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on April 29, 2002
Those delightful boobies, Thomson and Thompson, reappear in this sequel to 'Cigars Of The Pharoah', at one point ostentatiously disguising themselves in 'Mikado'-like finery to blend in with the Chinese locals, as they attempt to surreptitiously capture Tintin, only gathering an amused crowd in their wake.
For many Tintinophiles, 'The Blue Lotus' is the most precious of all Herge's masterpieces; certainly, in the event of a fire, after my dogs, and maybe my wife, my long-battered copy would be the first thing I would rescue. From its famous front cover - a giant, twisting black Chinese dragon on a rich red background, facing Tintin and Snowy as they hide in blue vase patterned with a bird and flowers, the images lit by a pale green lantern - every frame is a detailed artwork in itself. Set largely in Japan and European-occupied Shanghai in the early 1930s, every frame painstakingly evokes the Oriental setting: every wall-covering, item of clothing, ornament, building, street, poster, vehicle. Some of the landscapes and silhouettes are etched with the complex simplicity of a wood-cut by Hokusai, Hiroshige or Taige. The eye-dazzling colour is complemented by a much higher proportion of night scenes than previous Tintins. The deep, sombre colours give the story a melancholy (as do the peeling walls found everywhere behind the prettily picturesque Orientalist scenes). This sadness is matched by the plot's events, not just the violent expansionist plans of Japanese fascists or the culpability of European colonialists, but a world where brave sons turn mad, and orphans nearly drown by sheer chance. Herge's storytelling has also matured significantly since his early efforts: his pacing and variations of tone, his crosscutting and fragmenting of narrative, his sustaining mystery - all come together with superb mastery.
And for the first time, because the fictional world created is so believable and historically rooted, Tintin takes on the contours of a genuine hero, much more than a mad marionette endlessly dodging melodramatic villains. His genuine nobility, loyalty and courage, his touching friendship with the orphan Chang, all bespeak fading values in a world crashing towards totalitarianism. A beautiful, urgent book.
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on December 16, 2001
I really liked this book. The slapstick humor is funny and Tintin is quite an ingenius reporter. The plot is complex, and a little too complex for me. This is the sort of book that you read again and again and again. I read quite a few Tintin books before this one, and by then I had gotten sick of the humor. But if you like Tintin or if you've never read about him, get this book.
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on February 16, 2013
I am a collector of certain books. This is one of the old classic worth having on my bookshelf. Hard cover books are all I collect and the art work are certainly enjoyable pieces.
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on June 6, 1998
This Tintin book is the best.It contians action, suspence,and some very sneaky villians.This story starts were Cigars of the Pharoh ended.A must read.
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on July 24, 1998
I think it was an eccelent adventure of Tintin. I would read it a thousand times, and all of Herge's books. They are wonderful classics. :)
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on April 30, 2001
In this adventure we get to see Tintin go to china. This is a very interesting book and I think any person liking comics should buy this.
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on July 19, 2012
My son reads this whole series over and over. I think we have one left to get and I will be sad when there are no more!
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on October 20, 2011
I love the Tintin series and was looking forward to getting a hardcover copy of this book. Unfortunately, the seller packed it poorly and it arrived with the corners dented. I returned it and was sent a replacement that was packed even worse than the first and with more damaged corners. I returned the second copy as well. Hopefully, Amazon will give them the feedback I provided and they'll improve their shipping methods. If you want this, maybe wait a few months before buying it. Hopefully, they'll sort out their packaging issues by then.
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on August 28, 2000
The Blue Lotus truly is one of Herge's best works. Continuing the story of Cigars Of The Pharoah, the book portrays Tintin discovering the Oriental. Along with a well constructed plot and beautiful illustrations, the book accurately displays the prejudices that Occidentals felt for Orientals at the time, and the harships that the Chinese faced. I do believe this to be a classic in its own genre, and will keep me rereading it for years to come.
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on September 23, 2015
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