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4.9 out of 5 stars
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on June 29, 2004
"Savage Thunder" is my favorite Lindsey romance, hands down. From the gripping first chapter in which the hero, Colt Thunder, is almost whipped to death for being half-Cheyenne, to the many, many HOT love scenes, "Savage Thunder" is a wonderful story you just can't put down.
I adore Colt, who is the best JL hero EVER! He is a moody, dangerous "breed" who struggles to control his desire for Jocelyn, a widowed English Duchess as fiery as her red hair. The pair has great chemistry together, whether it is in sizzling repartee or a tumble in bed (or, in some instances, on a horse).
The storyline is also intriguing. Jocelyn is plagued by an assassin out to kill her, and this puts her in some interesting positions, including being kidnapped. We also get to meet "cold-blooded" Angel at this point, who gets his own story later on in the aptly titled Lindsey romance, "Angel."
Whatever criticisms I have about "Savage Thunder" are minor. For one, Lindsey went into A LOT of detail describing extraneous scenes like the famous showdown in Tombstone with Wyatt Earp. She also brought in Billy from "Brave the Wild Wind" as the reason why Colt was in Arizona and, of course, literally runs into the Duchess. But Billy is forgotten after that (I wouldn't mind Billy getting his own story, by the way).
I recommend "Savage Thunder" with a passion. It is the best Lindsey romance, in my opinion, followed only by "Once a Princess." However, before you read "Savage Thunder," read its awesome prequel, "Brave the Wild Wind," where Colt is still living with his Cheyenne tribe and is known as White Thunder. Then, after you read "Savage Thunder," be sure to read "Angel," which takes place just days after "Savage Thunder" ends.
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on February 3, 2002
HOT HOT HOT are the only words to describe this Johanna Linsey Romance. With Savage Thunder, the story of half-Cheyanne/half-white Colt (aka White Thunder) and rich widow Joscelynn Flemming, Ms. Lindsey is at her best.
It seems Colt and Joscelynn are destined for each other, at a time when neither is prepared. He is wary of all white women, she is wary of everyone. Both have good reasons to be cautious, but the obsticles they overcome and their struggle to understand each other only serve to bring them closer together.
This book is filled with action and suspence and of course steamy love scenes. Joscelynn and Colt give new meaning to the term "WILD West". However it was the realistc dialogue that did it for me. You realize that these people, although fictional, are from a very real time in America when Native Americans were treated as second class citizens. (Some argue they still are)
All in All an excellent book. Very good escape reading with the primary love story not at all marred by the weighty social problems of the day. A good choice for both JL romance fans and Native American History buffs looking for a good "fantasy escape" alike. Five Stars *****!
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on October 16, 2000
Jesse Summer's half-brother White Thunder is half-Cheyenne. At his mother's request, he has cut his hair and is living as a white man. But when Jesse's neighbor discovers the truth, he beats Thunder nearly killing him because Thunder has been dating his white daughter. Thunder survives, but swears to never trust a white woman again. Years later, he stumbles upon a widowed English Duchess. Jocelyn Fleming has inherited her late husband's fortune, but his other living relative is having her hunted down so he might take her inheritance. After Thunder saves Jocelyn's life, she begs for his help and offers him a fortune to serve as her guide. But Thunder doesn't want the job. A Cheyenne brave doesn't lose control and Jocelyn is causing him to do just that.
Johanna Lindsey writes of the old west with adventure, danger, intrigue, and wild romance. Thunder is savage, but gentle and caring. Jocelyn is warm and very likable. Together they are magnificent. And the horseriding scene! I won't get that scene out of my head anytime soon!
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on August 11, 2000
What more can I say? This book is just fabulous! I am a huge fan of historical romance, and recently discovered Johanna Lindsey. Let me tell you, I am dissapointed that I havn't found her sooner. Her writing is fresh and lite... just enough to give you a little historical lesson without boring you. Johanna's characters are amazingly three dimensional, her plots are unique and interesting, and her choice of setting is delightful. I must say that I was getting rather tired of Regency England, and I was quite happy that _Savage Thunder_ took place in historical America. I have been hunting the shelves of my bookstore and library trying to find a good American historical, and I finally found one. Colt Thunder was a fabulous hero. I loved the fact that he was half Native American and had no social standing whatsoever. Sometimes, I get the feeling that romance novelists are trying to tell their readers that the only way to have a really desireable man is if he is a duke or lord or something. With Colt, you know that Jocelyn loves him for him, and no other reason. He was tall, strong, handsom, etc... I just loved him! Jocelyn was the perfect person for him. She was strong, independent, and wouldn't let anyone tell her what to do... even the man she loved. The scene where she tricks Colt into working for her will bring a smile to your face and warmth to your heart. The relationship these two people had was special and touching. FYI! This book is the second in a trilogy. It starts with _Brave The Wild Wind_, and the series ends with _Angel_. As I usually start series out of order, _Savage Thunder_ was the book I started with. But, I have every intention of finishing the series. So if you love historicals, and are looking for a change of pace, I would highly recomend _Savage Thunder_ to you. It is lite, funny and touching. Enjoy!
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on January 11, 2001
This book was just great. It had everything- a great hero and heroine and a good plot mixed in with humor and just enough conflict. Colt Thunder, a half-breed Cheyenne Indian is hired by the Dowager Duchess Jocelyn Flemming to lead her to Wyoming. Before I read this book I had many misconceptions about Jocelyn. I thought that she would be a spoiled idiot who would constantly whine and complain. To my great suprise she was a sweet and intelligent lady who was resourcefull and could fend for herself. She was also very determined in her persuit of Colt. This book is very good because it leaves you with a warm feeling inside and makes you want to know more about what happens to the characters. As a matter of fact, these two, as well as Jesse and Chase, make an appearance in the third book in this series, Angel, which I also highly recommend. Happy Reading!
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on September 11, 2001
Johanna Lindsey is by far my favorite romance author! Savage Thunder is my favorite of her many books (I have them all and have read them many times!). The book has historical depth, interesting subplots, humor, and of course, the trademark Lindsey romantic scenes. After reading this book I considered buying a horse! Her polically-correct treatment of the subject of Native Americans and bi-racial people was sensitively handled. The only problem that I have with any of Lindsey's books is that new ones aren't published often enough. For years I refused to read any romantic author except her, but her books came out so sporadically that I decided to branch out to a few other authors... but I still LOVE A LINDSEY!
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on June 5, 2002
Lindsey is a genius.I read "A Heart so Wild" first, and thought she couldn't get any better. Well, i was wrong. "Savage Thunder" is AMAZING!!! I couldn't put it down. From the first pages i was totally trapped in Colt Thunder's world! (who by the way, is HOT HOT HOT)But, besides the beautiful half Indian, the other characters are superb! And the story is actually very,very interesting. It kept me hooked until the very end, wich i got to say, caught me by suprise. I was kind of hoping for a little more details on their happily ever after, but, hey, with Colt Thunder, my imagination will certainly do.
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on April 13, 2000
Colt and "Duchess" are two of my all time favorite characters in any romance novel. Being a fan of Native American men - Colt aka White Thunder had an instant appeal. Johanna Lindsey pulls the reader in from page one of this novel by creating an instant compassion for Colt. You root for him from page one until the end when the two finally overcome all the obsticles in their way. Jocelyn Fleming - his "Dutchess" is entertaining to say the least. The two together create a friction that is both engaing as well as exciting.
This is a Johanna Lindsey fan MUST READ!
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on October 17, 2001
This series, Brave the Wild Wind, Savage Thunder, and Angel, is outstanding. My personal favorite is Angel, but all these books are terrific. They should be read in order as the plotlines continue through the series. One of Johanna Lindsey's all-time greatest fantasy scenes is in this book. A reviewer here noted that after reading this book, she wanted to "buy a horse". There will be any number of other readers who agree with her, providing, however, that Colt,the hero,is part of the sale! Ms. Lindsey's talents and fertile imgaination are awesome. HIGHLY recommended!
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on July 16, 2007
I read this book in two days; I just could not put it down. I'm not usually one for Western Romance Novels but I got hooked on this one. Such interesting characters a duchess and a Cheyenne Warrior, combine that with a great story and the steamy love scenes, who could resist. I also enjoyed the fact that the leading lady wasn't some push over; she was spunky and could hold her own. Johanna Lindsey you have not let me down yet.
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