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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on April 30, 2004
When Annie is the victim of a sexual assault, her attackers brother Alex agrees to marry her believing she is mentally disabled. Can Annie and Alex find happiness, or is their relationship doomed to failure?
Okay, before I get blasted by Catherine Anderson fans, I found Annie's Song a compelling read. I liked the idea of a deaf heroine, and the issue of deafness being dealt with in a romance novel in a sensitive manner. But I must confess, I didn't find the romance very interesting or... Frankly that compelling. Mostly because, despite her deafness Annie was so very naive. Frankly, I found the fact that she was described as 'child-like' and innocent every other paragraph distasteful.
Also, the rape was never really addressed, and I found it really unbelievable that the heroine (many months pregnant), would welcome the advances of the rapists look alike brother. Perhaps AFTER the pregnancy, and after she'd had time to adjust and mature.....But before? Erk....
I also felt the relationship between her and Alex was somewhat unhealthy. Alex was more like a father for her, seldom letting Annie make decisions. While at the end, she finally asserts herself its not enough and not for the right reasons.
Overall, I found Annie's Song a compelling read, but the disparity in age and emotional development between Annie and Alex was off-putting to this reader. Perhaps if Annie had been portrayed as less naive I could've really enjoyed this novel.
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on August 24, 2000
This was my first Catherine Anderson book, and I must say, why haven't I heard of her before? The quality and originality of this story is far above some of even the more popular romance authors today. Ms. Anderson takes a difficult premise (the heroine can't TALK to the hero) and manages to make us forget her "disability".
We get to witness Alex's gradual shift from guilt and self-absorption regarding Annie, to his eventual admiration, loyalty and love for her.
I felt the author's handling of Annie's complete naivete was right on. There was no way she could have known many of the basic things we have come to understand, because no one taught her! She was treated as a half-wit, ostracized from the community, and, to a certain extent, by her family.
I laughed, giggled, cried, and sighed over this book. And I LOVED that there was no "Big Misunderstanding", a plot device I feel authors use too frequently to come up with a form of conflict.
All in all, I felt this to be a prime example of romance writing at its best. Please, read this book and recommend it to anyone who will appreciate a heart-warming, positive read.
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on January 5, 2000
"Annie's Song" was the first Catherine Anderson novel I ever read. Since then, I have bought almost all of her books. She is an incredibly talented lady who refuses to let you go until you have gone through a handful of tissue paper! Alex, the hero of "Annie's Song", is one of the sweetest, most loving, and most wonderful romance novel heroes I have ever come across. The scene when he realizes that Annie is only deaf, not the "idiot" that people have thought her for years, is written so well that I could even imagine the dust floating in the attic. His growing love for his wife and his unselfish decision to give her a chance to experience the world clearly showed what an unbelievable man he was. Annie was a delightful heroine. Her tragic life did not strip her of her sense of humor, allowing readers to experience everything from her unique perspective. For anyone who loves good romance, "Annie's Song" is a must read.
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on April 5, 2002
I normally don't write reviews for romance novels ~~ but I really enjoyed this one. It was predictable though ~~ like a lot of other romance novels ~~ but it was so sweet and so refreshing compared to a lot of other books. It has an uplifting beat throughout the whole book and it did explored what it is like to be deaf.
Annie's parents hid Annie ever since a fever left her "slightly touched" since she couldn't talk or hear ... they assumed that Annie was mentally ill. When Annie was raped by Douglas Montgomery, Douglas' big brother Alex steps in to marry her and raise her child ~~ giving her the protection of his name. What Alex didn't expect was to fall in love with Annie ~~ and this is a book detailing the sweet romance between Alex and Annie.
If you're looking for a lighter read to take to the beach or on vacation ~~ I highly recommend this book! It's a good read and quick one too!!!
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on November 19, 1998
Imagine being deaf and mute since childhood, and treated as if you're idiot because no one understands. Then imagine being raped by the boorish younger brother of the richest man in town. These experiences were beyond me until I read Annie's song. Alex Montgomery, feeling guilty about the way his brother Douglas attacked Annie (who is believed to be mentally unbalanced) and offers to marry her when he discovers she's pregnant. That guilt soon turns to admiration and love when he discovers that his wife is deaf and extremely intelligent. Alex slowly coaxes her out of her silent world through loud noises that would break most anyone's ear drums, and through learning Sign Language. The way Catherine Anderson manages to convey Annie's feelings and how she and Alex communicate is very original.
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on December 20, 1996
Annie's Song, written by one of my favorite authors, Catherine Anderson,
is a lovely piece of work.

I especially like this story because Catherine Anderson isn't
afraid to show the ugly side of human nature. Annie is a mute
who is so innocent she does not understand the base nature
of man. It is Alex Montgomery who takes her in and begins
to see her as a whole person, opening his heart without being
aware that it is he who needs Annie more than she needs him.

Annie's progress through Alex's teaching is a wonder to
read. She blossoms from child to woman and teaches all who
are involved in her life that it is the heart that gives love
and forgives.

I recommend this book to any romance fan. Catherine Anderson
is truly a gifted author and continues to excel in her work.
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on August 24, 1998
This book left me feeling very good. It's the story of a young woman thought to be mad, who is raped by a reckless, rich young man. The older brother does the honorable thing and marries her when the family discovers she's pregnant. Alex discovers that Annie is not crazy, only deaf. He then uses lots of creative ways to bring her out of the sheltered world she's been forced to live in by her parents and the neighboring community. There are many funny scenes where Alex needs to explain things to Annie since she can't hear him. Most touching is the scene where she witnesses a mare birthing her foal and Annie believes this is how babies are also born. This is definitely a heartwarming tale and makes you wish there were more men like this in the world.
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on September 28, 1997
I have read many romances, but this must be the sweetest romance I have ever read. When Alex Montgomery marries the lovely deaf/mute Annie out of his percieved obligation, he believes he is saddle with an idiot wife. Not to soon after the wedding, Alex realizes the error of his ideas and crusades to woe and love his wife. Alex's quest to open his wife to a world she never knew is funny and heartwarming as he rushes into the process with unrelenting determination and optimism. Anderson has written a heart-engaging romance that successfully engages the reader on behalf of Alex and Annie, to surpass their initial inability to communicate to develop a love and joy for each other that knows no bounds. This book is definitely a 10+!
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on July 2, 2001
I love to read good romances and this was nothing like a good romance. I bought this book because of the reviews here on amazon. I must say that they are a bit misleading. This is not a romance but a love story. And a bad love story at that. I just didn't believe these characterd from jump street. I read chapter after chapter waiting for something to happen with them but it never did. 300 plus pages of pure fluff. Nothing happens in this story and the little that does pass for plot was predictable and clich`e. If you want to read a good book about deafness read Sandra Browns' Eloquent silence. It demonstrates what good writing is all about. Really i think this book would not have been so bad if were about 100 pages shorter.
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on May 22, 2000
I recently read "Annie's Song" by Catherine Anderson (my first by her) and was floored. Kind horse-breeder Alex marries the "mentally challenged" girl his brother raped. The girl is pregnant and Alex does what he feels is his duty. Alex soon discovers that Annie is not "mentally unstable", she is deaf. I cried when Alex ordered the musical instruments for her, as she can feel the vibrations of the music. I cried when he danced with her in her attic playground. I laughed when she told Alex she thought she would lay an egg to have her baby. This book was beautiful, sweet, and a keeper, for sure.
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