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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on June 5, 2004
The main reason I could not enjoy this book more is that I spent most of the time furious at the hero. He acts callously and selfishly, but above all foolishly, because his "reason" to act like that is stupid in the extreme.
Imagine this, Nicholas is crazy about Regina, but would not consider marriying her, even after taking her virginity. The fact that she could well be carrying his child doesn't even enter his mind (...)And his reason for resisting marriage is that he is illegitimate and does not want to pass the stigma of his birth to his wife, if this fact comes to be known, as his supossed mother threatens to do. He has to be forced by Regina's uncles to marry her, which he longs to do, but resistes with all his might for the reason I mentioned above.
Now, this could explain why he rejects the idea of marrying, but does not explain why, once he gives in and marries her he abandons her for almost a year instead of enjoying his wife and even trusting her with his secret. He should have known that she would not reject him after knowing he is illegitimate, since her favorite cousin (who, by the way, is his best friend) is also illegitimate and she loves and accepts him.
But this is not all, when he finally returns to his wife, he doubts he is the father of her child. Oh, at this point I was boiling with fury and anticipating the part when he would grovel for his wife forgiveness. But guess what? It never came. He never apologizes for his despicable behavior, and his only thoughts are how to get his wife into bed again. And even more infuriating, she forgets about all he has done and wants him back in her bed too! This unrealistic behavior pretty much ruined the book for me.
And what about all the mistakes with the forms of address? All the males in her family are called "Lord Malory", when the proper form of addres would be for Jason "Lord Haverston" since he is the Marquess of Haverston and for the other brothers "Lord Edward Malory", "Lord James Malory" and "Lord Anthony Malory". Derek could not be the heir to his father's title, since he is illegitimate. And how did the title fo Viscount of Ryding came to be held by James when he is the third son and everybody knows that all the titles are held by the firstborn? And why is Anthony called "Sir Anthony"? Does he have a knighthood? And how did Edward come to be an Earl? It is not a common occurrence for second, third and fourth sons to hold titles, so I think this deserves some kind of explanation.
All the books in the series are full of these kind of mistakes and this makes me lose respect for the writer. I think that a good writer should know the details about the society she is writting about, to avoid making these silly errors that only cheapen her work and prevent the readers from taking her seriously.
Other books of the series are amusing, in a light sort of way, but they are enternainning nonetheless. My favorites are "Tender Rebel", "Gentle Rogue" and "Say you love me".
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on May 28, 2003
Set in 1817 London. Lady Regina Ashton, known by her family as Reggie, is brought up by her four uncles, Edward, Jason, James and Anthony Malory. This is her second season of attending balls and functions with the aim of finding a husband. Easy it might seem for such an exquisite beauty but not so with her four scrutinizing uncles to please.
On her way to a masked ball, she is kidnapped by one Nicholas Eden, Viscount of Montieth and notorious rake with mysterious and shameful past. She is held captive in his bedchamber for a certain number of hours and upon her release vows to marry the handsome rogue who has ruined her reputation. Thus commences the wooing of the Viscount of Montieth.
This is the first part of Johanna Lindsey's much loved Malory series. I found this book to be a run of the mill regency romance and was rather disappointed that it did not live up to other JL books that I had previously read. However, it is a good introduction to the Malory family, whom you will no doubt meet again in the sequels. An enjoyable and easy read although not the best in the series.
Look out for Anthony's story in Tender Rebel, the next in the series.
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on January 18, 2002
I plan to read more Mallorey books (I really liked the Gentle Rogue,) but I have to admit I found this one frustrating. I hate that the hero is so darn mean the whole time to the heroine. He was just aweful up to the end. Dumping her after the wedding, "taking her innocence" but not wanting to marry her and on and on . . . I like when there is tension, and misunderstanding BUT lots of love and passion laced through, and when both sides of the story seem reasonable. Nicholas just was so self centered and cad-like the whole time. I wanted to shake Regina and tell her to go home to Uncle Tony and let him take care of her! There was not enough pleasure to make up for the torment!!
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on August 3, 2002
I enjoyed this book..I felt that it started out strongly... but then, I found myself flying through parts simply because I was becoming irritated by the whole "uncle" thing....on the other hand...I didnt think that the characters really spent enough time together..and I found the whole sub plot with Nicholas' real mother's identity to be not only thin, but predictable...all in all...this was entertaining enough, but definitely not Lindsey's best...
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