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3.6 out of 5 stars
3.6 out of 5 stars
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on April 14, 2004
Unfortunately, Lola Carlyle didn't mean to reveal it all, but during a weak moment with her fiancé, she allowed him to snap some nude pictures of her. Even though she's now an ex-supermodel, she's still a very recognizable face. Cashing in on her fame, her now ex-fiancé exploits Lola by peddling her pictures on the Internet. Tired of the gossip surrounding the photos, she takes a vacation and goes into hiding in the Bahamas. Alone aboard a yacht with her little dog, Baby Doll, a man on the run commandeers Lola and the vessel.
Max Zamora works for the government in a top-secret capacity, and his mission has just gone completely wrong, forcing him to flee for his life from a drug lord. Max has seen Lola before in magazines, and on billboards, wearing next to nothing. Lola and her little dog are less than thrilled to be kidnapped by some madman claiming he's one of the good guys. Max finds Lola beautiful, desirable, and a huge pain in the backside. And that goes double for her little dog with the Napoleon complex. Just when Max believes his situation couldn't get any worse, Lola accidentally torches part of the boat, leaving them to drift in the water without a motor. Alone together for several days struggling through life and death situations, they find it difficult to keep their hands off each other. And when they do give in, it may be impossible to ever let go.
I really didn't know what to expect when I picked up this book to read. The premise sounded intriguing, since I liked the idea of the couple being stranded alone on a boat. I've read a couple of other books by Ms. Gibson and loved both of them, but after reading some of the reviews on Amazon for this book, I just wasn't sure. Well, I'm now sure I loved this book! I loved the character of Max, the bad boy doing good guy deeds. And I liked Lola as well. Even though her description sounded like physical perfection, she had body image issues, which led to a disorder she now controls after years of treatment. I was a little skeptical of her judgment in allowing a man to take nude photos of her, but her illness at the time could easily account for her lapse. She was a strong and likeable heroine. There were some real funny moments here as well, especially between Max and the dog, Baby Doll. The love scenes were intensely erotic. Overall, it was a sexy, smart and fun read!
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on November 11, 2003
You know, I almost didn't read this book because, from many of the reviews, you get the impression that Lola is some sort of moronic, one-dimensional bimbo. Well, she's not! She's a woman who is put into some very scary situations and, ok maybe she does one or two stupid things, but who's to say how any of us might react if we believe our lives are in danger? And so what if she gave her dog a stupid name - lots of people are guilty of that. Give her a break! She's a recovering bulimic former model who's ex has been making a fortune off of naked pictures she had allowed him to take of her because she (stupidly as it turned out) trusted him. She's trying to get away from it all on a vacation to the Bahamas when the yacht she is on is "commandeered" by a scary looking, beaten and bruised, very large man. Why is this happening to her and how much more can she take?
Max Zamora is a former Navy SEAL, now a government operative who works covertly on very special assignments where the government needs plausible deniability. This assignment has gone as wrong as it can get! First drug lords capture him, then he is brutally beaten, and in order to escape must kill the drug lord's son and now, on the run, he's commandeered a yacht with a former lingerie model and her annoying little dog on board. He can barely see straight and is still bleeding when she threatens him with a flare gun and winds up setting the engine on fire! Now they are adrift in the Atlantic. Can this get any worse?
They wind up bickering and fighting their growing mutual attraction while waiting to be rescued. Lola starts to trust Max, who begins to show her some kindness and even her dog seems to grow on him. He feels responsible for her and the predicament they find themselves in and promises Lola he will get her home safe. But will bad storms and drug dealers allow Max to keep his promise? And if so, what happens when they get back on dry land - will they ever see one another again?
I just adored Max - he was absolutely yummy!! Lola was likable and I was sympathetic to her continuing issues with her weight and body image and her fear in relation to her experiences adrift at sea with Max. I did not sympathize, however, with her naked pictures issue. Anyone (especially someone in the public eye) in this day and age stupid enough to allow such pictures to be taken just has to deal with the consequences! But she does get her revenge in the end - thanks to Max!
OK, perhaps not Ms. Gibson's best, but still an enjoyable and recommended read.
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on August 30, 2003
Rachel Gibson's It Must Be Love and See Jane Score enthralled me from cover to cover. As a result, I bought all of her books. However, I am disappointed with Lola Carlyle Reveals All.
Having discovered some rather intimate photos of herself on the Internet, supermodel Lola Carlyle flees to the sunny Bahamas to escape scrutiny and scandal from the press. Little did she envisage that her yacht would be "commandeered" by a seemingly mad - albeit gorgeous - government employee named Max Zamora. Stuck in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, Lola and Max's animosity changes to intense attraction in quick succession. But will they be able to return to their respective lives?
There are various typos and grammatical errors in this book. Was Ms. Gibson on a crucial publishing deadline? Also, some of the scenes are too far-fetched to be believable. For instance, Max has loving thoughts of Lola while on a mission to escape to freedom from dangerous drug lords. And Max's government job isn't realistic. To make matters worse, the romance isn't as palpable as her other efforts. There just isn't enough building of tension between Max and Lola.
This isn't my favorite Gibson book, but she's nevertheless a wonderful contemporary romance writer and I look forward to giving Truly Madly Yours and Simply Irresistible a whirl.
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on July 8, 2003
My first Gibson book and am I happy! Very funny and fast-paced, I was thrilled. Full of action and adventure, I couldn't put it down.
A former supermodel and a black ops agent stranded together you say? With a anklebitter dog named Baby? Naked pictures of the said model on the net, but not your typical ones...kinda embarassing actually....very much so that the supermodel finds herself taking a much needed vacation to get away from the laughs she is experiencing behind her back. Not to mention the tabloids calling her 'fat' and 'heavyweight' after she's gaining 25 pounds.
What Lola Carlyle, ex-supermodel and owner of Lola Inc., a lingerie company doesn't expect is her friend's yacht to get taken hostage by a beaten and bruised crazy-man toting a gun demanding she be quiet and sit down and keep her little 'rat' away from him as he takes the boat out to sea!
Things can't get any worse for Max when the crazy-woman on the boat turns on him in the middle of the ocean and fires a flaregun into the controls and fries the engine to stop him. And he also just then realizes she is the famous supermodel Lola Carlyle!
Dead in the water, the two begin to fight like cat and dog...not to mention the little 'rat' that keeps trying to assert his authority by biting Max's leg. With threats of throwing the rat overboard, Lola rethinks her strategy for attack and finds herself unable to do anything.
With druglords after him and a government that refuses to acknowledge its existence, the black ops agent Max Zamora must get back to D.C quick before they finish him off this time. But how? The boat is dead and the controls are fried...a storm is brewing, and not just outside, but between the stranded castaways also.
Can Max save them both? Does he want to? Attracted to the crazywoman, he can't help but feel responsible.
Lola will need to trust the crazyman to survive, as long as she can keep her hands off of his sexy body. Why? She has no idea, must be Stockholm's Syndrome...
Druglords, guns, boats, a deserted island, explosives and true love and oh yeah...the 'rat' Baby, all packed into one explosive book! A keeper!
Tracy Talley~@
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on November 20, 2002
While I have read better romantic suspense novels, this one was pretty good for what it was. I think it's hard for anyone to believe that models and "glamorous people" have insecurities just like everyone else, if not MORE insecurites because they always have to be "on." Posting naked pictures on the Internet shouldn't have made her upset? On what planet? Yes, she was a former underwear model, but SHE made the decision to show her body and it was HER decision to make. NOT her sleezy so-called boyfriend's. NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO MAKE SUCH A DECISION FOR SOMEONE ELSE! I'm really kind of appalled that anyone would think that this humiliation made the herione less likeable and not realistic enough. When a person wakes up one day and finds their most intimate moments posted on the Internet for all the world to see and is NOT appalled is when they should question what's real and what's not. I'd like to see how likeable THEY are after something like that. It was a pretty good job, Ms. Gibson and you can only get better. Keep 'em coming!
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on August 27, 2002
Lola Carlyle is an ex-supermodel who has fought and conquered bulimia and low self-esteem only to learn that some very racy photos of her have been posted on the net by her sleazy ex. So she takes off in an effort to get away from the media backlash. While napping on a private yacht in the Bahamas, Lola wakes up to find herself and her dog Baby Doll kidnapped by some crazed lunatic who claims he works for the government.
The lunatic's name is Max Zamora who really is a government secret agent. He realizes the yacht is occupied when it's too late to turn back. He's on the run from a powerful drug lord whose son he has just killed. Max has seen Lola before on magazine covers and like most men he has fantasized about the sexy Lola. However, right now Lola is pointing a flare gun at his chest and seduction is the last thing on his mind. That is until the flare gun goes off and destroys the yacht's controls and he finds himself stranded in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean with a sexy ex-underwear model and her annoying yapping little dog.
I enjoyed this book very much even though several of Gibson's trademarks were notoriously absent from the story. I consider her trademarks the quirky secondary characters that have populated her previous books and the outrageous, unconventional heroines . I would say that Lola is the most "normal" Gibson heroine to date. Which isn't a bad thing except that I think Gibson fans have come to expect the quirky heroines and the mucho macho heros. In that department Gibson doesn't dissapoint since Max is way macho and utterly delicious. As far as secondary characters go, the only one worthy of any mention is Baby Doll (the yapping little dog) who is quirky and adorable in his own way.
I rate this book four and half stars because I very much enjoyed the romance and while I found Lola to be a bit dissapointing in the characterization department, I loved Max to distraction. I recommend this book to Gibson fans and for readers who are new to her. :)
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on July 8, 2002
Heroine: voluptuous    
    Ex-supermodel Lola Carlyle is going through some hard times: the press is hounding her for gaining weight, her ex-fiancé is selling explicit photos of her on the internet, and she has just been accidentally kidnapped by a crazy man who commandeered the yacht she and her pet dog were snoozing on.
Black ops agent Max Zamora is having a bad day: his mission to rescue DEA agents from the hands of a drug lord went south before it even started, he was brutally beaten and tortured, and though he thought things were looking up when he escaped his abusers and stole a yacht, it was only to have the bridge blown to smithereens by the put-out fashion princess who happened to be sleeping below deck.
Adrift in the Caribbean, Max and Lola have only each other to turn to when the seas start raging and the drug runners start shooting. But can anyone save them from each other?
What worked for me:
    I love tall, dark, and dangerous Alpha males, so Max Zamora was a winner all the way around! (Of course, he wasn't completely ruthless as was evidenced by his treatment of Lola's little yapper of a dog.)  
Size-wise Lola is a recovering bulimic who has packed on a few pounds to boost herself from vastly underweight to nicely voluptuous. The ever-catty press referred to her as being very large, but to my way of thinking Lola is built more like Carre Otis than Emme when it comes to supermodels known for their curviness.
What didn't work for me:    
 A few typos and uneven pacing made for a slightly bumpy read. The story started out with a bang, then screeched to a halt and idled for a while. However, once it picked up again there was plenty of sexual tension and dramatic suspense to be had.
An enjoyable, steamy tale worth searching out, though it may not be suspense-filled enough for some readers nor humorous enough for others. Warning: there is coarse language in this book.
If you liked "Lola Carlyle Reveals All", you might also enjoy The "Stephanie Plum" mystery series, "Plum Girl", "Carried Away", "Walking After Midnight", and "Looking for Laura".
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on May 31, 2002
I have read all of Rachel Gibson's novels. The first two were marvelous, the next two were...less marvelous. LOLA CARLYLE REVEALS ALL, Gibson's fifth book, is almost as good as those first two. Actually, heroine Lola Carlyle bears more than a slight resemblance to Georgeanne, the heroine of that first story.
Within the formula of romance writing, LOLA CARLYLE is extremely well-done. For more than half the book, there are just two characters, Lola and Max. (Okay, and Lola's cute little dog.) Nonetheless, once a reader accepts the premise, the story becomes neither strained nor implausible, and neither does the dialogue.
Gibson has done a great deal of research for this book, and it shows. In fact, the deeper details rival the kind of work that author Nelson DeMille offers, though he doesn't write romances--so, by definition, his stories are more complex.
Still, for the romance genre, Gibson's background research is unique and outstanding. One cannot read this book without learning a little bit about drug smugglers, government enforcement agencies, or modern-day pirates in the Caribbean. The biggest flaw in this book is that the information offered about Lola's career as a New York-based top fashion model is far more superficial than the crime subplot.
Everything considered, LOLA CARLYLE REVEALS ALL is a terrific read!
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on May 4, 2002
The recent spate of scandals over her much-hyped-over Internet Publishing of her nude photos by her former boyfriend, Sam has left supermodel Lola Carlyle humiliated - and heading straight for a vacation at the Caribbeans to cool off. Her insecurities in her figure has propelled her to bulimia - and her trust in a man was betrayed. She later learns that life never rains but pours when her yacht is being "commandeered" by undercover agent Max Zamora in his escape from an obnoxious drug lord after killing off his son. Lola is held captive. She retaliates - only to damage the yacht and leaving them stranded at high sea. As Max and Lola are being trapped together in this absurd situation, they grow dependent on each other - and soon passion comes in - but will their love triumph over their differences?
Rachel Gibson has been experimenting with more deviant characters apart from those "Gibson-type", down-to-earth sweethearts. Her earlier effort True Confession unites a sheriff and a city reporter and now - a model and an undercover agent. Which is fine - when Ms. Gibson starts out well with snappy dialogues, swift action and scorching romance. However in all its fast pacing, Ms. Gibson neglects her trademark sub-characters and emotional development that renders the romance incredible but palatable. The humour ranks comparably less energetic than that of True Confession - with all its sexist remarks that are too banal. Still, Max and Lola manages to bolster the read with irresistible chemistry that shows Ms. Gibson hasn't lost her touch - completely.
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on April 25, 2002
After finding out that her ex-fiance has posted her naked pictures on the internet, underwear model turned designer Lola Carlyle needs a vacation to escape the stress and embarassment. So she goes to the Bahamas with her dog, Baby Doll, and while she is sleeping on a friend's yacht it is comandeered by government agent, Max Zamora.
After reading all the negative reviews, I almost didn't read this one but i'm glad I did. I did not think the heroine was stupid, and I did not think it at all unrealistic to freak out over some naked photos of her on the web. Those are pictures that someone she trusted took and she did not think they would become public. Underwear modeling is a little different than pictures becoming public that you absolutely did not want people to see. I thought Lola was a hilarious character with a quirkiness that makes her different from most heroines you read about.
Lola Carlyle Reveals All is a funny, light-hearted romance that is right up there with all of this author's other books.
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