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2.8 out of 5 stars
2.8 out of 5 stars
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on August 1, 2015
How to love your abusive boyfriend... yuck!
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on June 21, 2004
I've been rereading all the JLs (so far, I've finished 18 in a month), and "Glorious Angel" is just as I remembered it 10 years ago: unappealing, passionless, and actually quite tedious. It is one of JL's first books, and it is obviously a pedestrian effort. The "love" dialogue is beyond cheesy and the love scenes are tepid. Worse, it has a meandering plot that starts with Angela's crush on Bradford as a child (why she likes him, I'll never know), then moves on to a rags-to-riches story with Angela losing all of her Southern white trash talk (which was actually quite charming), to a forced separation based on a rumor of incest that really never seemed to upset Angela other than to make her run away from Bradford. The best part about this book is that it sets up Hank Chavez's story in "Heart of Thunder," which is a million times better. In fact, only a single year separates the publication of "Glorious Angel" and "Heart of Thunder," but somehow JL's writing style, sense of character, and dialogue improve tremendously during that short time period. Which makes me suspect that "Glorious Angel" was written long, long before its publication date and published without the benefit of editing, rewriting, etc. That's too bad. "Glorious Angel" could have been much better had JL spent some more time playing up the passion and personalities between Angela and Bradford and less time on fluff like matchmaking in Texas and the pointless assassination attempts on Bradford's life (as an example of how silly this book is, Bradford is tied to a chair in a burning house and his fear of death gives him He-Man strength to break through the ropes, no knife or anything, to escape. Wow!). If you are interested in Wild West romances written by JL, I highly recommend "Heart of Thunder," "A Heart So Wild," "Once A Princess," or "Savage Thunder." I do not recommend "Glorious Angel" unless you want to read it as a prequel to "Heart of Thunder."
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on June 17, 2004
My advise: bypass this book and read it's sequal "Heart of Thunder."
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on February 25, 2003
Angela Sherrington is the daughter of a poor farmer in Alabama who has had a crush on Bradford Maitland since she was eleven, when he rode past her on his black stallion and splashed her with mud. He tossed her a coin, for the ruined dress and she keeps this coin hung around her neck as a reminder. Some 9 or 10 years later she spots Bradford about to walk into a building in Masachusettes and follows him, not knowing that she has just walked into a bordelo.
I really liked the first half of the book but knew I would be disappointed with the second half after Angela runs away. She's just too much of a flirt for my liking. Kissing strangers left right and centre. Not one of JLs best books. Try the Western series, much better!
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on August 9, 2002
I have read many of Johanna Lindey's books, and I particularly like the Malory series. But I found Glorious Angel to be a bit overdone. The heroine has five, yes five, men going crazy for her at the same time. And I use crazy in the literal term. The hero's jealousy is absolutely insane, and makes him come off as very shallow. And no woman in her right mind would put up with him! I end up feeling more sorry for Angela at the end, other than overjoyed. Honestly, I wish that she ended up with one of her other suiters!
Glorious Angel is readable, but I suggest that you pick up one of Ms. Lindsey's other books. Try Love Me Forever, that one is GREAT!
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on July 11, 2002
First, read Amazon synopsis for book summary...
This is a very light read for me, especially one that's of Johanna Lindsey's work. The plot is quite simple; The twists are mostly predictable; The conflicts are a bit too easy; The characters are a bit unpolished; but I considered the fact that this is one of Ms. Lindsey's earlier works that is why I wasn't totally turned off. I also don't think this book merits lower than 3 stars because i was able to finish this book in less than 5 hours. I guess, u can say that overall, it is an easy and a light read. Yes, there is no topsy-turvy or overwhelming heart effects here yet I can't say it's boring either... I've read lots of Ms. Lindsey's recent works and she is definitely much improved today as a writer/story teller. So, if you are a first time Lindsey reader then I suggest you start with her latter works.
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on July 7, 2002
It's been a while since I've read this book. I remember it was depressing and definately not a re-read. In fact I think I traded it in for something else and that is a rare thing for me to do because my books are precious to me.I was disappointed in the heroine and the hero.I was glad when it was over.I would not recommend this one.
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on May 23, 2002
I have read and re-read most of Johanna's work and I never trade in her books simply because I have to read it a couple hundred times before I can safely say I can lend it out. But Glorious Angel was a major disappointment. I was most annoyed at all the info on all these other characters who was basically irrelevant to the story line and yet the two main characters had about ten pages together as a couple yet the story was supposedly about their romance. I just didn't get that, and never will as I traded the book the day after I finished reading it.
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on May 13, 2002
This is not the worst JL I have ever read but it is definitely not the best either. While I wasn't tempted to throw it away like I was with "A Pirate's Love", it didn't catch me either. Usually I read her books in two or maximum three days - depending on the w/end. This one I finished in more than a week.
The characters are very simplistic and flat: she is the beautiful poor girl which has struggled with difficulties in childhood and now suddenly finds herself wealthy; he is the good-looking young man with no other care in the world either than the jealousy he feels because of her. What you see in them at first glance is all there is to them. There is no character development and also there are no reasons they fall in love with each other except that she had a childhood crash on him and he finds her very beautiful.
The conflict is very twisted and confusing, with illogical ups and downs. There are also a lot of side characters which crowd the picture. One I found especially annoying was Billy Anderson, a young man who is obsessed with the heroine and wants to have her at any means, and so follows her around more or less for ten or more years. This I found very unbelievable and quite stupid.
Also, the love scenes are cold; Ms. Lindsey can write love scenes which make you shiver and tingle, but none of those are in this book.
So, nothing remarkable or special about this book. Just plain.
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on February 18, 2002
Beware! This is a book that has been re-published. I read it back in the late 80's maybe early 90's. Still a good read, better than what she puts out now. I quit reading her a couple of years ago because her stories do not have a lot of passion and are boring boring boring. Maybe, I've just grown up and expect more from a romance.
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