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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on April 16, 2008
From personal experience, I know Martin Goldstein is right on with feeding pets real food. I believe your dog will live a healthier and longer life eating the foods that Dr. Goldstein recommends.

For years, my Pug struggled with crystals in her diet...both acidic and alkaline. She was put on different Hill's Prescriptive Diet foods.

She was also going blind.

Two years ago, I thought--enough of this crappy food--I want the rest of her days (at that time I thought very limited) to have more quality. I started to feed her free-range chicken and premium canned food (because I knew it was balanced.)

She's still eating it and is now a healthy, almost 14 year old Pug! (I have since added meatloaf from free-range buffalo, brown rice and grated carrots.)

Author of award winning book, Harmonious Environment: Beautify, Detoxify and Energize Your Life, Your Home and Your Planet.
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on April 16, 2000
I read this book which was passed on to me by a friend who seemed to be impressed with its contents. Although it seems to have some useful information and also seemed to be impressive as far as the doctor himself, I started to feel that there was nothing to really back up his claims about a lot of things, with the exception of the nutritional information. I spoke with my veterinarian, having recently adopted a puppy, to see what he thought about these methods, and he also agreed that there wasn't any proof as to many of the claims in this book. This led me to believe that this book is both fact and fiction.
I am an open-minded person who would love to believe that medical science doesn't have "all the answers" and that this book has the answers that the medical community can't provide, but I am also not naive. I think this book has some interesting concepts, but until proven scientifically, I will much of the information in this book with a grain of salt.
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on April 30, 2002
I read the book and personally consulted with a vet associated with this clinic. There are many good common sense pieces of information about the importance of diet and supplements, but it should be noted that stories of cure are by nature anecdotal, and should be recognized as such. Everyone has heard of the uncle who was saved from cancer by the vegetarian diet, but then has also heard of those who tried the same diet, and died. In my case, my cat had a medical problem and did not improve on the holistic treatment plans recommended but did improve with conventional therapy. The bill for the services was not cheap, nor were the nutritional supplements they prescribed. I think the ideal approach is to combine both traditional medicine (which has stood the test of time and is reproducible) and the holistic approach. Don't approach this as the end-all and be-all or you may be disappointed and worse yet, depriving your beloved animal of necessary, proven medical treatment. Get second opinions.
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on April 11, 2000
Although this book seemed good in theory, it was not backed up with enough scientific/medical evidence. I liked what I read about not buying pet food in our "grocery" stores, but purchasing food in the better pet food supply houses. I happen to feed my dogs and cats Innova pet food and have had good results but don't have the time to cook for them very often - not balanced meals that they would eat anyway. I have read articles about "What's really in pet food" on the internet, so this wasn't a surprise. But, I would have to say, in general, although it was a fairly good book, it wasn't backed up enough with sound scientific/medical information.
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on April 15, 2004
I have been waiting SO long for a book like this! Little did I know that Dr. Goldstein had finally granted the hopes and wishes of people across the nation begging for an alternative to the drugs, disease, and unnecessary treatments plaguing our pets. His book is one enormous exposé on the veterinary and pet food industries!
The first 4 chapters; if you read nothing else, I beg you to read chapters 1-4.
- Chapter 1 & 2 make the concept of disease and infirmity completely understandable. Basically, sickness is the absence of health! Restoring health, instead of squelching the symptoms of illness, is the only way to your pet's ultimate wellness, longevity, and quality of life.
- Chapters 3 & 4 are about food and vaccines respectively. Dr. Goldstein covers all of the basics of what is wrong with that bag of kibble in the closet, and why our companions deserve the best we can give them... not to mention the numerous health benefits of feeding them a wholesome food! In chapter 4 he goes on the expose the facts about vaccinations, why the could be HARMING our pets instead of helping them, and what vaccines are really necessary (if any).
Best Points:
· Very inspiring and motivating! If you've ever had excuses for doing things "just because I've always done it this way" this book will definitely change your perspective.
· Dr. Goldstein is a real person. Not gimmicky like other authors, he actually admits his faults and explains his own reasoning. He is extremely credible (see his credentials as a vet) and believable.
· The book is very well-written and easy to read
· Back section has an "Alphabet of Ailments" from allergies to worms, and how to treat them effectively with natural remedies
· The book is "open" and very fit-to-your-lifestyle
Things some people may be uncomfortable with:
· The "evidence" for his theories is largely anecdotal... but since half of healing and medicine is mystery, there is no way to test "wellness" or a degree of healing really. The volume of evidence is enormous, yet still the extremely scientifically minded may have a problem with it.
· He does discuss topics like animal "spirituality" which some may not agree with. He also talks about animal communicators and his own qualms about such things though, so it's fairly balanced.
An entire chapter is devoted to the "big C"... Cancer. From causes to cures he sheds an interesting light on the role of veterinary medicine in cancer.
Overall, this is THE best book I have read on the subject of healing in general. I urge any pet lover to read it, especially if you are skeptical about holistic/alternative therapies. It is explanatory, helpful, and inspiring!
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on February 1, 2003
I only read Dr. Goldstein's book after I had the supreme pleasure of having him treat my 11-year-old cat, who was dying from feline squamous cell carcinoma of the jawbone. Anyone who has had the opportunity of knowing Dr. Goldstein, or Dr. Marty, as he likes to be called, will tell you he is a true humanitarian. His book comes from the heart & is a valuable guide to pet care. The chapters on "The Death of a Pet" & "Taking on Cancer" were lifesavers for my husband & myself, when we we had to make the final decision to euthanize our pet. His extraordinary efforts with cryosurgery gave our pet 3 pain-free months she would not have had, otherwise. In addition, it gave us the time we needed to accept her eventual death. I have referred countless people to Dr. Goldstein & I have given his book as gifts to friends. Thank goodness someone like him, who is not afraid to take calculated risks & who ignores naysayers, exists in a profession that tends to acquiesce to scientific proof. God bless him!
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on December 10, 2001
After seeing a review of Dr. Goldstein's book in a Sunday newspaper, I found it on At the time, my Doberman was recently diagnosed with cancer -- I was looking for information, alternatives and additional methods of treating her disease. I bought the book, read it all the way through in 3 days, and sent an email to Dr. Goldstein asking for help. This was 2+ years ago -- my Dobie, diagnosed as having 6-8 months to live and in need of a full leg amputation, is now 10 years old and running and playing on 4 legs!
The book is clearly written, offers sensible solutions for alternative care and stresses the importance of nutrition as the starting point of health. Kudos to Dr. Goldstein for writing an enlightening book that empowered me to help a beloved pet!
I've reevaluated how I feed and care for my other pet's and have watched them benefit from what I've learned. This is a great book for anyone who loves their pets and wants to use proven methods of nutrition and care.
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on May 18, 2001
Okay, I'm just venturing into the area of holistic medicine for the first time because my elderly dog is developing health problems and I think they are all related to something I'm doing wrong in the way I'm caring for him... maybe the commercial food I've been feeding him, for instance. So I got this book and a couple of others. This book changed my whole way of thinking about health, and I'm not exaggerating. It has changed not only the way I think about caring for my pets, but also the way I think about caring for myself and my family. I wish I'd read something like this many years ago. Dr. Goldstein not only presents things in a clear and easy-to-understand fashion, but he also gives frequent stories and anecdotes that are not only interesting but amazing. For anyone who is tired or frustrated with conventional medicine's habit of treating the symptoms rather than looking for causes, this book is a must-read. I would also say if you love your pet and would like to learn how you might be able to improve your own health as well, get this book. As Dr. Goldstein says, if in learning how to take care of your pet, you also learn better ways to take care of yourself, that is a good way your pet can say thank you for the years of love you've given him/her.
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on March 7, 2001
I am always referring this book to all of my dog owner friends. I have 2 dogs. AKC Cairn Terriers. The female is 13yo diagnosed by conventional doctor w/Congestive heart failure(March2000) I nearly had her euthanized-the coughing and quality of life was not good. I had her blood drawn by my conventional vet&sent it to Smith Ridge Vet Center(Dr Goldsteins Center)for BNA (Bio-Nutritional Analysis)and Dr. Aiken consulted by phone and prescribed supplements and advice on how to CURE her. It has. She is a young pup again. #2 dog-3yr old male cairn-$600. broncoscopy by conventional vet specialist-diagnosed with COPD-chronic obstructed pulmonary disease. I did it again-sent his blood away for testing..2 months of supplements and no further COPD symptoms. After the supplements helped them I then gave in and changed their diet-Dr Goldstein and newsletter"Whole Dog Journal"have advocated the BARF diet. (Bones And Raw Food) I am a vegetarian. It took a lotta love and research to convince me,and it has paid off in miracle health and vitality, clean teeth!! Aunt Jeni's homemade dog food is the only way to go.It is a reccommended alternative by Dr. Goldsteins office. I only wish that ALL pet owners will read this and then make the decision to help your dog now instead of relying upon so many self centered interest groups involved in animal health. If you want to help your best friend-then please read this book and call Smith Ridge. They are the BEST.
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on August 22, 2000
While written for the average pet owner who is not familiar with terms such as vaccinosis or nosodes, even those of us who have been into natural rearing for a long time can find some useful information in this book. The section on heartworm, for instance, is excellent. Few vets are even aware of the fact that alternative heartworm prevention and treatment methods exist. Also excellent: the chapters on vaccinations and the nature of disease.
The chapter on nutrition points the reader in the right direction (i.e., away from processed pet foods and toward homeprepared fresh food diets), but there's not enough information to enable readers to formulate a balanced homemade diet for their dogs or cats (Dr. Pitcairn's book is better in that regard).
Dr. Goldstein is not a classical homeopath and some people may object to his use of homeopathic remedies. Nonetheless, his A-Z guide to canine/feline ailments and their possible cures is thorough and full of useful information. He uses dietary supplements, glandulars, Western and Chinese herbs, homeopathy, flower remedies, and occasionally even allopathic drugs. His motto seems to be "whatever works." The chapter on cancer is good but would have been even better if Dr. Goldstein had addressed the important dietary guidelines for cancer patients and survivors.
The book concludes with a wonderful chapter on the spiritual connection between us and our animals and a great chapter on coping with the death of a beloved pet.
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