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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on July 21, 2016
This was a good end to a good series. We saw Kel all the way through her trials, and now we got to see how she handled herself as an adult and as a knight after all her trials.

Her title and the series' title, the Protector of the Small, finally makes sense here, although it can be seen throughout the other books clearly. The way she handled her demeaning role as leader of a refuge camp, being kept safe inside Tortall's borders, was great; we got to see how she handled herself in a leadership role, how she behaved as a lady knight, and how she used all the skills she had learned up until now.

The way she gained respect from everyone in Haven, from the soldiers to the convicts, from the staff to the refuges, was believable and increased her honour and worth. Her fight to the end was enjoyable all the way through, making the slow trip there completely bearable.

I didn't like how the "final boss" was dealt with so easily, however. It almost cheapened her effort, but the way she fought hard for the outcome was worth it in the end as she wasn't deemed a traitor and she saved the children and what was left of her people.

The humour in the book was good, too. Tobe was a nice addition to the cast, and having Neal and Dom around was a nice touch. The pacing was great, and not a single scene felt out of place; everything flowed well. It wasn't the excitement I was expecting, but it suited Kel's end nicely.

Our farewell to Kel was a good one. We left her in a valiant state where she proved herself and upheld her ideals no matter what the consequences were, and that is a great message to be left with. She was a great character to follow and her journeys were always fun to read, making this a series I would definitely revisit (again) in the future.
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on October 14, 2002
This was a good book in its own right. I'll admit to crying at the end at a certain moment involving a kiss. While great for a normal fantasy young adult novel, it just didn't seem to live up to Tamora Pierce's usual standards. I would even rate this below the "Circle of Magic," which didn't seem to capture the magic of the Tortall books.
Keladry has probably become my favorite Pierce heroine, if only because, as Alanna herself puts it, Kel is real. Alanna was Goddess-chosen, and Daine fathered by a god, but Kel was a real girl who survived because of her determination and her will to survive. Squire was an incredible book, but Lady Knight seemed tired. There were brilliant moments, especially involving Raoul and Lord Wyldon, but this book didn't seem to give Kel the ending she deserved for her quartet. And this had nothing to do with the lack of romance, the shoddy handling of Cleon aside.
Recommended as a closing to Squire, but beyond that... Hopefully we'll see more of Kel in the future.
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on August 18, 2003
First off, this book I just love. It is packed with adventure, and I loved the entire thing. I couldn't put it down. I placed a hold on it at Borders, so that when it came in they would notify me. I was furious when they sent me a postcard saying that it wasn't published, though I knew it was, since I had read it. I had to travel to a different state to get it. I didn't go just for that purpose though, but I did buy it there. Kel is finally a knight, her dream come true. She is put in charge of the refugee camp, which she calls Haven. When she is gone, an army attacks the camp, and though the refugees put up a worthy fight, they were captured. Kel is forced to not chase after them, but we're talking about the girl who risked repeated her page years for her maid. She sneaked away and went after them, and finally completed the task that the Chamber of the Ordeal set before her.
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on May 16, 2006
¡§I won¡¦t dance about¡KI¡¦m giving you the hardest assignment of any knight in this district.
I think you will hate it, and perhaps me¡KGeneral Vanget has asked me to build and staff a refugee camp in addition to the new fort.¡¨ ~Lord Wyldon, commander, knight.
¡§Who¡¦s to command this place, sir?¡¨ ~Keladry of Mindelan, Lady Knight 1st year.
¡§You are¡¨ ~Lord Wyldon.
Lady Knight is the 4th book in Tamora Pierce¡¦s latest quartet, ¡§Protector of the Small.¡¨ Living in New York as a well-known fantasy writer who is known for her books of heroines, she has also wrote two other quartets, also set in the fantasy realm of Tortall. As well as these, she has also wrote the quartets, ¡§Circle of Magic,¡¨ and ¡§The Circle Opens.¡¨
This story took place several years after the first lady knight in a hundred years was knighted. Keladry, called Kel by her friends, strived to become a knight and after a troublesome four years, she was finally knighted. Finally she became what she had wished for all her youth, and was thrown into a war between the barbaric nation of Scanra and the Kingdom of Tortall. She went north with all of her fellow knight friends to help out with the war and she later found herself with a task like no other. She was to be in command of a refugee camp, named Haven, equipped less than 40 soldiers and 500 refugees.
Her task was made even harder when she found out that the Scanran mage, Blayce, was using the souls of children to fuel his ¡¥metal-killing devices.¡¦ What better place to get children souls then at a refugee camp with lots and lots of people compared to almost no guards. Along with her were her friends and fellow knights, Nealen of Queenscove and Merric of Hollyrose. Together they attempted to defend this camp from Scanran raids. However as the commander, Kel was obligated to report her progress to her superiors. Unfortunately for her, this was when Scanrans along with several metal devices decided to pay a visit to her camp and captured all the children with them. Being the loving and caring knight she was, she decided to avoid orders, risk being tried for treason, and went after the captured refugees. Fortunately for her, help came her way and together they went and battled Blayce and his henchman, Stenmun.
In my opinion Tamora Pierce likes to write fast-paced, suspenseful books. Along with her books being of a fantasy nature, I got hooked reading the book right from the first book of her series. Also there are many battle scenes which are described in some-what detail which adds to the suspense. In addition to this there is a glossary and information about each character which is quite useful if you ever get lost. All in all a very good book and luckily there are two more quartets waiting for you to further explore the world of Tortall!
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on June 26, 2004
fine, the ending got to me a little. I was dissapointed cause i wanted more ending. But it was my favorite quartet of TP and i loved it! I was also dissapointed Neal was betrothed to Yukimi. He and Kel are so better off together. But Dom's okay i guess. he is neal's cousin, after all. I was left gloomy after reading all four books cuz i wanted more and felt like i was losing my friends when i didn't hav any more to read about kel. So i hope in trickster's choice, the book about alianne, alanna's daughter, which sounds like alien and is sort of a stupid name, they hav kel and neal in there. they're my favorite characters in the quartet! this book has great action when kel, finally a knight, gets sort of a task from the chamber of the ordeal and is left to command a refugee camp. SHe teaches the civilians to fight and when she leaves to visit sir wyldon, she finds out the camp has been attacked! Although wyldon commanded otherwise, she left the squads on her own to take back her refugees who were kidnapped to be fed to evil metal killing machines a mage named Blayce was making. Her friends join, wanting to help her rather than save their shield as what they were doing was basically treason. So they head onto Scanra where war takes place to get back the children, that was what they spent eight years training for! Grate!!!! wonderful book, i luuuuuvved it!!!
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on June 18, 2004
I thought this book was a perfect finish to the series...except for the very last chapter. (there are SPOILERS ahead, so don't read on if you don't want to know what happens at the end)
So, Kel enters the very chamber that she's dreaded...the chamber where the giant metal monsters are made. So, I'm thinking, "At last!! The climax of the book!"
So, the mage turns himself invisible, but luckily Kel has her griffin feather band and she kills him. Just like that!! There was no suspenseful fight or even much suspenseful dialogue. I know being a mage, fighting's probably not his forte, but still...
Other than that letdown, the book was a great one. I know some people don't like Kel, but I really admire how hard she works and how she values other people who have good values, be they commoners or nobles. I also liked how she didn't follow the trends of Alanna and Daine and get a guy in the end. I guess that's made her charachter all the more realisitic. Although, I am sort of hoping she and Dom will get together in other books that take place in Tortall. *crosses fingers*
Happy reading!
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on June 15, 2004
I am a veteran of the Tortall series and this superb edition is one of the finest yet. This book flows smoothly through the pages in perfect harmony and the use of magic and sword is marvelous. The story goes with the beginning starting as a small intro to the main character, Keladry, who is recently having nightmares. After a scene with the Chamber of Ordeal she and a group of others are summoned to a fort where Keladry is assigned to look after refugees. The story goes on with her having to leave and going to report to her Lord Wyldon, but while away the enemy lead a devestating attack against her post and takes the refugees as prisoners. Keladry is furious and gives two men the slip to search for her people, two groups head after her and help along the way. In the end Keladry succeeds in her task and heads home.
I would, however suggest that the reader reads the Lioness quartet first and then the Immortals before reading Protecter of of the Small series. It is an outstanding series and a very good book.
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on May 27, 2003
Lady Knight is a fantastic story about a knight named Kelardy. The twist is that Kel is the second female knight in all the realm of Tortall. Unfortunately, Kel can not get help or advice from the first knight, Alanna the Lioness becase the Crown believes that Alanna will put a spell on Kel to help her suceed.
This book in particular tells how Kel is sent to run a refugee camp called Haven. But Kel would much rather be fighting in the war with Scanra. Fortunately her good friends Merric, Nealan, and Dom are there to help. Not to mention the entertaining villagers.
Throughout the book many obstacles and suprises appear. One of them is a new servant for Kel, whose name is Tobe. Kel rescued him from an abusive inkeeper when she saw that he possesed horse magic, and could deal with her tempermental horse, Peachblossom.
This book is geat at teaching lessons because the whole way Kel is battling Scanrans, evil metal giants called killing devices, and the urge to leave her people and follow the chambers quest for her by destroying the Nothing Man.
I love this book! I enjoy the drama, humor, and characters Kel meets on her way. This book completes the quartet; Protector of the Small brillantly.
Other books in quartet:
~First Test
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on May 14, 2003
This is the final story in the Protector of the Small series. Kelladry is now the second female knight in Tortall, after Alanna. During the chamber of the ordeal a goal is set before Kel, she is to stop a wizard who is making killing machines in Scanra. These killing machines live off of dead children's soles and could destroy all of Tortall's warriors in their fight against Scanra. Kel's final story will lead her on an adventure to save her friends, family, and Tortall. This story takes place in Tortall under king Jonathan and Queen Thayet, Human Era.
I really enjoyed this book because it brought back characters from the Song of the Lioness and the Immortals which both took place in Tortall. Another reason I enjoyed this book was it kept me interested the whole time . Anyone would be able to keep up with this fast paced adventure for two reasons. First, there is a list of characters in the back for refrence. Also, there is a dictionary for any words you come across and don't understand. This book would be great for any teenage girl.
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on March 3, 2003
A lot of the reviews I've read of this book seem to dislike it. I really enjoyed it! Kel is a wonderful character. I love the vivid way Tamora Pierce describes everything. I think I will remember the configuration of Haven for the rest of my life, kind of like Middle-Earth. I really don't think it matters that there wasn't much romance in this book. I think it is great that Tamora Pierce wrote a book where the main character doesn't need to be romantically involved (Don't get me wrong, I LOVE George). It's nice with so many old characters returning. I was very happy that Numair was in this book more. We talked to Daine in the other Protector of the small books but Numair was always a distant figure. Alanna wasn't in this book as much as I would have liked, but we do have to move on, I suppose. Neal was in this book, which made me really happy because Neal was always one of my favorite characters. I hope Tamora Pierce writes another quartet about anybody in Tortall as long as they talk to Kel so I can find out how Kel and Dom are doing as well as everyone else. I was also glad Dom was in this book. He was another one of my favorite characters. One of my favorite parts of this book has to be when everyone, separately without speaking to each other follow Kel as she disobeys orders and follows the people of her fort. I thought this book was an amazing conclusion to the Protector of the Small quartet.
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