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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on August 28, 2013
I purchased this book with another and found book lice .
This was a great book when I read it the first time ages ago and I was looking forward
to seeing what I had forgotten.After finding the bugs the book was tossed.
Too bad.....never again Amazon.
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on April 28, 2012
A big and thick book.Lots of information and ideas about saving money.When i received the book from amazon it looks boring but after a year i read it again now i appreciate it more.The author makes a good writing style.I love it.
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on December 26, 2011
This amazingly huge tome of almost 1000 pages contains a wealth of money saving knowledge, good sense, and formulas to help you calculate savings and create your own recipes. Some of the information is a little outdated and some things apply to the USA only, but the majority of articles, tips, recipes, formulas etc... are useful for everyone.
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on September 9, 2009
There are just so many great money saving ideas in here and other useful information.
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on November 20, 2006
This book offers great money saving advice for those who don't care what others think of them. Many of the tips given result in obviously "home made" solutions. I think more of us need to use these tips and forget about trying to "keep up with the Joneses".

My only complaint is that prices are very out of date, so it is a bit odd, but you can get past that.
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on July 3, 2004
This book is the compilation of The Tightwad Gazette newsletter issues, and I subscribed to The Tightwad Gazette back when it was still a subscription newsletter. I started reading it because our family was facing some serious financial difficulties and I needed help NOW! The first time I read the newsletter, I was able to pick up tips that turned our family's financial situation around right away.
The author is a black-belt tightwad and has been from the beginning of her marriage. She and her husband did things "right" from Day One. Which is great for them, but that's where the discouragement from this book came in for me. My husband and I didn't do things "right" from the beginning and consequently weren't going to be able to live in a big, beautiful farmhouse in the country while our children were still small. It was sort of depressing to read about all the wonderful benefits that frugal living brought to the author's life. We'd made some major mistakes in the past (both of us were raised in spend-thrift homes so we really didn't know another way until we'd hit rock bottom ourselves) ... and all of the penny-pinching in the world now wasn't going to allow us to live out our "dream."
Anyway, please know that I LOVE this book for it's tips and ideas! Frugality really is an alternative lifestyle in this day of easy credit and disposable everything, so the author's voice is desparately needed by those of us looking for some frugal encouragement.
But because of the depressing aspect of feeling like the author doesn't "get" the situation of people who've made financial mistakes, I found that reading Mary Hunt's books (especially "The Cheapskate Monthly Money Makeover") has helped to balance things out a bit for me. Mary Hunt's family overcame more than one-hundred-thousand dollars in consumer debt (her family's debt made my family's finanicial situation at its worst look GOOD!).
A good friend of mine -- who's made "right" financial decisions her entire marriage -- thought Mary Hunt's books were just plain "stupid." But then she LOVED The Tightwad Gazette and found it incredibly encouraging -- she also couldn't figure out how I could find The Tightwad Gazette depressing. But she'd never seen life from the view I have. So I think it's a matter of perspective how people relate to the different books. That's why I'm so glad there are numerous people writing on frugality. Somebody's voice is bound to speak to you whereever you're at in your personal financial journey -- if it's not Amy Dacyczyn ("The Tightwad Gazzette") or Mary Hunt ("The Cheapskate Monthly"), maybe it'll be Jonni McCoy ("Miserly Moms") or Deborah Taylor-Hough ("Frugal Living For Dummies").
If you're facing a mountain of debt -- or living the consequences of bad decisions in the past -- be warned that this book could make you feel a bit "down" ... but keep a stiff upper lip, buck up, read this book, and apply its tips ... you -- and your bank account(!) -- will be glad you did!
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on June 9, 2004
While I enjoy and have used much of the information in this book, my big gripe is that the index is done terribly. It seems like they just copied the indexes from the three books instead of re-doing them, so nothing is listed under the proper page number. It makes trying to find anything a nightmare.
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on June 4, 2004
When I decided to stay at home with our daughter ,instead of putting her in a daycare, I knew it would be tough. Our income wasn't much but our family was more important than the money. I quit working and did a lot of research for money saving ideas. When I came across Amy's books I could hardly contain my excitement. There are tons of great ideas. It has become my second bible and a divingboard for my own creativity. My husband has been able to spend more time at home and less time working. Lots of family time! Our child is happier. Our marriage is happier. At a yearly income of $15-18,000 (never been on welfare), we are a testiment to the fact that money really doesn't matter.
Yes, some of the ideas can seem extreme. I think when you prioritize you life, you'll see it really isn't. If you are truely serious about changing your life/situation, you'll open your mind to anything.
This book isn't just great for stay-at-home parents, but college kids, newlyweds, even folks who want to get rid of debts. I recommend the Tightwad Gazette books to anyone who wants to save money.
The true tightwad will make a run for the library. I also recomment the monthly Tightwad Newletter.
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on May 26, 2004
I agree with some of the authors advise like not to spend money on disposable things like diapers,paper towels,paper plates etc...some of the advise in this book is a bit too extreme like trash picking but still makes a nice reading .
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on April 28, 2004
I originally wrote a review back in 2002 and was scanning the more recent reviews today. I was saddened to see that the controversy continues over how extreme some of the measures are and over Amy's child rearing practices, about how terrible her children are being raised and how close to child abuse her measures are. In the last 5 years, if it had not been for the advice I gleaned from the pages of the Tightwad Gazette, my family would have been one of the millions filing for bankruptcy. All of the people pillaging Amy would have been paying for my past mistakes in higher interest rates and fees while companies tried to recoup the money they lost in my bankruptcy. This is not an attempt at drama to make Amy look good, THIS IS FACT!!! My husband was laid off in 1999 and has not had a job offer since. He is now back in school and I am supporting my family on a salary of less than $40,000 yearly. Think this amount sounds like riches? It is, simply because I practice the frugality in the books written by Amy. Folks, this is 2004. Gas in my area right now is approaching $1.75 a gallon. Milk is almost $3.80 a gallon. Health insurance premiums of close to $600 monthly made me recently change jobs. I am now shouldering more of my family's health care expenses but I am seeing more in my paycheck. In the area of the country that I live in, my salary puts me on the fringes of LOWER middle class. When the book was written, I would have been on the fringes of UPPER middle class. That's how much the economy has changed since 9/11. However, none of the ideas gleaned from the book have changed. That's the power of this information. It's not faddish, in style, whatever. It's classic and you can refer back to it year after year. Oh, and for those of you who think that her childrearing practices are "child abuse" and will warp their mentality, let me introduce you to two members of my immediate family. Raised in the idea that only new will do and only the best is best, they are both divorced mothers, receiving welfare benefits (yes, the authors of "amy practices child abuse" are paying for their upkeep each month!), constantly being evicted from apartments they can't afford but, oh my, we can't live anywhere but the best places around, RUN OUT OF FOOD STAMP MONEY EACH MONTH, because it has to have a name on it or it's "dog food", per another reader, one recently had a BRAND NEW 2004 car repossessed because the car dealership didn't investigate closely enough (I work full time and don't have a brand new car, my car is paid for). This is the mentality that many of the previous reviewers espouse. Yet, you are paying their electric bills (which run into the HUNDREDS each month because they keep every light and every TV set on constantly), phone bills (home and cell phones, yes cell phones for every member of their family!) health care (frequent ER visits for one drug addicted member) and food (anything that is advertised on TV is in their home). Before anyone else trashes Amy and her lifestyle, I urge them to think about all I have written. Did it occur to any of them that part of the reason they can't get ahead in life is the support they are REQUIRED to pay out in taxes each month for the millions in this country who are just like my two family members? Oh, and their children, raised to expect only the best? One is on his way to becoming another high school drop out, there are two more lined up behind him and another bringing up the rear. My child, raised like Amy's children? High school honor role student poised for college.
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