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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on May 28, 2003
Set in 1818 London. Rosalynn Chadwick, Scottish beauty and rich heiress flees Scotland and her fortune hunting cousin, Geordie Cameron, who is out to get his hands on her money by forcing her into marriage. Rosalynn decides to enter London society in order to find a suitable husband who will protect her from the unwanted attentions of Geordie.
During her second ball, whilst trying to escape from the persistent but clumsy Lord Bradley, Rosalynn disappears into the garden and runs straight into Lord Anthony Malory, a most handsome black haired, blue eyed rakehell. "...and she was staring at him with a new look, obvious fascination, and he was glad that women found him appealing to the senses." However, Rosalynn had been warned before about rakes and "He was one of them, one of the 'not to be considered'."
I was looking forward to Anthony's story after reading about him in Love Only Once. As with the previous book, I found this book to be a run of the mill regency romp. I did find that Rosalynn spent too much time of the novel being jealous and angry at Anthony but then where would the fun be without the antagonism? You'll enjoy the book anyway if you are a JL fan like myself.
Don't miss James' story in Gentle Rogue, the next in the series.
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on April 30, 2001
First off, here is the series in sequence: 1. Love Only Once 2. Tender Rebel 3. Gentle Rogue 4. The Magic of You 5. Say You Love Me 6. The Present: The Malory Holiday Novel
Because Anthony (and James) are my two favorite uncles in LOVE ONLY ONCE, I was so excited to read this 2nd book of the series. I couldn't wait to find out who would be the lucky lady to sweep Anthony off his feet and what his story would be, I was not disappointed. The story line, twist and secondary characters truly made a big effect. The usual spice of the Malory Family especially the updates of Regina and Nicholas thoroughly entertained me. The reason why I didn't rate this book a 5 stars was cuz in my opinion, Anthony fell in love too quickly. It's just a teeny weeny unsatisfaction... His actions were abrupt and uncool considering he is London's biggest rake. I guess I expected more of him, i just wasn't convince... its was all too soon for me. Roslynn wasn't a bad heroine, she was level headed, kind hearted and witty but perhaps my mistake was that i compare her to Regina who is my favorite of all Malory. I decided to finish reading the whole series before i write the reviews so i can compare it all. Love Only Once & The gentle Rogue is my favorite of all 6 in the series. However, this book is still a great read. Despite that small niggel mentioned above, I still recommend this book to anyone especially those who started reading the Malory series.
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on August 28, 2000
I was introduced to the Malory's clan from the first novel entitled 'Love Only Once'. And I surely fall in love with the Malory familyagain in this second book about Anthony Malory, the dashing uncle of Regina Eden and a Scottish heiress, Roslynn Chadwick. Roslynn Chadwick had just lost her grandfather, and has already passed the eligible age for marriages. But, not all were lost to her since she inherited her grandfather's fortune. She went to London,and was warned by her friend about rakes. And that's when she met Anthony Malory, the famous rakehell. She was frustated that she couldn't get him since she was warned to be against a rake. But, Anthony was not about to give up. And the whirlwind romance between them is just the prove that Anthony needed. The beginning of a stormy and passionate marriage, with Roslynn setting her own rules. Roslynn's cousin was also not to give upon Roslynn even though she had just married to Anthony. Roslynn didn't want to be too attach to her husband for fear that her heart will be stolen. As more events keep unfold itself, Roslynn found that she had lost her heart to Anthony. With the letter from James, Anthony's brother, all was well when Roslynn knew that she was also greatly loved by her Anthony.
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on November 26, 2014
This book, which is the second in the Malory series, is one of my all time favourites. Anthony Malory is a great leading man. He's funny, charming, bold and a fantastic fighter (in more than one sense of the word) when needed. Rosylnn is a fiery tempered Scot. She's got courage, spunk and knows how to hold her own against a rake like Tony. Both characters are so stubborn, that at some points you just wanna shake 'em but I like how they work through it. I am happy that both can admit they're wrong.

This story also shows some more of the Malory family and actually has my favourite little book joiners that some authors do... when the secondary characters are drawn to each other and seem to be having a sub story going on behind the scenes of the current story... be forewarned. If you haven't read the first book in this series, there are quite a few spoilers in this one, about that story. I am off to re-read another favourite book of mine. The third Malory Series! Gentle Rogue.
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on October 31, 1998
I adored Reggie's rakehell uncle in "Love Only Once" and could not imagine who would be able to capture his heart... But Lindsey accomplished the impossible with Roslynn! The balcony scene when they first meet is so precious, and the conservatory scene so sensual, I can't stop coming back to read it again and again. PS. "The Present" - The tale of the black-haired, cobalt-blue-eyed "gypsy" grandmother of the Malory clan and the long-awaited love story of the ever-serious elder Jason are wonderful. PLUS it brings back those two lovable uncles, Tony & James just in time for Christmas! A great present! Thank You Lindsey! I Love the Malory's and PRAY there are more to come! What about Edward's story or Jeremy?! And Reggie/Regan's matching-making plans for the Anderson Brothers?!
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on July 14, 2000
This is by far one of the best historic romance ever! Anothony Malory is the guy of every gurlz dream. Hez a rake, but hez so strong and handsome, one can't help but fall passionately in love wiff him. My favourite part, was when Anthony proposed marriage to Roslynn Chadwick, how he lies about all her other suitorz just 2 have her. Itz just SO sweet! And James Malory is sooo cute, i just can't wait for my copy of Gentle Rogue to come, becoz in the story, therez two chapterz that hintz towardz James books, and now i can just die! Itz set in a very awkward suituation that any sweet and most romantic things can happen beyond our imaginationz. Bac 2 Tender Rebel, the title just can't possibly begin to hint how good it is. The way how the two couple strugglez is just so exciting! Itz a book 2 die for!
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on June 10, 2001
i really enjoyed this book, maybe because i am in love with the main character, anthony malory. he is so sweet and patience. the only complaint is i wish thier was more actual love parts in the story, not about the mistrust and anger between the two main characters. this is my 8th book i read by JL and so far all the books have the two main characters in the book fighting and hating each other till the end, just once i would like to see love between the two and something else they must overcome, but i contiunue to read these books, never giving up hope because you never....! other then that it is a great story and i really like how JL intercept two story (this one and Gentle Rogue) into the same story but from different points of view. i hope you enjoy this book.
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on November 8, 2000
Anthony is the youngest Mallory brother and one of London's biggest rakes. Scottish born Roslynn flees to London to escape her greedy cousin when her grandfather leaves her his entire fortune. Now Roslynn is desparate to find a husband so her cousin will leave her in peace. Anthony realizing his feelings for her decides to fill that role, but is stunned by the conditions Roslynn wants to put on their marriage. She wants him. That is undeniable, but she is terrified to give him her heart. This book is one of Lindsey's best. Anthony is magnetic and held my heart. Roslynn is nervous and unsure, but a very likable character. You cheer them on and you read their story and renew your acquaintance with the whole Mallory family.
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on March 31, 1999
I fell in love with Anthony Mallory when I read Gentle Rogue and he is still my favorite character ever! He's not only the sexiest man ever he also absolutely won my heart with his wit and humor. I couldn't wait for Tony's story after I read about the Mallory clan in Gentle Rogue and I wasn't disappointed. Roslynn was a perfect match for him and she completly won me over with her scottish brogue and fiery temper. Tender Rebel and Gentle Rogue are by far my favorite books of all time I read them again and again and never get tired of them. I can't wait for Jeremy's story, I just hope it's as sexy, funny and heartwarming as James and Tony's stories, they hooked me on Lindsey forever!
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on August 29, 2000
Sequel to the first Malory novel- Love Only Once. The story is heart warming, definitely not to be miss by Lindsey's fans and those who dearly loved the Malory. Better than before,this story revolves Anthnoy Malory, the uncle to Regina Eden and Roslynn Chadwick, a Scottish heiress. A whirlwind of instant attraction and bold romance between both of them will ties them in a stormy marriage. With Roslynn's little trust on her own heart, she defies Anthony even after the marriage. Thier marriage was definitely having lots of ups and downs, and doses of adventures before both knew that their heart was stolen by the other. Definitely a keep for the Malory fans!
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