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3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on January 10, 2004
While this book isn't quite as good as Lisa's best works, it's still a pleasurable read. Heroine Julia Wentworth is that rare thing in the early 1800s--an actress who isn't a prostitute. And, she's married, but no one knows it; after all, that's not her real name. The man she was forced to marry as a child, Damon, Lord Savage, falls for the actress only to discover she's his wife. Intriguing scenario, but as another reviewer mentioned, the reader lands firmly on Damon's side thanks in large part to Julia's hesitancy. Excellent hero.
Logan Scott is a fabulous secondary character and appears, as mentioned, in other novels. The triangle between Scott, Julia, and Damon leads to interesting revelations as well. A romance between side characters also adds interest, as do Julia's interactions with her parents. The scheming mistress is the least interesting and least convincing part of the book.
Kleypas writes well, as always, but she has only improved over the years. Don't miss this one, but realize that there are better ones, too.
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on December 14, 2003
This is an unusual romance between a disinherited British heiress turned actress and her despised husband, who she hasn't seen since her 4th birthday. Damon, the Marquess of Savage's wastrel father needed the money that Lady Julia Wentworth would bring to a marriage with his eldest son. Julia's father wanted his daughter to wed a title - a future Duke. And so two children marched dutifully down the aisle. They have not seen each other since their long ago wedding because neither of them wanted to be wed....or at least wed by force. Julia left home for a successful stage career as Jessica Wentworth, determined to make her way alone in the world. Damon has been seeking her for 2 years to determine whether or not she wants to dissolve the marriage. The detective he hired was not able to come up with any information after she left her home and family.
They meet as actress and noble. Sparks fly. She knows who he is. He remains in the dark and pursues her with mucho ardor. She is beautiful, intelligent, talented and he is a hunk. You can guess most of the rest...except Julia/Jessica won't give up her independence and career. Romance, love and feminism in Regency England = a terrific read.
Lisa Kleypas has remained one of my favorite authors after reading almost all of her books. She herself is quite talented, knows how to tell a story with the best of them and writes with flair and intelligence. This is not one of her 5 star novels, but it is still a terrific read!
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on October 20, 2003
Enter the world of acting - your consultant Lisa Kleypas. This story is fascinating, either the author has exhausted herself with research or she has first hand knowledge in the theater -- it is that convincing.

The Marquess of Savage, Lord Damon, is searching for his obscure bride. Married as children, Julia Hargate and Damon Savage were united to further family advantage. Now the marquess wants to explore the future of this unacquainted marriage. The faltering detail: his marchioness has become the infamous stage actress -- Mrs. Jessica Wentworth.

Ms. Kleypas writes a worthy story, the drawback -- Julia's endless hesitation; I realize she wants to be free to live her own life but the story drags because of her indecisions. This reader was fixed firmly on Lord Damon's side; he is hunka hunka burnin' love material.

The author arranges a superb supporting cast. Damon's shameless mistress and her fabrications strengthen the storyline. Damon's brother, William, supplies the necessary sibling suffering. Yet, it is Julia's mentor and friend, Logan Scott, who steals the role as "Best Supporting Actor". Ms. Kleypas draws his character to perfection -- intriguing her readers with his eccentric lifestyle. Sequel? Believe it! This reader will explore the bookstores looking for "Because You're Mine.".

A tempting book, but the heroine's anxiety is the main thrust of the story and thus is its downfall!

Grace Atkinson.
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on January 12, 2003
I actually enjoyed this book. Unfortunately, I read "Because You're Mine", before "Somewhere I'll Find You" I wished I'd known beforehand some of these characters would be in future books. I started reading Lisa Kleypas on a whim, not much into romance novels as a rule, and just grabbed her current novel "Lady Sophia's Lover" and was hooked. I find myself catching up with her past books. In this book Julia plays a determined woman that would give up fortune and title to do the one thing she loves, the theater. I like the historical 'facts' that go with the character fiction the most. Case in point is Julia's 'worldly' sacrafice, because, in truth only in recent centuries were actresses respected at all, and true in her book, they were just above prostitutes. Kleypa's books tend to have strong female characters and I like that they always look different, have different sizes, hair, etc., but yet hold a central theme of being strong-willed and independent.
I did feel that this book had a little 'drag' to it and seemed to plod along to fill pages, once you get past those few chapters it picks up the pace and is an 'enlightening' read for the sequel, "Because You're Mine".
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on November 15, 2002
"Somewhere I'll find you" is the story of Julia and Damon. The two of them were married when they were just children in order to bring the two families close and never met after that.
As they grow up they both realise they don't want to keep this wedding. Julia leaves her home to become an actress and Damon searches for her in order to get an annulment. They meet without knowing each other's identity and find they are attracted. When Julia realises that Damon is her husband, she tries to get away from him but Damon runs after her. After finding out that she is actually his wife, he is begining to think that their marriage might not be so bad after all. Julia refuses to stay with him though, because she knows he will ask her to stop her career as an actress but Damon won't take "no" for an answer...
I read "Somewhere I'll find you" after reading "Because you're mine". I loved "because you're mine" and consider it one of the best books of Kleypas after "Dreaming of you" and "Then came you".
"Somewhere I'll find you" was a nice book and a definite page turner. But after I finished reading it I realised one thing: the two main characters (Julia and Damon) have never shared a true conversation in the whole book! They never really talk about anything: their likes and dislikes, their interests, why Julia loves the theater so much, why Damon is so rigid and autocratic. All these come as realisations and deductions to each other. In fact, the only powerful attraction between them seems to be sex rather than love.
Besides being an entertaining book, since Kleypas has the talent to write moving scenes and keep your interest, it is the most empty (from feelings) book I've read from her. When did lust became a synonym for love? As soon as it was over I felt that I didn't knew any of the characters and really don't care much about what happened to them afterwards. Besides the whole idea of their marriage, on which the story relies on, seems to be a little unstable since they both seem to acknowledge at the end of the book that their marriage was not a valid one anyway!
I would suggest saving your time and skip this book. If on the other hand you are a Kleypas fan as I am and have plenty of time in your hands, you certainly will spend a few pleasant hours reading it.
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on February 28, 2002
This Novel lived up to all my expectations! It was very interesting to watch the hand of fate at work with the bringing together of Julia and Damon after they had been married for such a long time but never lived together as husband and wife, as Damon leaves the morning after their forced marriage. Both are strong-willed, with Julia fighting to maintain her independence.

Unexpectedly Julia finally meets her husband and finds herself being drawn to him. Yet as her parents have given her a dismal view as marriage and he is concerned about her career she resists her attraction to him. On the other hand, Damon, as a nobleman, feels that Julia does not possess the qualities that a society wife should have. However, he becomes captivated by Julia on his first sight her and is unable to fight his attraction. Eventually the two realised that love means compromise and excepting each other for who you are.

I first read "Suddenly You" by Ms. Kleypas last summer and since then I have become an avid fan, purchasing several of her books and never being disappointed. If there was a down side to this book, it was that you wanted to see a happy ending for Logan, the star actor in the company, I wanted him to find love. Let us hope that Ms. Kleypas devotes some more attention to him in another book.

The book is fast-paced and one that you must read!
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on February 15, 2000
One of Lisa Kleypas's best books.
The characters of the book seemed very alive to me and I was happy to encounter a heroine that stood to her own dreams and yet knew when to relent. Damon seemed like a heartless person at the beginning, but as I read on, I started to find some very good qualities in him.
The back cover blurb reads: "All of London is at Julia Wentworth's feet. The beautiful, enchanting actress is the toast of the theater world--and anything she desires is hers for the asking. But the incomparable leading lady guards a devastating secret: a mystery husband whom she does not know, dares not mention...and cannot love. For years Damon Savage has been searching for the stranger his unscrupulous parents wed him to without his consent. Wanting no more than to be legally rid of the foolish chit, Damon is shocked to discover his "bride" is the exquisite stage perfomer whom he intended to make his mistress! But though his wife by law, Julia will never truly be Damon's--until he conquers her fears, his formidable rivals...and the stellar lady's proud, independent heart."
BECAUSE YOU'RE MINE is the continuation of one of the characters of this book. Although it gives a glance of what has happened to Julia and Damon, it's not as good as one would've wished.
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on June 14, 2003
Well, I can really tell how much Lisa Kleypas has grown as an author. This book was put out in 1996 & it doesn't compare with her more recent novels. I do believe that alot of historical romance readers would like it, but it just didn't thrill me. As usual, LK wrote an original storyline; I really enjoyed reading about the lives of thespians. As in her others novels, LK made the characters come to life for me. There were a number of secondary characters that really added to the story & the hero & heroine were good people..... but it just took sooooooo long for them to come to grips with what each other wanted & needed - it dragged on way too long. I did major skimming in this one. Also, the love scenes were not near as sweet & sensual as LK's newer releases. However, I've read enough wonderful LK books that I will definitely stay a loyal fan of hers.
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on July 18, 2002
Lisa Kleypas writes a mighty fine romance novel. We readers owe her for our many hours of pure reading bliss.
Again, Ms. Kleypas has penned a perfect romance novel: "Somewhere I'll Find You" is flawless.
I loved the story of the theatre and I was excited to find out about Julia's life and where she came from. Ms. Kleypas creates characters who seem real, yet who are also fascinating. That's a difficult task for a romance writer, but Ms. Kleypas has no problem giving us characters that come alive on the page, yet who also seem like people who could have actually existed.
The book is also very sensual, yet tasteful ... you'll enjoy it.
Don't cheat yourself! Buy this book and you'll read it all in one night!
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on April 28, 2002
This was definetly not one of lisa kleypas' best books. Maybe it was that the lead characters were so boring and one-dimensional. We know that Julia Wentworth is a great actress but the book just dosen't tell you alot about her outside of her career. There also really never seemed to be any real feelings between the main characters. They seemed to be sexually attracted to each other at most. Damon Savage was also unreasonable and obsessive. I think it says alot about the story that the secondary character of logan scott(who came off as cold and a jerk)was the one you really wanted julia to end up with. The author should know that you're never supposed to make the secondary male character outshine the hero.
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