life seems run lot smoothers than you? I was rooting for Rachel all the way, and begin to hate Darcy more. (I don't want to read her sequel on Darcy)
I am glad that the book ended it the way it did. However, I do have a problem with Darcy and Dex. Obviously he is in love with Rachel, but why would he not want to stop the wedding till the last minute, same with Darcy. Seems they both wants end of their relationship, but either of them wants to end it. How can you be in love with two persons? The way Darcy behaved at the end, just really got on my nerves. Does anyone share those sentiments as me?
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on April 10, 2014
At first I thought the book was kind of cute. But halfway through, when my eyes had nearly fallen out of my head from rolling so hard over the constant condescending overtones of the book (eg. "My secretary made a typo over which I was horrified..."), it started to become painful to read. It's hard to relate to any of the characters in the book when the author makes them all out to be self-absorbed upper middle class snobs with a strong sense of superiority. Is this a reflection of the author, or is this just her attempt to try to delve into the mind of the more affluent members of society? Either way, I wasn't impressed.
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on July 18, 2004
Something Borrowed is the story of Rachel, whose best friend since childhood, Darcy, is getting married. The trouble starts when Rachel sleeps with the groom-to-be after her drunken birthday party. On the surface, Something Borrowed is set up to be yet another romp through Manhattan and its shallow lifestyle, with characters who know they shouldn't be engaging in distasteful behavior but do because hey, that's what chick lit is all about.
Lucky for the reader, that's not the case here. Something Borrowed is a moving tale of what happens when best friends are no longer "best." It's a situation that is all too common, but one that makes women uncomfortable. After all, boys may come and go, but girl friends are forever...aren't they? When deep female friendships go wrong, it can cause just as much sadness, guilt and recriminations as breaking up with a lover - and sometimes more. Giffin handles this emotional landscape well. While the burgeoning relationship between Rachel and Dex, Darcy's fiancé, does get its share of print, it's the tangled, messy and complicated relationship between Rachel and Darcy that gives this book heart and resonance.
Giffin manages to hit the perfect balance between humor and pathos. Unlike other tales told in first person, narrator Rachel tells us just enough so that we fully empathize with her without turning the book into a showcase of neuroses. And Rachel has some easy to identify with problems; she's about to turn thirty, trapped in a job that pays too well to quit, and she doesn't even have a crush object, much less a boyfriend. Meanwhile, the always more popular and always more gorgeous Darcy won't turn thirty for a few more months, has a fabulous job as a PR exec, and is engaged to Dex, a friend of Rachel's from law school.
Yet this isn't a tale of jealousy. Rachel genuinely cares for Darcy. They've been friends since grade school. And while being Darcy's friend has its disadvantages - such as never having the spotlight while she's around - being Darcy's friend also has its benefits - such as the reflected glory. However, as Rachel discovers over the course of the novel, sometimes a shared past isn't enough to justify a shared future. And while both Rachel and Darcy have physically moved on from high school, emotionally it appears that only one of them has fully graduated to adulthood. Yet like all habits, her friendship with Darcy is hard to break - even though staying friends means saying goodbye to the love and life she deserves.
Something Borrowed is highly recommended.
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on July 13, 2004
This was a hard book to put down. I really got involved in the love triangle between Rachel, Dex & Darcy. I really felt for Rachel - someone who's bright and always feeling like she's the ugly duckling when in fact she isn't. I'm still not sure how I feel about Dex. Like so many other men I don't understand why they pursue marriage when they're not happy before they say "I do." won't get better after you put the ring on her finger, it will only get worse. He knew what he was doing wrong, not only to Darcy, but to Rachel as well and he seemed only interested in taking care of his needs (sex/companionship). By the end of the story I still wasn't sure if his feelings were sincere and if he truly was in love with Rachel. Darcy was the best friend from hell and I can't believe Rachel put up with her crap. She should have kicked Darcy to the curb a long time ago, not to mention Dex should have done the same thing. Hillary's character cracked me up and I wish we could have learned just a tad bit more about her.
I really enjoyed this story and while it came close to a 5 star rating I chose only to give it 4 stars because I felt there were many sections that were just too wordy. Rachel's inner dialogue was a bit much at times. The conversations between characters were sometimes confusing and I found myself having to go back to the beginning to figure out who was saying what.
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on July 10, 2004
Like so many other current novels, Something Borrowed focuses on good looking, successful, fun, and somewhat outrageous women in Manhattan looking for true love. The similarity to these other books ends there, as Something Borrowed explores an illicit relationship from the perspective of the woman having an affair with her best friend's fiance.
Rachel is a transplant from Indiana, unhappily employed in NYC as an associate at a law firm. Her best friend, Darcy, is engaged to marry one of Rachel's friends from law school. Darcy is the perfect girl--pretty, vivacious, always gets what she wants, although somewhat petulant and demanding. Just a few months before the wedding, Rachel has a one night stand with Darcy's fiance that develops into a full fledged love affiar.
Emily Giffin treats what could be an awkward topic with respect and empathy for all the characters. Although Darcy is at times portrayed as a stereotype, most likely to be a better foil for Rachel's good girl persona, the reader is also treated to Darcy's sense of fun and loyalty. This is a remarkably well written first novel, and one that I highly recommend.
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on July 6, 2004
This is truly one of the most satisfying novels I have come across. In the aftermath of Bridget Jones there has been a wave of "chick lit" about bridesmaids etc. This is not one of them. This first novel is written with great grace and style. I read it in two days and barely let it out of my hands in that time to see how it would al turn out. It had a comfortable feeling too it- almost like a Judy Blume book for adults. Characters that are realistic and with whom you can relate.
I loved the character of Rachel- a life long good girls who is put in a diffuclt situation. Rachel enganders the readers' sympathy and reminds us that "there are no moral absolutes" that the lines of right and wrong can blur and that it is wrong to judge others. It is also a story of taking chances and knowing that love usually involves risks.
I also enjoyed the cultural references to 80s fashions and fads. She truly captures a gerneation x-er. I couldn't help but love the reference to Don Henley's "Boys of Summer" sepia toned video. One of my favorite 80s songs.
This was excellent and I was so sad to finish it. I plan to reread it immediately and cannot wait for more by this talanted author. This is just wonderful! Well worth buying!
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on June 27, 2004
I absolutely enjoyed reading Something Borrowed. At first, I was quite dubious of the book because of what it was about. Imagine cheating on your best friend with her fiance! It is almost unforgivable. However, Emily Giffin has written a wonderful novel that is more than just your typical chicklit.
She writes from a vantage point that is completely refreshing and real. The main character, Rachel, is believable. Her feelings and insights are real. She is not perfect. She has her flaws and her pluses. The same goes with Dex. For some, it may be hard to read past the cheating-on-your-best-friend description of the novel. However, give the book a chance because the book is not about that. It is about relationships, love, friendships, re-evaluation and life. "Life is not black and white" as the two characters are trying to tell us. This is an excellent book written with a lot of character development and depth. It takes you on an emotional rollercoaster, in a sense. I could not stop readin it until I reached the end. Pick it up, you will not regret it.
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on March 5, 2016
Sure, love is beautiful and blind -- but wait -- what if he's engaged to your best friend?

Rachel just turned 30. Her career is on point, but her love life is filled with a history of bad boyfriends. Despite her interest, Rachel never lets the guy know she likes them, as if she accepts rejection from the start. So when she falls into bed with Dex, she must come to terms with how much of a connection she shares with him. I mean, will the fact that she is to be the maid of honor at his wedding a reason to pass up this occasion?

Being a chick-lit, the book was told with humor and funny awkward circumstances as the characters had to handle jealousy and wedding jitters. But the overall theme of betrayal still carried on throughout the novel. Darcy was a selfish friend toward Rachel, and although that bond should have been severed years ago, the affair just didn't seem as the best way to do it.
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