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on April 14, 2001
This TV vet has put down in words stories of some of his most famous dogs. The characters, both human and canine, are unique and entertaining. His style of writing is concise, and descriptive and passionate.
Loved the story of 'Judy The Nurse Dog' who nursed all the other animals in the barnyard, including licking of a newborn calf to nursing a chicken back to health. This sheepdog was true Florence Nightingale of Canine World.
Great heroes and such to be found in this great read. All dog lovers will enjoy this one.
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on December 2, 2003
James Herriot's Dog Stories is written by a man who loves both people and animals. The descriptions of people, dogs, and his humble view of himself are an irresistable combination. The accuracy and wit with which he presents people's relationships with their dogs is priceless. When I read this book, I laugh at the eternal goofiness of dogs and also dog people! The sadder stories are written with a balanced view. This book is an amazing collection of short stories. Highly recommended.
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on November 15, 2000
James Harriot's Dog Stories
I am reading the book; Dog Stories, by a veterinarian, James Harriot. (James Harriot is a vet who wrote a book about his past experiences) James Harriot is an interesting writer and a kind and caring veterinarian. James Harriot has written many book's such All Things Bright and Beautiful, All Things Great and Small, and Cat Stories. James Harriot lives in Yorkshire, England. In the book that I am reading he deals with dogs from clipping nails to delivering puppies.
Two of James Harriots experiences were in chapter three, A Triumph of Surgery. The story is about a dog named Tricky Woo. Her owner is a very nice lady who feeds her dog way too much . Mr. Harriot has visited this lady many times about this problem. One day when James comes to the lady's house for a checkup, Tricky Woo is very fat like a football. S o Dr. Harriot takes the dog away and brings it to a barn with other dogs. For two weeks Tricky Woo runs around with other dogs and in no time she is in good shape. When he brings the dog back to his owner she is astonished because her dog is usually a fat dog that just sleeps and eats junk food.
Another story I would like to share is in chapter ten, Mrs. Donovan. The story is about and old lady who has this dog, Rex which she loves so much and the dog gets sick and Dr.. Harriot has to be the one to take her dog from her and put it to sleep. Mrs. Donovan was not mad because she didn't want her dog to suffer. Approximately a month later they find a dole yellow lab on the street. So Dr. Harriot and his colleague take it in and the name of the dog is Roy and they thought it sounded like Rex. So they took it to the Mrs. Donovan at first she didn't accept it, but then she stared at the dog and she took the dog. Approximately four months later Dr. Harriot saw the Roy and Mrs. Donovan at a baseball game. The dog was no longer a dark yellow dog but a golden yellow dog. Roy kind of replaced Rex but Mrs. Donovan thought as Rex and Roy of almost the same dog.
Overall I think James Harriot's books are well known is because he writes about not only sad stories but also about happy and weird stories. I would recommend this book to someone because it is an interesting book but it is very long.
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on November 14, 2000
The author of the book Favorite Dog Stories, James Herriot, is from Yorkshire, Scotland. This is not the only book Herriot has written. In fact Herriot has written many books. All Things Bright and Beautiful, Lord God Made Them All, and All Things Wise and Wonderful are just to name a few. All of Herriot's books are based on his veterinary practice. Herriot doesn't just write about everyday things, he writes about strange and unusual things that happen to him, his patients, and the patient's owners. Dr. Herriot lives in a very beautiful place in Yorkshire. He lives in the countryside where everything around him is bright and green.
One of the strangest stories in his book, Favorite Dog Stories, to me is in chapter seven, Gyp Only One Woof. In this story a dog named Gyp had never barked in his life. Herriot had diagnosed him with epilepsy, but he didn't see why that would cause him not to bark. Dr. Herriot knew the dog wasn't mute so he just waited to see what happened. One day, at a dog show Dr. Herriot saw Gyp and his owner watching the show so he went over to see them. When Gyp saw his brother in the show he so got excited that he barked for the first time in his life! He only barked that one time and never barked again.
A story that was sad at times and happy at times happy was in chapter eight, Roy From Rags to Riches. An old woman named Mrs. Donovan who always walked with her beloved dog, Rex, believed that when it came to cats and dogs Herriot wasn't very good at helping them and that she could cure anything with powders and dog shampoos. One day her precious little dog was run over and she called Dr. Herriot, but the dog had been hurt too severely to help and he died. Mrs. Donovan vowed that she would never get another dog. Later on, one of Dr. Herriot's friends found an abused dog that was very sickly. When Dr. Herriot saw the dog he immediately started hinting for Mrs. Donovan to take care of the dog. She accepted taking the dog and cure it after not very coaxing at all. Mrs. Donovan named the dog Roy and took care of him to the point that he recovered fully.
In conclusion, Dr. Herriot's books are very popular because he makes his books interesting by telling strange and unusual tales of his veterinary experiences in Yorkshire. Dr. Herriot describes where he lives and his experiences with great detail. For those of you who like animals I would suggest this book. You can tell that Dr. Herriot loves his work.
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on April 13, 2000
In has been roughly two decades since I read James Herriot's salubrious "All Creatures..." series, yet when I picked up this "best of" concoction, many of the dulcet vignettes were as fresh in my mind as if I had lived them last week. Although trained as a vet, James Herriot had a true gift with the written word. These tales about pets and their two-legged counterparts shine a light deep into the mechanisms of human nature.
While he succeeded admirably as an honorable animal doctor and found worldwide fame as a late-in-life author, perhaps he missed his true calling as a psychologist. The humor, heartbreak, and humanity that he so eloquently captures in these stories shows a sagacious mind. It's no wonder that his time on earth brought many smiles and caused many a tail to wag.
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Herriot's collection of fifty short stories perfectly captures the unique personality of every dog and highlights the quirkiness of many pet owners. Herriot begins with a fairly long and amusing introduction about how he became a vet before going on to share the most memorable anecdotes from his Yorkshire practice in the 1930s. He tells of "Judy the nurse dog," who cares for all the barnyard animals; of abused or abandoned dogs who find new and loving homes; and of dogs who contract distemper or leptospirosis, fatal diseases against which vets now routinely inoculate. It's a volume containing humour, heartbreak and fascinating veterinary history.
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on August 2, 2000
I was looking to buy a book for a friend who was getting a new puppy. I thought that "Favorite Dog Stories" would be a good start for both puppy and his owner. But then, I saw the beutiful illustrations inside the book and I could not resist. I read it in a day. And it brought all sort of emotions, because stories were so beautiful. This is an excellent book for both children and adults. I would recommend it to anyone. And you know what - I am a two cats owner. Not even a "real" dog person. Enjoy this wonderful book. Thank you Mr. Herriot for sharing these wonderful stories...
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on February 9, 2002
I think I have not had a more pleasant reading experience than sitting down next to a burning fire place, listening to my favorite antique clock ticking.. the patter of rain on the window panes and reading James Herriott. It is a memory of that afternoon that all these years later I have never forgotten. James Herriott is the most pleasant, relaxing, refreshing writer. Forget all the worries and cares and escape for a few minutes into a quiet world where the animals speak their own language.. A wonderful book, a wonderful writer. Thank You James Herriott for the memories.
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on November 21, 2000
If you love dogs, this is the book for you! James Harriot is an excellent storyteller and his easy style transports you to to the Yorkshire dales of the mid-20th century! Also a plus is the fact that each chapter is it's own self-contained you can pick this book up and put it down as you have time to read. Sorta like going on a mini-vacation to England!
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on August 30, 1999
The charms of Tricki Woo and Brandy are written of so beautifully. Those who believe that only humans have souls are advised to read some of Herriot's tales. The world wasn't made for only us pathetic mean humans. Animals will also inherit the earth. Thank you, James Herriot, wherever you may be, for enlightening us.
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