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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on July 31, 2007
`Something Blue' is fantastic! As we all know, sequels are generally pretty lame, but not this one. `Something Blue' picks up where Something Borrowed leaves off, and through the fabulous, witty writing of Emily Giffin, we get to again enjoy the lives of these vivid characters.

As it begins, we are re-introduced to Darcy, the self-absorbed, spoiled rotten, manipulative friend of Rachel's, who is also Dex's ex-fiancé. Initially I thought, "How am I going to make it through this book listening to her tinny whining?" But Emily Giffin's shining narrative moves so seamlessly, you suddenly realize after reading for a few hours that you're halfway through the book. The story line impeccably flows to all the right places, and I was amazed by how fresh it was. Giffin gives Rachel relatively little voice in this book, and I think Giffin was brilliant in writing her first novel from one person's perspective and the second from the other's, because NOW we have the full story- one from each side. None of the writing seems hackneyed or old; it is all very inventive and original. Not giving a thing away, Darcy's character does change into something more appealing, and even though the story might not go where you think it is going to go, there is a wonderful ending, packaged in a big box with a beautiful bow. Emily Giffin really is asserting herself as a dynamic new writer of "chick-lit" and someone to be reckoned with.
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on March 20, 2009
Definitely my FAVORITE NOVEL by Emily Giffin. I liked "Something Borrowed" but I loved this one waaaayyyyyyyy more. Just the fact that I had no passion on reading it before since I realized the story was being told from Darcy's point of view, the book totally blew me away. It was unexpected and so direct, what definitely would have or could have happened in real life. It's bold and honest, and sweet. Hands down, I LOVE this book. Well done, Ms. Giffin - your books are awesome.
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on February 11, 2013
I think I am doing a spoil alert: So review readers, beware. At first I didn't like Darcy in the first book (something borrowed). But after reading eblue I love her. I love how her life turned around and that she found the person she is meant to be with. And how that story progressed was really good.
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on July 10, 2011
Eye-rolling. It's clear from some of the details that the author has never lived in London. First of all, (no matter how good looking and well dressed one is) it takes ages to build relationships for foreigners in London--which btw is part of the city's charm and basement apartments are rare if at all. Also, she was pregnant with twins and was not eating and experienced little to no morning sickness and didn't find out well into her second trimester. Come on. Twins are a difficult pregnancy! Finally, and most importantly I can't believe all those men would want to date a pregnant woman. What does this say to young woman? URG. Come on......Awful book. Just awful.
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on June 11, 2005
When I first started reading something borrowed I was honestly not expecting anything from it. I am not much of a reader, but let me tell you that I was not able to pu the book down until I was finished it. Once I finished reading it I looked up Emily Giffin's web site to see if she had another book coming out. I purchased Something Borrowed in April, and realized that Something blue was not going to be released until the end of May. I went everywhere looking to see if had been released sooner, but had no luck. The day that Something Borrowed hit the shelves I was at my local book store to purchase it. This on is even better than the first one, and I was not able to put it down. There was something about these two books that just kept me interested. Maybe it is the fact that they are so realistic, and I can see this happening to someone in real life. Throughout the book you get to know that characters, and everything about them. I really hope that there will be another book to go along with theses ones. I would definetly recommend these books to anyone, and have actaully recommended them to a few different people who are now reading them, and can not put them down either. You must read them to understand what I am talking about.
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on September 24, 2006
I would definitely recommend reading Something Borrowed, by the same author, first. In Something Borrowed, Rachel steals her best friend's fiancée, Dex. While that book was entirely written from Rachel's point of view Something Blue is from Darcy's point of view. Darcy is Rachel's best friend who cheated on Dex herself and ended up pregnant with Dex's groomsman, Marcus. Something Blue is written from Darcy's side of the story. The author takes the first 10 chapters re-telling the events from Something Borrowed in great detail. This book finally takes off in Chapter 11. The reader finds Darcy pregnant, jobless, friendless and husbandless. She takes off to London to hang out with a platonic, geeky male friend, Ethan. Ethan is dating a sophisticated French woman and Darcy is dating a rich doctor yet, at the end of the night, every night Darcy and Ethan share a bed together.

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on November 1, 2008
This book was a good book from the beginning to the end. I loved the humor and I'm glad that Darcy evolved into a mature well rounded woman. I've just completed Something Blue it has become my second favourite book. I'm finally glad that Darcy did some soul searching and transformed herself into a normal person. She isn't the emotional bitch who initiates shallow conflict. I can't believe she couldn't let it all go and she had me all caught up with her emotional situations. The sexual images were just plain disgusting especially with the old medical doctor who had a son. Did she have to date him when she's his client? I could relate to some of the situations in the book. There should be a continuation of Something Borrowed and Something Blue. I couldn't put the Something Blue novel down. I can't believe people that came in contact with Darcy had the patience to put up with her annoyingness.
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on June 27, 2005
I loved "Something Borrowed" and was so excited to read the sequel "Something Blue". It was a great book to read but very frustrating at times. It is sad to believe that there are real women out there who act like Darcy's character from the beginning. I wasn't a fan of Darcy in "Something Borrowed" but was curious as to how her life would turn out. I didn't think she would ever get over herself or how Emily could make the reader even like Darcy. But throughout the book you begin to realize that people can change and I did end up rooting for Darcy. So I would definitely suggest reading this book and passing it on to your girlfriends.
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on June 26, 2005
I was surprised to enjoy "Something Blue" so much. It takes the villian from "Something Borrowed" and makes her the heroine for this story. That of course makes it something of an anti-heroine story because she is often an unsympathetic character. Still, the author makes it work as in the tradition of such greats as Jay McInnerny's "Story of My Life", Rikki Lee Travolta's "My Fractured Life", and Nick Hornby's "How to be Good." I enjoyed "Something Blue" and highly recommend it. Other recommendations: "A Long Way Down", "My Fractured Life", and "The Kite Runner."
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on August 4, 2005
This is the sequel to "Something Borrowed"... read that one first. If you liked it, then I would recommend this book. It's written in the same style and with the same flair and exuberance.
I started reading, prepared to dislike Darcy. However, Emily Griffin successfully narrates her character's journey of growth in a entertaining way which wins you over to the Darcy's plight. It was definitely a predictable (and not too realisitic) story but I still had fun along the way. Actually, I ended up liking this book better than something borrowed because it was less about guilt and more about growth.
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