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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on May 3, 2000
first of all, ill try and keep it short. 1 this is by far the best of the 3 books, this one, and the second made pushing thru the 1st one worth wile. the main reasons i was interested in these books is that im a diehard b5 fan, and thrue season 4, and at the end of season 5 i there was a lot of build up for the teep war, and i was realiy interested in knowing how that would go, i know from b5 what lead up to it, and from crusade what haponed as a resalt. but i would still like to know about the war itsself, i find my self in much the same situation as when i was fits waching B5 and there were several referals the the 'earth - minbari war' and was verryt happy when 'in the begining' come out, not to mention satisfied by the way they pulled it off. not only did i have my war, but they revaled a great mystery and made it a good movie experiance. most of the time when u long for something and finaly get it you are disapointed, because it is not what u expected, not so with 'in the begining', i just hope that if/when some one finaly wrights something about the teep war it is as good, and not disapointing like most mysterys revaled... other than that, i recon this is a great book on its own, better if read as part of the trilagy, but best enjoyd if you know what haponed between book 2, and book 3. when book2 ends it says he has never been to B5 before, and that is where most of us met him, and there is almost a nother book or 2 in that alown that need to be seen for full effect... well that is my bit.. cya btw i had to travel over 3500K to get the dam books, and im glad i did, now i have to wait upto 8 weeks for the 'legions of fire' books,. i hope there atleast half as good as the psi corps books. i do warn one thing, you will feal sorry for Bester, if you dont i think you have less hart than evan he did
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on March 5, 1999
Bester is one of the reasons I got involved in the B5 story during its second season. Assigning that name to a telepath told me that the writer knew and respected classic science fiction. In this book we finally get to see what makes the guy tick. Like most B5 villains, the character is too complicated to write off his evil as simply necessary to the plot. The book explains why we knew this person as Bester rather than as Stephen Dexter, and it does it in such a way to build understanding without expecting sympathy. I am very much looking forward to the final contribution to this trilogy, FINAL RECKONING, which would seem to be poised to tell the story of the Telepath War.
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on May 8, 1999
Gregory Keyes' novel, "Deadly Relations: Bester Ascendent" is the most detailed literature on the character of Psi Cop Alfred Bester to date. The author does a wonderful job of showing the internal workings of Psi Corps, and also in getting into its main character. At times, it misses the mark on the external appearance of Al Bester, however-- Bester is an evil, ruthless character by all "Babylon 5" accounts, but you don't get that perception through Keyes' work.
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on May 6, 2011
this is the 2nd part of the trilogy and while it's very good I dissaprove and disagree with the authors decision regarding the full extent of virtual omnipotence granted telepaths.

this is an opinion and personally I'd have gone a different way, I'd like to see anti telepathy tech introduced for citizens, I'd prefer that telepaths not be godlike in their ability but again these are opinion and differing only in choices.

good book though and a worthy 2nd chapter in the story.
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on May 5, 1999
An excellent character piece on everybody's favorite villian, Al Bester. Although the character as presented on the series was great by itself, this book gives Bester a great deal of depth and a lot of motivation. The only problem I had was how much tried to get forced into the last few chapters, but otherwise, a good read and good information about a popular character.
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on April 7, 1999
When I first started watching Babylon 5 I was amazed by the continuity that was carried throughout the series. Upon reading this book that same awe returned. While writing a worth-while tale of his own, Greg Keyes, paid careful attention to details from the Series. If you wish to return to the Babylon 5 universe, this is a wonderful vehicle to do so.
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on January 2, 2004
After reading this book, now I have a better insight "why Bester is who he is". The book explained the motives of BEster, give me a better understanding of the great series of Babylon 5.
I used to hated Bester almost as much as Ivanova, but after reading this book, I feel pity for Bester, and I can understand his point of views
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on June 20, 2002
This book travels over 60 years telling of the rise of bester. It starts gradually by telling bester's story as a student at the psi corps and then it ties up the events that happened in the previous novel and the tv series, where it ends. fun and keeps you guessing about what is to come next. quite enjoyable
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on March 4, 1999
This book answers many questons the series did not. It gave much needed insight into how the Psi Corps operates, and ties together almost all of the story elements from the series, and even The Shadow Within. A great story.
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on June 6, 1999
Just finished this book over the weekend. Loved it!!! Gave a really inside look of how Al Bester was raised by the Psi Corps and how Psi Corps is as corrupt as anything else!
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