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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on October 26, 2011
This was one funny read. Sometimes I'd miss a joke and have to "hear" it being said by Tina in my head and then I'd laugh. I am a 30 Rock fan, so that makes me a bit biased. Non-Tina fans might be left scratching their heads at some of her screwball, mostly self-deprecating, humour but I loved it. I also enjoyed her story. There was just enough personal history for her to seem human but not so much that I was bored. Her honesty and moral outlook rings true. I am not a star-struck sort of person, but this book made me want to meet Tina in person.
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I can't say I'm a huge SNL buff and I can't say I've ever seen 30 Rock but I can say that Tina Fey is one funny woman. In Bossypants, she chronicles her rise to fame and prestige in a male-dominated comedy scene. With feminist overtones, attacks on beauty standards, and a healthy dose of self-deprecation, Fey's memoir successfully combines intelligent insight and laugh-out-loud moments.
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on June 10, 2012
This book is very Tina Fey. Her references to herself and her life are wonderfully amusing to be sure, but also manage to keep the reader at arm's length. As she suggests in the book, she wants to make the jokes about herself before anyone else can. She succeeds, of course: no one could top any of them.

We learn about her childhood, her family--especially her father--and her career choices. We learn about her eventual association with Second City in Chicago and how that led to Saturday Night Live, and ultimately, 30 Rock.

She talks only obliquely about her husband, Jeff Richmond. Not that I wanted (or ever want) any intimate details, but I expected her to perhaps describe their first meeting at Second City Chicago, or when and how they decided to marry. I expected her to mention his contribution to 30 Rock as producer and most certainly as composer. He is, to be sure, an incredibly talented musician. You'll find none of this. It's as if she and Jeff made a deal in which she agreed not to talk about him very much. There's certainly an entire chapter--or two--gone missing. We basically learn of him that he hates to fly, does all the driving in their family, and as near as I can tell, accompanied her on her honeymoon.

In short, Bossypants is not so much autobiographical as it is anecdotal. If you were expecting to get to know Tina Fey better, you won't. The impression you had of her when you first bought the book, will be basically the same one you have when you finally close it.

It is, nevertheless, a great little book.
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on June 14, 2011
As a new mother, I found this a great book to decompress as the little one slept. So funny and relateable on so many levels. I love that Tina Fey doesn't take herself too seriously, which is so refreshing. I didn't follow her career too much, am neither an avid SNL or 30 Rock viewer, but found the anecdotes related to her work experiences a fun read with the script snippets. My favourite chapters were about her cruise honeymoon and doing magazine photoshoots - hilarious!!

Two surprises, not bad necessarily, just observations - there are a few stories about her father, husband and daughter but there was little about her relationships on an emotional level. I wondered whether she is just intensely private, doesn't have alot of sentimental baggage or if it wasn't a goal of hers in writing this book. As well, I wasn't aware she was such a feminist, some sarcastic remarks with a strong undertone!

In all, I highly recommend this book. You finish with a renewed sense to find the humour in daily things, to lighten up and relax - a stress reliever for sure!
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Tiny Fey the self deprecating Bossypants in the book of the same name, has managed to write an autobiography that reads more like a comedic movie script than a novel about her life The book is slightly dated now as her show 30 Rock is no more. Several of the people she mentions have died and many of the married couples have "uncoupled". But none the less, I still enjoyed her enormous sense of humour and what appears to be her advice on women executives (The Bossypants) and working women with children trying to have it all as well as being famous without acting like a famous star. I think it means not being a b--ch. Even is her advice is useless to your own life, you will laugh at the way she gives it.
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on August 12, 2011
Thought I'd try an audiobook for when I run - just for something new to try. The used CD arrived in perfect condition, plastic wrapped etc.

I am not usually one to read autobiographies but I heard that light comedy is easiest for running, much like upbeat music is easier for most people to run to than slow music. It's interesting to hear Tina Fey read her own book aloud as it's not the same as seeing her act on a TV show. I have laughed out loud a few times (I'm on Disc 1 of 5 so far). I do love 30 Rock so I assumed I would enjoy her book.
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on October 15, 2014
"Bossypants" is a fun read. I was really looking forward to a multitude of laughs but I have to say that I was slightly disappointed in that regard. There were definitely very funny sections but the book is not all laughs. Tina Fey's story and background insights into her own life were the most interesting parts for me. I appreciated reading her down to earth opinions of women's issues, the entertainment industry and relationships. From my reading perspective, Tina Fey, seems like the kind of boss or friend you would love to have. Kudos to her for writing a humorous and sincere account of her life so far.
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on June 27, 2013
I really enjoyed this read, although I wasn't sure I would. I mean I don't watch TV and although I knew about SLN and the whole Sarah Palin thing it wasn't like I was a groupie. But the book was laugh out loud funny and had a wonderful conflicted feminist message that a woman of my age could thoroughly enjoy. You won't be sorry if you download this.
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on July 27, 2013
This was by far the funniest book out there. Tina Fey tells it like it is and there were times when I was literally laughing out loud. There were also times when I was like wow this woman is amazing.
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on March 27, 2015
Some good insights into how Tina Fey works. Some enjoyable stories, my favourite was the one she tells about meeting Amy Phoeler. Worth reading.
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