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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on June 17, 2003
Moreta is Weyrwoman at Fort Weyr with Sh'gall as Weyrleader. Moreta loves Orlith, her dragon queen, and would do anything for her, but she does wish that someone else had flown her during her mating flight. Sh'gall is a very able weyrleader in the air when fighting thread, but he does not do as well with people. Moreta is sure that they will go together to the Ruatha Gather, after all it is Lord Alessan's first gather as a Lord Holder and everyone will be there. However, Sh'gall decides to go to the Telgar Gather and to see the strange cat that was captured in the ocean and put on display there. Desdra, Moreta's anxious housekeeper insists that Moreta cannot go without Sh'gall and that it is a terrible slight to her mistress, but Moreta wouldn't miss a good gather for the world!
Moreta has a wonderful time at the gather with Lord Alessan. They are both avid racers and enjoy watching the runnerbeasts compete. When one of the runnerbeasts suddenly collapses, no one is sure what is wrong with the beast, but the fun of the gather continues. Moreta lingers at Ruatha Hold, but is finally forced to leave. She is awoken in the early morning hours by a frantic Sh'gall claiming that Masterhealer Capiam has diagnosed a plague that the wild cat brought over with it from the Southern Continent. All of Pern is in a panic as news of the unknown illness spreads.
All too soon there is no hold or weyr that is untouched by the unknown ailment. But Moreta is a healer and she is determined to help in whatever way she can. She continues to urge the dragonriders to take care and helps unite multiple weyrs to fly thread together, as well as help care for the sick and wounded. When Masterhealer Capiam finds a cure, Moreta is thrilled and ready to do whatever is necessary to give the vaccination to everyone on Pern before a second wave of the mutated virus spreads more death. She cannot understand why some weyrleaders simply refuse to see the truth and will not help take the medicine to the far-reaching holds. Moreta cannot bear to see people die unnecessarily so she secretly arranges for dragonriders from all the Weyrs to help. When part of her plan falls through, Moreta has no choice but to go and help deliver the vaccination herself. But she cannot rider her beloved Orlith because she is guarding her clutch. When she borrows her mentor's queen Holth, the tragedy begins...
I enjoyed this book a lot more than I thought I would. I first heard of Moreta's Ride in Dragonsinger when Menolly leads the ballad with her fire lizards. I knew that this book was going to have a bittersweet ending, but I love the Pern series so I thought that I would give it a try. I thought that Moreta was a great character - strong, but not overpowering. She tried to make the best of her situation and found joy and love in unlikely places. I thoroughly enjoyed the romance between Moreta and Alessan, but I felt so sorry for Alessan for having to deal with so much tragedy and so many bitter disappointments when he was so young. I also enjoyed seeing the inner workings of a Weyr and becoming familiar with a Weyr other than Benden (much as I love it, of course). I thought that all of the secondary characters were wonderful, too. It was interesting to see how quickly knowledge was lost from when the first settlers arrived on Pern to the time of Moreta. I believe that the sickness was something like pneumonia or some other viral disease that few people die of on Earth, but they simply did not know how to combat any unfamiliar disease on Pern. The plot was very interesting and had a nice, smooth flow as always. Another wonderful addition to the Pern series!
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on August 26, 2002
Though I think this is not as good as Anne's previous novels but it's not by much! THis novel takes you back in time to an earlier Pern to tell you the story of one of Pern's great heroine, Moreta. She is mentioned in Dragonflight as a weyrwoman from Ruatha and could speak to all dragons. But in this book she is from Keroon and she could only speak to 3 dragons- her queen dragon Orlith, and the two queens Holth and Tamianth. This is in fact a tragic and romantic story about Fort Weyr's weyrwoman. She is brave and daring.
She was not as fortunate as Lessa for her weyrmate, Fort's weyrleader, Sh'gall does not love her the way F'lar loves Lessa. At that time Pern is attacked by a deadly plague, which is the flu, as well as thread. Moreta does her best in organize her weyr to fight against the sickness. She also heals injured dragons along the way. This book introduces a new set of characters, including the Masterhealer Campiam, Masterharper Tirone, lord holder Alessan, Oklina, Leri, Sh'gall and more wyerleaders craftsman and of course dragons. Moreta developes a relationship with Alessan and helps with vaccinating human and runnerbeasts alike.
This is a touching, romantic story with a somewhat sad ending to this great tale of Moreta: Dragonlady of Pern.
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on November 24, 2001
I found Moreta: Dragonlady of Pern a nice change from the other Dragonrider novels. Moreta is not stunningly beautiful like Lessa, and she's not a Benden Weyrwoman. She's from Fort, and she doesn't like her weyrmate, she respects him, but does not consider him a possible soulmate. And the fact that Leri was a competent Weyrwoman and feisty even in what seem to be the last few years of her life, is a delightfuly different situation. Lessa and F'lar (much as I love them) seemed annoyingly perfect, and Moreta is very different. I liked the minor characters here too, Oklina was enjoyable, and MasterHealer Capiam was quite interesting as well, B'lerion and Desdra were amusing, as were the different stages of harpering-very funny. I think one of my favorite characters in this particular book was K'lon, because we so rarely see any of the less important riders, seeing bits of the story through a bluerider's eyes is very refreshing. The only thing I didn't like was the rather predictable romace between Moreta and Alessan, frankly, that annoyed me. Though the fact that Moreta had the bad taste to fall in love with a Lord Holder was another nice change from Anne McCaffrey's typical Weyrwoman. And the book had me in tears at the end, it was so sad!
I strongly suggest you read it, Pern fan or not. Though obviously, a member of the latter category wont enjoy it nearly as much as a member of the former. ^_^
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on April 12, 1999
I am an avid reader of all Ms McCaffery's books, but most particularly the Pern books. The world that has been created , and all the wonderful, complex characters that call Pern home have many times provided a 'safe place'for me when I was feeling down. Thankyou to A.M After reading, through the other Pern books many times of the great legend of Moreta, I was thrilled to be able, at last to read Moreta's story. Moreta was told in the true Pern style, and was indeed an epic tragedy. However, I was left unsatisfied with the ending. I must admit to feeling rather let down by the circumstances that led to Moreta becoming the legend she is on Pern, and in paricular, her death. Throughout the other Pern novels, Moreta's death was told as a great tragedy, huge, sad, and a momentous event in Perns history. I must admit though, I failed to notice when she actually died. the chapter finishes with Moreta going between (and dying). With going between such a necessary part of a dragonriders job, in the first reading I failed to notice that Moreta had actually died till the funeral preparations had begun. Don't get me wrong, the Pern books are wonderful, magical books, and Moreta is an epic story, but ultimately, for me, Moreta did not satisfy my sense of tuly grand tradgedy.
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on December 5, 1998
Or maybe "Dragonflight"? It's really close, either way. This is a beautiful book! Interesting, tragic, epic, romantic, beautiful, it's a nice breather from the escapades of F'lar and Lessa and really adds depth to the whole series. It's like an historical novel, in a sense. Moreta is an awesome heroine. Wow--a McCaffrey heroine who's blonde and is neither drippy nor evil! In just one novel, McCaffrey brings a lot of characters to life. Alessan, Moreta, Capiam, Leri, K'lon, (especially) B'lerion, and the dragons themselves are very real, without being retreads of old characters as McCaffrey has a tendency toward. A plague ravages interesting and unusual gimmick for a sci-fi. At it's heart I think this book is a sweet, poignant, tragic love story on several levels: between Moreta and Lord Alessan, between a Weyrwoman and her dragon, between readers and a fascinating and beautiful world and its denizens. Recommended highly!!
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on November 27, 1998
This was an important part of Pern, a great story from 800 years (I think, I haven't read it since high school) before Lessa and F'Lar. It was a wonderful bridge between the "present" and the "halfway past" and there are many tingles that you'll experience as you learn parts of the relationship between the two periods.
I really DO NOT like McCaffrey writing the story of the first settlement, or the first fall, or the founding of this or that place or weyr, since a) it takes the magic and legendary quality out of the Pern, and b) exposes us to her later-day writing, which is far less in quality than the Dragonwing/Harperhall trilogies and Moreta. Do yourself a favor, and don't read either of the "early Pern" books. Get what you need to know about the founders from Moreta and go to bed.
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on February 9, 2003
Although I have had the chance to tell her this personally, I must reiterate my fascination with her ability to slip real world issues into a tale without making the reader feel preached to. Although some issues become obsolete, they usually arise again just in another form and I find myself wanting to re-read Ms. MacCaffrey's work to remember how I felt in the past. This book tackles the subject of a virulent disease wiping out humanity and the struggle to stabilize and halt its devistating effects. There are so many issues at present that can take the place of that disease in our real world which makes this book re-readable anytime you feel a bit hopeless. By the end, I feel more hopeful for our future because there will always be a Moreta in real life, maybe not on a dragon rider but fighting hard for a cure.
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on March 3, 2003
This book by Anne McCaffrey is about a sickness that begins to spread through the planet of Pern. Everywhere, dragonriders, holders, harpers, and healers alike are all dying. Soon the truth behind the epidemic is revealed, and it is up to the dragonriders, who can go anywhere, anywhen on Pern in 8 seconds, to distribute the finally found vaccine. The dangers are great; the dragonriders are needed to fight the Thread, a parasite that falls on Pern and eats every organic thing in its path. Moreta and other selfless Weyrleaders must find a way to distribute the vaccine to everyone on Pern in the same day. Of every problem, the challenge they had to overcome was time. But the heroic deeds of Moreta end in tragedy; a tragedy destined to change Pern in generations to come.
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on October 24, 1998
Moreta: Dragonlady of Pern was probably the best in the series. It tells the story of Moreta, dragonrider for the golden queen dragon Orlith. When a horrible plague is let loose by a inported feline from the Southern Continent, only the dragonriders can save the people! This book was well done in that it didn't contridict much mentioned about it in Dragonflight and other Pern books. Someone wrote that Moreta did not have the ability to speak to all dragons in the Weyrs like she should have according to Dragonflight. Well, she DOES! She just doesn't discover the ability until later in the book. Moreta is a very believable character and has become a personal heroine and role model for me. I recommend this book to any dragon- or fantasy-lover!
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on March 4, 1999
So, *this* is the ledgendary Moreta? Great book. Several people have criticized it on Moreta's use of timing it, however, I got the impression that timing it was merely forgotten during the Long Interval, or perhaps earlier. Given its strain on riders, it's not unreasonable that it might be banned. However, there is a HUGE plothole that keeps me from giving it 5 stars - WHY didn't they merely go between to BEFORE the plague and prevent it from happening in the first place? They could've prevented that ship from going to the Southern Continent, or had it quaranteened. Ms. McCaffrey seems to want to avoid timing it to change history, but why shouldn't it? The timeline of _Dragonflight_ must, logically, be such a changed timeline
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