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3.3 out of 5 stars
3.3 out of 5 stars
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on June 16, 2004
My gf introduced me to Meredith Gentry and, as silly as this may sound, I now compare every book I buy to this series. (As to all of our friends whom we have introduced to the series) It is beautifully descriptive, passionate, and it has an absolutely gripping plot that makes my mouth water in anticipation of the next novel. (soon please?) And yes, the third lives up to the other two, though I must admit the first is still my favorite - for the surprise factor at seeing such wonderful writing if nothing else.
First off, let me answer some of the criticisms of this book before it turns you off and you miss out. Some reviewers said there was too much sex in this last novel/this series. Yes, there is a lot of sex, but it is Really hot sex for both male and female readers and it is very well incorporated and explained. It is also very well depicted with the kind of imagery that outshines Anne Rice while still keeping a good plot. For those who do not think the amount of sex sounded believable, try to keep in mind the characters are fay. Not Tolkien's elves, not puritan shoe faries, fay - and if you have done research on what that word meant to the cultures that coined it you would know this is not really a stretch. And if you have done research you will be pleasantly surprised to find that Hamilton has done her research too and incorporated it perfectly. Now, if you do want nice, censored novels that do not challenge you or provide any visuals inappropriate for children then by all means skip this one. And if you are not particularly sensual or are somewhat conservative then again, skip this one. But if you are ok with reading something naughty and want to get away from the traditional 'vampire bites neck.. er.. sensually' then this is a must-read.
Now, on to the actual book. First off, read them in order, you will get lost otherwise. Second off, 'Seduced by Moonlight' is lighter on the action/suspense. Meredith is coming into her own now and hence is less frightened of everyone around her - would you really want a character without character growth? This might be why some readers were unhappy with it. *shrug* I still finished it in only two or three sittings but the conflict is more political in nature then the climatic second book battle. The first book introduced the world, the second showed an important change in the cast and introduces a major villain, and that in turns allows the third to show why Meredith is so important to the fay, changes her status in the fay world, and expands on the main villain. And yes, it is a very sensual book though perhaps slightly lower in sexual intensity if not quantity then the first two. I know what I said in the other paragraph and it still holds true - its not bad by any means and still above and beyond the skill of most other authors. Just don't go in expecting something that struggles to top the other books in shock value. The sex is appropriate to the situation. My advice if you want to get the most out of these books is read other tamer books in between the three, that way each one will feel fresh and exciting to you. (Perhaps another problem for the other reviewers?) Also, if you are Not after a book that includes lots of sex why did you read through the first two and why did you even pick up this series instead of 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'?
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on March 10, 2004
No. You know what? This is a great book.
So what if it has sex and lacks the stupid detective side-story.
The sex scenes are less than in either of her previous books, and have much more relevance to the story. They are actually interesting. Yes, the entire book seems to be sexual, but it's all innuendo, implucations, and naughty descriptions.
I wouldn't complain about the sex in <i>this</i> book as compaired to the other two.
I felt like this book was a continuation of the second. Or rather, Part 1 of the 3rd. It ends before the story is finished and with none of the quick last-page wrap-up she usually does. You get the feeling it was just another chapter which ended, not an entire book.
I love this book, because it jumps right into the story. Hamilton no longer needs to explain everything. Instead, she can focus more on the plot. Lots more fun this time around, yet still more to learn. We're left at the end wanting the rest of it. I know with a certaintly I will buy the fourth book. Good job, LKH.
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on February 18, 2004
I'm well pleased by the latest Merry Gentry book, which gives more intrigue and throws more plot complications into Merry's already complicated life. In a race against her mad cousin to produce a child and thus secure the Unseelie throne, failure means death or worse for not only Merry, but also the people who have allied themselves with her in the interlinked power struggles that pervade both fae courts.
Merry has a head start, with her cousin Cel imprisoned for six months for crimes which should have earned him death. But that lead is dwindling and she is is trying to shore up her position with powerful alliances. The Goblins price for continuing a temporary alliance with Merry is high, but she and her men are girding themselves for a war that is fought as much in the bedsheets as on the battle field, and they can't afford to be faint of heart.
The agreement with the Goblins is only one of the many chances Merry must take, because as portents and clues surface slowly, the risk of her failure might mean more than her personal doom that of her followers. Ancient gods are gaining power again, artifacts of primordial power have resurfaced, and faceless enemies are striking out to try and slay Merry before she pieces together the few rough bits of the puzzle she gains in each book.
Full of blood, sex, and power games, this book is just one portion of a greater story which I'm impatient to read more of.
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on February 9, 2004
�Seduced By Moonlight� by Laurell K. Hamilton is an excellent and typically chaotic addition to the Merry Gentry series. Hamilton is the Robert Altman of Romantic/Horror fiction � she likes her cast big, unruly, and eccentric. This can make for fun but confusing stories (at the end of the book Merry has 16 guard/studs in her entourage and its not easy keeping them all straight) that rely less on plot and more on character.
Merry is in a race to get pregnant before her cousin in order to claim the Unseelie crown and bring fertility back to the Fey, and she�s not having an easy time of it. Whoever is the first to get pregnant gets the crown, and since Sidhe haven�t been fertile for a long time Merry has to have sex as often and with as many different hot immortal men as possible.
Merry�s mortal � and because of that more vulnerable to assassination attempts than the average fey. her Human, Brownie, and Sidhe bloodlines make her less than an ideal choice of ruler for the many of the Unseelie court; Merry is a target who's lucky to still be alive.
Merry is one of the most interesting female characters out there � and not just because it's her duty to have sex with as many different hot fey men as possible. She has emotional depth and is flawed enough (despite her extraordinary life) for the reader to like.
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on February 6, 2004
Like a good Chinese Dinner ...... Left me hungry an hour after I finished reading ......
Ok so it did only cover a couple of days, but when you consider that she had to get some of the events from "A Caress of Twilight" resolved, well she did clear some of that up; OK not all but we are closer to understanding what the "Nameless" did to each of them.
Frost has always been a favorite of mine but I found his attitude tiring, but finding out about his true origin was great. There were surprises in store for some of my other favorite Raven's and the new guards will prove to be entertaining in the next title I'm sure. I am curious what the goblin twins will have in store.
Not making it to the Goblin court or the Seelie court was disappointing in this book, but it is something to look forward to.
I have been a fan of LKH for quite some time now. Taking on two series is a phenomenal task especially when they are in two different worlds. A book a year from each series is more than her readership should ask for but that is what she is attempting. I look forward to each of her titles with anticipation.
I think some readers expect months/weeks to take place in one title and with Merry Gentry things are moving slowly. Afterall when you are immortal like the fey there is all the time in the world.
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on February 3, 2004
I liked this book more than Caress of Twilight. Unlike the first two books, there's no mystery or investigation in this book. The first half of the book is filled with new and regained powerful magic for Merry and her men in Los Angeles. The latter half of the book takes place at the Unseelie court and is full of ten new guards, two new goblins, politics, a duel, assassination attempts, more scary Andais, and a great ending. My favourite part of Laurell K. Hamilton's books is that the heroine, by being an honorable, protecting, courageous person, gets ahead in life. Merry's responsible, humble, sheltering nature turns more and more guards to care for her more than the Queen. I liked the ending in particular because it was very tender and shows Merry's old guards easing the new guards into the very different culture of guarding Merry, which the old guards seem grateful for as a reprieve from the Queen's tender care. The book heavily hints that the next books in the series will cover their visit to the Goblin Court and the Seelie Court, and Merry keeping her bargain with Sholto. I've read it 3 times in 2 days, and now I'm re-reading the entire series again. I can't wait for the next one. Highly recommended.
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on February 3, 2004
When President Jefferson invited the fae to make their home in America on the condition they would not set themselves up as destroyers, they had no choice but to accept. No other country wanted them and to keep their cultural identity they gave up much of their powers. Now the courts of the Sealie and Unsealie are dying, with very few children born to carry on the line.
Queen Andais of the Unsealie court has made her son and her niece compete for the throne with the first one to get pregnant or to get someone with child named the heir. Princess Merry is worried that even with her own harem she remains barren but also worries that her magic is growing in her and she doesn't know how to control it, a dangerous position to be in when many Sidhe want her dead.
Many people think it's a dream come true to have a harem but the princess knows that some of the shallower men only want her to take the throne so they can share in her power. SEDUCED BY MOONLIGHT is a magical romantic fantasy that will charm anyone who reads it. There are many surprises concerning the heroine and the author brilliantly sets the stage for the storyline of the next book in the series. Laurell K. Hamilton remains one of this reviewer's top ten favorite authors, a slot she has held for years (but not as far back as the Jefferson Presidency).
Harriet Klausner
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on February 14, 2004
This series is probably the most successful attempt that I've seen to write erotic novels in the fantasy genre. Most of the major plot developments involve explicit sex. In fact, the book is mostly sex scenes (with some violence at the end), and when the characters aren't actually having sex, they are talking about it; much of the the plot involves who gets to have what kind of sex with whom. However, Hamilton manages to keep the sexual/political intrigues interesting, and the magical element helps to add some diversity to the sex scenes, and keeps them from becoming repetitive (as is so often the problem in erotic writing). And there is a real story here, with enough twists and turns that it avoids the predictable. I did find the parade of beautiful men a bit hard to keep track of (there is little doubt that the series is written by a woman). There is also quite a lot of set-up and not all that much resolution, so it doesn't really stand alone very well.
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on February 27, 2004
First off - it took me less than 24 hours to finish this book!! I love Laurell Hamilton's writing style and found this one to be true to her abilities! I love Merry Gentry and all her hunky men! How in the world could she ever choose just one of those gorgeous guys?
This part of Merry's story takes place at the Unseelie Court and her Aunt - the Queen of Darkness - has quite a reception planned for Merry. But she's not the only one. Unfortunately, the Queen has some enemies of her own who would like nothing better than to see her fall.
There are several new characters introduced to the reader and many familiar ones who we have come to love (or lust after) in the previous books.
The story is interesting enough to keep you glued to the book and the sex is incredibly sensual! Now, if only we didn't have to wait for sooooo long for the next installment of Merry's story!
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on February 26, 2004
A lot of reviewers have complained that this book is low on plot and high on sex. I disagree on both counts.
As far as sex goes, people who read the Merry Gentry series should realize by now that sex is a big part of it. Why complain about something you know is going to happen? Further, a girl who's trying to get pregnant kinda needs to have sex. Or so they taught us in biology.
As for plot, this book is a continuation of the previous two. While it's not going to win a Pulitzer, that's not the point. One of the reasons I love this series is the characters. They're diverse, interesting and colorful and I think that they make up for the slow storytelling.
So, if you don't mind sex and you enjoy a fun (but somewhat brutal) story, try this book. You will probably want to read them in order, though.
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