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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on May 26, 2000
I'm somewhat reluctant to admit that I'm bored flat by the whole coochie of love scenes. The start of the book has a gratuitous scene of bondage-........ involving Damien and an actress, and that sets the tone of The Seduction - a no-holds barred hot, hot read. I must be getting older than I thought, because I was bored enough to start glossing over the many scenes. When I peel away all those heavy breathings and moanings and groanings, what's left is a very substandard exercise in cliché.

What makes Damien a hero? He's a rake, and he uses women like toys. But since he also loves gardening, he knows his classics - aww, how sweet - and he takes time to make sure the actresses and mistresses "find pleasure" in his sessions, I guess that makes him a cut above the other womanizers prowling around. Oh, and he is also a big man, reaching past his navel, or so I'm told so many times. I guess size is also a virtue.

Her late husband was an adulterer, popular among mistresses, widows, and actresses. But somehow he was brutal to Vanessa in bed, never once giving her a climax. You'd think a man so successfully promiscuous when he was alive would know how to bring a woman her pleasures, but somehow, no. Go figure out yourself how this man got so many extra-marital affairs if he was so lousy in bed.

Me, I think it all boils down to two words: plot cliché.
Maybe it's because I'm tired of the whole Good Girl/Bad Girl complex. Am I supposed to believe that Vanessa is okay to be loved because she's not like those actresses or prostitutes that Damien favors? Am I supposed to root for Damien because he knows his Shakespeare and he has read suffragette tracts?

The author fails to convince me that Vanessa is more than just a novelty, not when she makes Vanessa yet another standard Proper Heroine Giving Herself To A Rake To Save The Family.
That's the one fatal flaw about this long-delayed Nicole Jordan romance. I'm afraid this time my glasses don't fog up, but my eyes have a hard time keeping focused on the pages. Sometimes sex isn't enough, I'm afraid. Not for me anyway.
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on October 16, 2001
For a Regency rommance it was OK. I could not connect with the two main characters. I did not buy the guy really caring about the girl (see I can't even remember thier names).They just didn't seem real. And the ending was so unbelieveable I rolled my eyes and couldn't believe I had actually wasted my time on this book.
The redeaming qualites were the spicey love scenes. And that's about it.
If you want to read a Regency Rommance that does have some spice and believeable and loveable bad boys turned good read the Cynster books of Stephanie Laurens. Those are some boys who know how to show a woman they love them and really know how to surrender.
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on May 30, 2000
While I liked this book when I was reading it, I cannot give it high marks. I have seen too many romance novels where a daughter/sister becomes a rake's wife/mistress, because of her family gaming debts. I found the changes in both Aubrey and Sin rather hard to believe, and the heroine's heart was really too soft. (I probably would have asked Sin why didn't he kill my brother in the first place and instisted he rectified the mistake.) The author strikes me as an excellent storyteller. She just needs an original story.
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on May 29, 2000
This was my first from nicole Jordan, and I think it will also be my last. The story il full of clicheés, the characters are stereotypes who never connect, and the love scenes...well, they just left me cold. They were somehow forced, because the emotional relationship between the two characters is missing, to the point that you do not understand how they can fall in love. Also, the writing style is shabby, apart from the first couple of chapters. Not my thing.
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