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3.0 out of 5 stars
3.0 out of 5 stars
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on January 11, 2004
As my title states, this is difficult. To credit Johanna, for a first novel, it was quite amazing. I have never read a book that invoked such hostile feelings within me towards Philip and pity towards Christina. And I read a review from someone who loved the book and seemed to think that because they were in Arabia, it meant that the spanking scene was not degrading. Let me just point out (if someone already hasn't) that Philip was raised in England as a gentleman and spent most of his life there. His character seems to contradict itself throughout the book. I did enjoy the last half much better than the first. However, I found the character of Philip very difficult to warm to, even at the end. He was written to be a very pushy and arrogant man, probably intentional, but he didn't change even when he realised his love for Christina. I did find this book hard to put down, but I have to say that if this were a real life story, Christina would be in for a tough marriage where her husband would be telling her what to wear, where she may go and what she may do. And she probably wouldn't even realise it. It did seem to me that although Philip may love her, he is a selfish person and would suffocate her personality as he did throughout the book. I am sorry, but I dispise men- and women!- who are all me,me,me. And that discribes Philip's character perfectly. In his own words: "It's what I want that matters" (sorry if I've misquoted) Please, Christina, pick up those scissors again! Seriously, though, it's a love/hate book and I will definately be keeping it on my shelf as much as it annoys me. Sign of a brilliant writer. I gave it four stars because although I didn't really like it, the writing flowed, the dialogue was excellent and her writing voice was strong and unwavering. It made me feel, whether good or bad doesn't actually matter, but the very fact of it makes me believe that it does desever those stars. If the character of Philip improved a little more, at least when they were back in England, I would have given it top marks. A very good bad book.
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on June 28, 2004
I first read this book in the early 80's. This was the first romance novel I had ever read, and I enjoyed it very much. I still enjoy re-reading it (and many other Lindsey books). To anyone who might have read other reviews that refer to rapes and spankings within this book and decided not to read it, give it a chance. Remeber, this book was written in the 1970's, when rape fantasies were very common among women. (Apparently the reason for this is that so many women at the time were exploring the sexual revolution and still working through their 'nice girls don't enjoy sex' mind-sets. Rape fantasies (emphasis on the word fantasy - these women didn't want to actually be raped) allowed women to fantasize about sex without having to take responsbility for having sexual urges; as long as they were 'taken against their will' they didn't have to feel dirty or bad for enjoying what they were fantasizing about). Just keep in mind the contex of the times in which this book was written and give it a go. Though Christina does initially fight Phillip, she comes to love him in the end. You can argue Stockholm Syndrome (a victim brainwashed into befriending her captor: think Patty Hearst) or you can say that Lindsey was writing a book that was appropriate to the sexual climate of the day. Isn't there anyone else out there who has ever had a single fantasy about being 'taken' by a dark handsome stranger? If so, I think you'll like this book because that's the core of it. The title is 'Captive Bride' for goodness sake - I wonder what some outraged reviewers were expecting to find here? It doesn't say 'Willing Bride' does it? I loved this book when I first read it - sexy, naughty, escapist fun. I still like it today, though it is now considered a politically incorrect read. That makes it a guilty pleasure for me, but a pleasure nonetheless.
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on June 12, 2002
I thought this was an incredibly captivating book, if you'll excuse my pun. I simply could not put it down. I found the tension between the two main characters electrifying. It transported me to a whole new world that never failed to be interesting. The only downside is that the end lacked substance. I would have liked to see a more romantic, harmonic ending. On a whole it was an incredibly intruiging and fascinating work of romance.
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on July 20, 1998
My friend recomend that I start reading Johanna Lindsey books and I saw this one and read it. I haven't read too much of her work, but I thought it was good, a few parts were a little stupid, but overall I enjoyed it.
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on May 17, 2000
This book was really good, but was too fast and ended fast. I liked the heroine,but wasn't crazy about the hero. her other books are much better.
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on June 2, 1999
This book was very good. I enjoyed the different locations and situations the characters were placed in. Well done.
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JL's first book is not that great but I have read every single one of them so they do get better, with time
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