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4.8 out of 5 stars75
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on July 4, 2001
It opens with children-turned apples turning their teacher, Mrs. Gorf, into an apple and giving her to their gym teacher, Louis (the author) to eat.
Need I say more?
This book is hilarious. I could just see kids I know going to a school thirty stories tall, with a classroom on each side, struggling through torturous mosquito bites, a teacher who thinks you're a monkey, and all sorts of kooky and downright hilarious characters. I could read this over and over. It is so realistic, yet oh so spacy.
I first read this book when I was about seven or eight. I have read it over and over with each of my five younger siblings and it gets funnier each time. Sachar has a way of appealing to all audiences.
Parents, the Wayside school series is the easiest way to get boob-tube obsessed kids to read a good book for a change.
And it is a good book!
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on December 12, 2001
My son is only 4 years old, but he LOVES these wacky stories! He frequently asks for them as his bedtime story. I think part of the appeal is that they're not the usual, squeaky clean Barney and Disney stuff - it's more offbeat. For example, his favorite story is about a new kid who's covered up in a smelly raincoat. The teacher removes the raincoat, only to find another, and then another, while the kid makes rude, obnoxious comments. After removing dozens of raincoats, it turns out there's no kid under them at all - just a dead rat. It turns out "dead rats were always trying to sneak into class. This was the third one she'd caught since September." Weird, but my son thought it was hilarious! I'm definitely going to buy the sequels.
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on July 4, 2002
I teach first, second and third graders in a Montessori School, and they thought these stories were hilarious and interesting. I, or my assistant, reads the book aloud during our lunch hour, and when we ask the children "should I stop reading now?" they all shout "NO!"

They liked the book so well, that we are now reading another book in the "Wayside School" series. As a teacher I'm always looking for books the children will love. My terrific assistant found these, and they are great!
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on November 10, 2001
Come and sit in Mrs. Jewls class at Wayside School. Just don't be bad or it will get you an early ride home on the Kindergarden bus. I have been reading these books to my 2nd grade class and it is hard to tell who has been laughing more, me or them. Great books full of memorable characters, who will brighten up the day. Just remember the rules, three strikes under the word DISCIPLINE, and you ride the bus. Let the kids (and adults) enjoy these hilarious books!
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on December 6, 2002
My daughter and I took turns reading chapters of Louis Sachar books to each other, and we both really liked them. The stories are all a little nuts and the cleverness works for both young and older readers. Sachar writes well and the books are all quite smart and funny. Highly recommended for 2nd through 5th grade readers and their parents who like reading with their kids.
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I need to be completely honest; this was the first of Sachar's books I have read that I did not love. I was really looking forward to the Wayside School books but after reading this one have not bothered with the others yet and they dropped way down in my pile of to-be-read books. Maybe I came in expecting too much, maybe the absurd does not ring for me in children's literature? But for whatever reason this book is towards the bottom of my list of the 120 I have read the first half of this year.

The book contains 30 chapters and each chapter is a different story about Wayside school. Each chapter is also named after the teacher, student or students that are the focus of the story. In the introduction it states:

"Wayside School was accidentally built sideways.
It was supposed to be only one story high, with thirty classrooms all in a row. Instead it is thirty stories high, with one classroom on each story. The builder said he was very sorry.
The children at Wayside like having a sideways school. They have an extra-large playground."

They may like the building and the playground but I did not like the stories. In fact when I went to write my review not a single story stood out enough to comment upon it.

And that is my sideways review of the stories from wayside school!
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on July 8, 2004
I recently dug this book out from beneath a lot of my childhood stuff. My dad read it to me when I was just a little kid; at 18, I just reread it, and enjoyed it as much, if not more so--because now I could read between the lines.
Thirty chapters. Each one is like a fable--an entertaining story, a nugget of truth woven into the fabric of each one. Peer pressure, politeness, standing up for yourself...sometimes the lessons are direct, sometimes they are subtle. Maybe kids won't understand them exactly, but they'll certainly remember the stories and remember the lessons thus.
The story:
There is something very wrong with Wayside School. It was built sideways--instead of one story with 30 rooms, is has 30 stories and one room per story. No nineteenth story, though, meaning that Miss Zarves, who teaches there, doesn't exist, either.
At Wayside, students have the tendency to get turned into apples; those pesky dead rats, who live in the basement, are always trying to get into class; sleeping through class is considered educational; turning the lights on and off is a task not just anyone can do; you can help yourself to ice cream with the flavor of your fellow students, but please refrain from biting your classmates; the lunch lady just can't ruin milk, no matter how hard she tries; mosquito bites are great for counting purposes; your two missing teeth are the best in the whole world, as are the hat you aren't wearing and the joke you didn't tell; only being able to read upside down ain't much of a problem, after all; where toes cost a nickel apiece, unless they're little runts; trading names consists of spinning around really fast until you don't know who's who; if two plus two doesn't equal four, watch out; and where you need a reason to be sad, but not to be happy.
"Sideways Stories From Wayside School" by Lous Sachar is a classic. Buy it, for your kid, your sibling, your niece/nephew, or yourself. It's entertaing for all ages, and just might help its reader become a better person.
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on December 16, 2003
Sideways Stories From Wayside School
This book talks about a school that was made wrong so all kinds of bad things are happening. The main character is well there isn't a main character. Because there are 31 kids and every chapter there is a character. This story is set in a school that was made wrong. This book's genre is fiction because it is so non-believing. The author did a pretty good job because he made it so funny and so entertaining. The author's style is to entertain and to be funny.
What I felt about the book is excitement and surprising and felt like reading more. I would recommend this book to every one of my friends. And also to my mother my sister and maybe to every cousin I have. Truly I would like every one to read it. I think that people would love to buy this book for their kids so just try it. Your kids will love it guaranteed. Or also see more Luis Sachar just like "Holes". That's another book by Luis Sachar. No other book can possibly be better than this one.
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on March 9, 2003
this book is about Mrs. Gorf, MRs. JEwls, LOuis, And all the kids. MRs. Gorf is mean and turns the kids into apples, but ends up turing herself into one. MRs. Jewls is very nice, and thinks alll the kids look like monkeys. LOuis is the yard teacher who gives out balls, and maks sure the kids dont have too much fun. The kids are very nice some of the kids are Joe, Sharie, Todd, Bebe, Calvin, and much more. sometime they get rats an example is Sammy. i liked this book for many reasons. one of them was mrs. JEwls. she is a cool teacher. she says "you all are just too cute." "are you sure you aren't monkeies?" so she think that they are monkeies.there are many other reasons. i disliked this book for reasons also. one of them was Mrs. Zarves. it was a person who didn't even exist. it was just a waste of time. not to mention a waste of pages to read on another person. my favorite part of the book is when stephan dresses up for Halloween, and Mrs. Gorf comes backk to huant the children.its my favorite part because stephan dresse with green hair. he had purple ears and a blue face. he wore his sisters pink dancing shoes, adn green leotards that matched his hair. i liked tis part, because they only had a party for five minuets. Stephan had to stay like that for the whole day.
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on February 27, 2003
Over the summer, I read a book called Sideway Stories from Wayside School by Louis Sachar. This book talks about very silly characters. There was one story that I liked the most, which I will tell you about first. (By the way, the yard teacher was the one who wrote the book.) Okay! back to the story. Jason was in class listening when he heard a bubble pop. He spun around and there was his enemy, Joy, chewing bubble gum. He told his teacher Mrs. Jewls. Mrs. Jewls was disappointed at Joy, so she was going to write her name under the word DISCIPLINE!! Jason stopped her and asked if he could write it on the board. So when Jason got out of his seat, Joy stuck the bubble gum on his chair. Jason sat back down, but when it was recess time, he tried to get up. But he couldn't! He was stuck! Mrs. Jewls tried everything she could to get him off, but nothing worked. Do you know how he came off? Finally, Joy had to kiss him on the nose. Jason fell and bumped his head.

This story reminded me of a time when my leg was stuck on the monkey bars. I was hanging upside down. Then I saw my friend. When I tried to get down, I found that my leg was stuck. I stayed there for a while, but then I got a idea. I calmly twisted my leg to one side and it was loose. I was free again!!

I would recommend this book to whoever likes to read about different characters or likes entertaining stories and enjoys laughing. This book is also recommended to third graders and up! So this is my review about the book Sideway Stories from Wayside School.
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