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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on April 25, 2004
As a first time mom I was dismayed when my baby cried all of the time and only seemed somewhat less miserable in my arms. He wanted, no needed to be touched all of the time. He nursed a lot, and slept very little. He had colic for SIX months and I think I cried along with him every day.
We went to the doctor but there was nothing physically wrong with him. I felt like it was our fault,that we were doing something wrong. Until I found this book and bought it out of sheer frustration.
Thank goodness for this book and for the Sears! Finally, someone who understood what we were going through. Finally, someone who gave solid advice and ideas for how to deal with the situation. Not to break the baby of his behaviors, but how to deal with them, diffuse them, roll with them and help him grow. I was able to get past the feelings of guilt and failure and be a better parent to the baby we had.
As time went by, he slowly grew out of the high needs behavior and now he's a happy, spirited six year old who brings us joy every day. Fortunately, our second wasn't high needs and slept through right away but he's now a very spirited toddler, so I have used this book again, as a reference.
For people who expect every word in this book to apply to them evenly, I think you'll be disappointed, that isn't what a reference book is or does. This book will help you in many ways but not everything will be applicable to every single thing, nor is it supposed to make you feel bad if you don't do every single thing they suggest.
It's a great reference for those parents who are at their wits' end in dealing with a high needs baby and I am so very glad I found it!
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on May 17, 2002
The Sears' have written a lovely book. If you're baby has colic and you don't know what to do, this book can help you! I bought this book when my daughter was 4 months, and her colic was already subsiding. I really wished that I had seen this book during the first 3 months of my daughter's life. I had discovered a lot of the techniques that the Sears' discuss by trial and error. It would have been nice to have this book in the beginning of our troubles, when our baby was a newborn.
The Sears' book gives a lot of good, practical advice for dealing with colic. There are countless tips to help ease the pain of gas and colic, which are essential to know when you have an uncomfortable, screaming baby.
(A note of caution: If you are nursing, this book will give you lots of reasons to continue. However, if you are not breastfeeding, this book may not be for you because breastfeeding is mentioned and encouraged often and it may make you feel badly about your decision to stop.)
This book is for you if you're at the end of rope comforting a baby who cries inconsolably because of colic and not getting any positive results. If anything, the book gives you a little pat on the back for following your instincts and comforting your baby, even when meddling passerbys suggest that you are spoiling your baby and need to put him or her down for hours to cry so that s/he can learn self-soothing techniques.
I no longer need the Sears' book, thank goodness. My baby is now 9 months and the colic has subsided. THE FUSSY BABY BOOK served me well. Now I have a different set of problems, though, and I've had to move onto other books, like Elizabeth's Pantly's NO CRY SLEEP METHOD.
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on October 20, 2000
Our daughter was THE "poster child" for colicky, fussy babies. She had colic so severe [crying 10-12 hours a DAY for first 12 weeks!] that our Pediatrician told us "This isn't colic, she just has a bad disposition." [UGH - we don't use him any more needless to say - and the crying stopped abruptly at 12 weeks]. After the colic passed, she continued to be a VERY "hands on, high need" baby. She was quite a challenge to parent that first year.
Thank goodness I found this book! I can still remember the first time I read it - the sigh of relief that I wasn't alone and the wonder at all the great ideas and suggestions in the book. We put these suggestions to work in our parenting and followed Dr. Sears' advice to the letter. Now we have an angelic two year old - she's a joy to be around. She is now the easiest kid in the world to parent - the most easy going, friendly, and sweet kid you could imagine. Now my friends all say how lucky I am to have such an easy toddler! I think it is due in great part to Dr. William and Martha Sears and their wonderful insight and advice - their suggestions certainly worked for us!
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on October 13, 2000
During the first few weeks of my son's life, I would have gone utterly out of my mind without this book! Before he was born, I thought fussy babies happened only to other people -- those who didn't see a midwife, have a homebirth, live simply, plan to attachment parent... you get the idea :) I have been humbled completely by his personality... and this book sooo helped me to realize that his fussiness wan't anyone's fault; he was just born wired that way. And it has been an excellent reference for us to work with his needs instead of against them, and realize that his traits, so annoying at times when he was littler (he's now four months old), will help him out as an adult. [It's funny now, watching video of us when he was a newborn; we speak as though we're in the midst of a hostage crisis, counting the days since his birth. We didn't think we'd have another, but are now already considering it in a couple of years. It started out tough, but he's now a very energetic, serious, hyper-interested baby, and we love him dearly.]
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on November 16, 1998
This book is a MUST have for colicky and high need babies. Everyone I know with high need children have this and its the #1 recommended book on the subject, with #2 being "The Spirited Child" which is for slightly older children and up. High needs babies are defined by Dr. Sears, really the best authority on the subject, as intense, hyperactive, draining, feeds frequently, demanding, awakens frequently, unsatisfied, unpredictable, supersensitive, unable to be put down, uncuddly (oh sooo true!), not a self-soother, and seperation sensitive. He also says most babies ARE high needs in one area or another, but highneeds babies are high needs in almost ALL departments. Remember though, that your high needs child may have many of the traits, but not all. Each child expresses their high needs traits in their own way and the behavior is manifested individually. There are also high need FAQs online. But they will not give you 1/100th of the valuable information and validation you will recieve from this book -- its a GODSEND. ;)
p.s. The only reason there aren't more reviews here I think is that high needs kids are so high-maintenance we never have the time or energy to do anything but sleep and eat. LOL ;)
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on November 13, 1998
Wow! I couldn't believe my eyes when I first read this book--it was if someone else had written a book about my very own son. After many tearful, exhausting days and nights of trying to force my son to fit into the mold of the "average child" that is portrayed in just about every parenting book and manual on the market, I inhaled a deep breath of fresh air by reading this insightful and empathetic book. The Searses candidly share their first personal experience with a high-need child: their own fourth-born child, a daughter, born after three easy sons. It was comforting to discover that I was not a bad parent--but that my son was just in high-need (and high demand!) of what all babies need and thrive on--holding, rocking, nursing, patience, etc. To put the theme of this book in one sentence: Parenting is not a nightmare if you accept your child the way he is and follow your instincts.
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on January 22, 2015
It's a fantastic book and has a variety of ideas for taking care of your little one. I would recommend this book to everyone. He is a little light on the science in his books, they are more techniques, but if you are interested in the science you can read the baby brain book or any of the other books that focus on how an infant's mind work (all backed by scientific literature).

The science is changing so fast and there will be a time when a guy like Ferber and all his ilk, that recommend letting your baby cry and having him 'grow up' when he is only 6 months old, will be looked upon as monsters of a bygone age. The science supports Sears and he has been on the cutting edge for a long time

Highly recommended
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on January 2, 1999
I bought this book after feeling angry and disappointed that my son's temperament did not match up with what is considered normal in most parenting books. I kept wondering what I was doing wrong to make him so cranky all the time. After I bought the Searses book, I felt so much better. It describes all sorts of personality traits common to high need babies, but instead of making them seem like a curse, the authors show how these traits are beneficial for the child now and later in life. If you are at your wits end because you feel like you can never put your baby down without him/her crying or that your baby wants to nurse all the time-get this book. You will feel so much better.
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on December 9, 1999
Dr. Sears provides down to earth suggestions and solutions to coping with a fussy baby. He also provides some reassurance to new parents who aren't quite sure what to do with a screaming baby. I think his ideas about parenting are logical and seem to reinforce what intuitively I already knew. Dr. Sears also provides support for his beliefs about attachment parenting and sharing sleep. It's also wonderful to hear that his style of parenting is not an all or nothing style. He merely suggests that parents need to do whatever works for them and their unique little person. Ultimately, Dr. Sears just wants parents to be just that, PARENTS.
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on January 24, 2003
I read through this book whenever I start thinking, 'What is going on with my baby?!' It always helps me to put things in perspective and remember that I'm certainly not the only one out there with a baby who isn't "easy" (if there is such a thing...). The Sears' don't offer many quick solutions, but they do let you know that "fussy" babies can be wonderful and that it's important to accept them and the work that needs to go into them. If you're looking to train your baby to be "good," skip this book. But if you want help in developing a close positive relationship, this book is the one for you.
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