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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on August 26, 2002
Though I think this is not as good as Anne's previous novels but it's not by much! THis novel takes you back in time to an earlier Pern to tell you the story of one of Pern's great heroine, Moreta. She is mentioned in Dragonflight as a weyrwoman from Ruatha and could speak to all dragons. But in this book she is from Keroon and she could only speak to 3 dragons- her queen dragon Orlith, and the two queens Holth and Tamianth. This is in fact a tragic and romantic story about Fort Weyr's weyrwoman. She is brave and daring.
She was not as fortunate as Lessa for her weyrmate, Fort's weyrleader, Sh'gall does not love her the way F'lar loves Lessa. At that time Pern is attacked by a deadly plague, which is the flu, as well as thread. Moreta does her best in organize her weyr to fight against the sickness. She also heals injured dragons along the way. This book introduces a new set of characters, including the Masterhealer Campiam, Masterharper Tirone, lord holder Alessan, Oklina, Leri, Sh'gall and more wyerleaders craftsman and of course dragons. Moreta developes a relationship with Alessan and helps with vaccinating human and runnerbeasts alike.
This is a touching, romantic story with a somewhat sad ending to this great tale of Moreta: Dragonlady of Pern.
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on March 4, 1999
So, *this* is the ledgendary Moreta? Great book. Several people have criticized it on Moreta's use of timing it, however, I got the impression that timing it was merely forgotten during the Long Interval, or perhaps earlier. Given its strain on riders, it's not unreasonable that it might be banned. However, there is a HUGE plothole that keeps me from giving it 5 stars - WHY didn't they merely go between to BEFORE the plague and prevent it from happening in the first place? They could've prevented that ship from going to the Southern Continent, or had it quaranteened. Ms. McCaffrey seems to want to avoid timing it to change history, but why shouldn't it? The timeline of _Dragonflight_ must, logically, be such a changed timeline
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on March 27, 1997
Anne McCaffrey's talent lies not in her ability to write lyric prose, but in her ability to tell a good story and keep the reader enthralled. Moreta is truly the best book in the whole of the Pern series, both for the writing skill displayed and the sheer poignant beauty of the story itself; even I (who values prose quality sometimes more than story) could become convinced as to the skill of writing Anne displays with this one.
This is a book to read all in one sitting, if you can. It is a book to read deep into the night because you have to know how it ends -- even though you've had hints, you suspect, you still have to know. It will touch you every time you read it. Recommended!
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on May 10, 2000
Not bad at all, very emotional and vivid word-pictures, it was like I was right there with Capiam as he suffers the plague, Moreta as she chews out that insolent brown Telgar rider and later as she struggles to save Keroon from a second plague and thus all Pern, and finally we share a dragon's and a rider's grief as their partners are ripped away from them, and neither can follow their beloved into death.
The only reason I don't give it a five is that it does get a bit slow in places(Like Moreta's love of runnerbeasts. Absolutely nothing to do with the story at all.)
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on June 30, 1998
Moreta was an awesome book. it explains the story behind the Ballad of Moreta's Ride. the only problem with the book is that you don't get to see the ballad!! Also, McCaffrey mixed up her stories just a tad for in Dragonflight they say Moreta can talk to any dragon in the Weyrs, but unfortuantly that's not true. To fully understand this book you also have to read Nerilka's story, which goes along with this book but from a holder's point of view.
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on February 25, 1999
Moreta: Dragonlady of Pern was certainly not the best of Anne McCaffrey's works, but much of it was well worth reading. The end was a surprising twist, something that one does not usually expect. That pretty much made the story. But I agree with one of the above reviews: wasn't Lessa the one who discovered going "Between times?" However, I enjoyed this book more than Nerilka's Story.
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on June 3, 2001
I like this story but it doesn't capture my attention the way some of the other Pern stories do. It does fill in some important info for Pern devotees and that, alone, would be worth it.
The focus is not so much on the dragons of Pern but on the people and how they deal with the unexpected disaster of an epidemic.
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on October 26, 2001
I thought that this book was very good. I like fantasy and science-ficiton books so I like Anne McCaffrey's books. I am going to read another book in the series next. The only thing I didn't like about the book was the ending, but I won't spoil the book for anyone who wants to read the book.
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