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4.1 out of 5 stars112
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on January 22, 2004
Firstly, let me say that I am a HUGE SEP fan. She has written books such as Nobody's Baby But Mine, Heaven Texas etc that have left a good lasting impression in my mind - the dialogue was wonderful, the relationships plausible, and the storyline believable... I cannot say the same for this book This Heart of Mine as it fell totally flat. I actually had to force myself to continue reading the book - something I've never had to do with a SEP novel before.
We first met Kevin Tucker in Nobody's Baby But Mine and I really liked him there. In this book SEP does not do him the justice he deserved... I'm not even sure I understand him at all. As for Molly, we met her in It Had To Be You (her sister's Phoebe's story) when she was a teenager and I can't say that I like her any better in this one. She does really stupid unjustifiable things and SEP tries to get the reader to understand it... come on... jumping into bed with Kevin, someone she didn't know and with one of his old condoms in hand - she went for one thing and one thing alone... and then when it all came crashing down on her she expected Kevin to understand and to empathise... Molly was too calculating and too deceitful for me to remotely care about her... and her jealousy of her sister (she wanted the same Great Love Story that Phoebe and Dan shared - maybe that's why she got fixated on a football star) was pathetic and immature. To top it all off there was no chemistry between Kevin and Molly and I don't think she deserved him. SEP couldn't even convince me that he really cared for her far less loved her.
*Sigh* All in all it was not an enjoyable read - it seemed forced and flat. I didn't like the main characters and the story was too hard to swallow. Take the advice from a true SEP fan - skip this one.
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on April 24, 2002
This is only the third SEP book that I have read and already I'm finding that she's basically writing the same story just with different titles. I have to agree with another reviewer about Molly and Kevin having no chemistry whatsoever. They fought and had sex, but there really was no understandable reason for them to have a "Great Love" as described in the book. It really seemed like Kevin settles for Molly as the pieces of his life fall into place. Another major problem I have with SEP's writing is that she always interjects another love story apart from the main love story. This irritates me, because I feel like I'm reading two books at once. This dual love story makes the reading of the book choppy and really lessens the main love story. I just think it's superfluous page-fillers. Moreover, it's always the same formula: the main love story has the reluctant male and the secondary love story has the reluctant female who is usually the mother of the reluctant male. For those looking for a better SEP book, try "Heaven Texas," if you can find it.
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on March 17, 2002
I am usually a big fan of SEP, but was truly disappointed with this book, for several reasons. I found it was just not up to par with all her other books and wonder what happened.
Firstly, I liked neither of the main characters. Molly acted like a teenager, and I was left cringing after the scene where she "rapes" Kevin. I could have gotten into Kevin, but I think SEP did not delve enough into his mind and feelings, and I feel he could have been explored more thoroughly. I agree with others who have said that there was little chemistry between the two, at least not until so far into the book that I was already disposed to think that they were truly a mismatched couple.
I also don't recall reading much "romance" in the book, and I feel the conflict(s) overshadowed the romance in the story. ...I don't want to read about all the current problems, I read to get away from all that and escape. A little bit is ok just to add conflict and add to the story, but when it eclipses the romance, there is a problem. Aside from this, I was truly offended by something in the book, which made me even less disposed to like it.
The only saving grace of the novel, as far as I was concerned, was the secondary romance between Kevin's mother and the artist. There was passion and chemistry between those two that didn't exist between the main characters.
All in all, I am disappointed that I wasted my time and money on this book, and it is questionable if I will read more by SEP in the future.
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on February 21, 2001
Molly has always had a crush on Kevin. Because of that, she will approach Kevin in a secretive way. That, and her rash personality will cause her to do something that quite frankly, I see as unforgivable. And, maybe, because of that poor beginning for me, I could not get into this book. I just never learned to like Molly.
Reckless, stupid, self-pitying, are all adjectives I could use to describe Molly. And maybe because the book so centers on Molly, that Kevin's personality seems to fade into the scenery, at times. With several other issues going on in the book--the anti-gay group, two other romances, Kevin's problems with his parentage, his problem with the camp itself--I just didn't see any growing up, or growing together, between Molly and Kevin.
Ms. Phillips is such a skillful writer. She writes scenes that are laugh-out-loud funny, and I particularly enjoyed the excerpts at the beginning of each chapter, that tells the story of Daphne the Bunny, and Benny the Badger. I just wish I had enjoyed the story about Molly and Kevin.
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on February 12, 2001
I agree with the reviews of the readers from Mission Viejo, CA and Baltimore, MD (2/7/2001) that this latest book is just not up to the usual standards one comes to expect from Ms. Phillips. Rather that retell the plot line(s) that have already been related by other reviewers, I will just add that the characters were not well defined, and the multiple story lines were disjointed and at times annoying. For example, at the beginning of the book, just when I thought that the relationship of Molly and Kevin might be better explained and explored, these two characters just dropped of the face of the earth and a new plot line was introduced. While some authors of mystery novels use this irritating method to build suspense, the change of the story line at a critical point in this book just didn't make sense.
I also agree with another reviewer that Molly's quirky character needs some serious shrink time. Molly appears to "live" her life through the imaginary characters she has created for her children's books; and when the great "love" scene with Kevin finally arrives, Molly retreats into her imagination rather than enjoy the reality of a moment that we've been told she has been fantasizing about for years. Kevin's character also seems to be in crisis, but the reason for his odd behavior isn't explained or explored as Ms. Phillips did so well with earlier, similar characters such as Cal Bonner, Bobby Tom Denton, and Kenny Traveler.
In short, the problem is that this book seems so weak in comparison with Ms. Phillips' earlier brilliant works. If you can't wait to read the book (as I couldn't), I'd recommend checking it out at the library; otherwise, wait for the paperback.
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on July 8, 2002
SEP waited to long to write a sequel to all the other "Chicago Stars" So it was hard to have total recall of the other characters mentioned in the story that appeared in the other stories. (It Had To Be You, Heaven Texas, Nobody's Baby But Mine and Dream A Little Dream). Molly acted like a child herself most of the time. And her children book characters kept popping up everywhere which gets old real fast. As for Kevin, it was very hard to believe he played football. There isn't a football player I'v seen who would live in "paintbox cottages". He acted like a dork, but at least he looks great in a t-shirt
Molly and Kevin are hard to believe were a couple. They just didn't click. Not one of SEP best, but please don't let this book turn you off on SEP's other books or books let to come. It's hard to keep a series going that long. As least SEP gave it her best shot.
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on March 1, 2001
Let me start off by saying that I LOVE SEP books. I think she is a fabulous writer and I have been so excited to read this book. However, I was sooooo disappointed by this one. I could simply not like Molly--she was stupid! Truly and literally--an airhead and I did not like the way the book started--how she started her relationship with Kevin. He's a great character and it's almost like he was overshadowed by her reckless behavior. I never thought I would be giving an SEP book a bad review but I am sorry--this one stinks!
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on July 27, 2001
I can't believe all the great reviews this book is getting! The beginning was just awful and these characters have no chemistry whatsoever!! The kids were fun, as were the characters out at the camp, but Dan and Phoebe were overbearing and irritating and the SKFSA plot device was weak and underused. This book was no where near as good as Dream a Little Dream, Kiss An Angel, and Heaven, Texas. I really hope Just Imagine is better, but after two duds in a row (First Lady was the other dud), I'm a little worried.
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on March 14, 2002
This story didn't measure up to Susan Elizabeth Phillips standards. There wasn't as much wit, and barely any fire, if any. I liked the Daphne story twists, but the heroine seemed a little contrived and not so well developed. The story dragged. I trudged through it anyway.
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on March 14, 2002
This story didn't measure up to Susan Elizabeth Phillips standards. There wasn't as much wit, and barely any fire, if any. I liked the Daphne story twists, but the heroine seemed a little contrived and not so well developed. The story dragged. I trudged through it anyway.
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