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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on April 9, 2011
I am a YA book reviewer, and The Scorch Trials was one of the best teen books I've read in a long time. I found The Maze Runner to be a fascinating concept, as I am very interested in post-apocalyptic teen books. But The Scorch Trials surpassed the first book by miles. It was so intense and chaotic and wonderful. I purposely spent an entire month reading it just so that it wouldn't end. I absolutely can't wait for the third book to come out.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon July 6, 2015
As the second book in "The Maze Runner" trilogy, "The Scorch Trials" continues exactly where the original left off. Thomas and the remaining gladers have been rescued and think that everything is going to be ok from now on, only to discover that things aren't quite the way they seem?! Upon arriving to their destination, they are placed in dorm like rooms and quickly realize that WICKED was behind the whole thing once again. This time, they must face "The Scorch" and try to survive all the way to "The Safe Haven" where WICKED says they will receive the cure to "The Flare", a virus that found it's way out of a disease controlled location.

Now THIS book really got rolling on the story! I loved every second of it and really was bummed when it ended (at least I still had the 3rd to read?!). This book catches you from the start and never lets down. The way the story progresses and allows the reader to get more involved in each separate character was something I felt lacked in the first book. This one gave not only more of Thomas' backstory, but also of many of the other gladers as well. The twists and turns often can been seen coming, but instead of what you THINK is going to happen, something else does!

Final Verdict: A MUST READ! If you liked the first, you should DEFINITELY love this one!
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on November 18, 2011
This book (book 2 in The Maze Runner trilogy) picks up right where The Maze Runner left off. As mentioned in my review of The Maze Runner, James Dashner is an amazing writer, and his writing remains up to snuff in this second installment. Once again the book opens with an intense and intriguing opening that immediately pulls the reader right into the story, but this time we are shoved into a room cramped with the surviving gladers, but we already know things are going to be bad.

"She spoke to him before the world fell apart."

I felt the pacing was a bit off with this novel. I was often left wondering what was really going on, why they were where they were, and what everything meant. It felt a little slapped together to be honest. It wasn't nearly as scary and creepy as The Maze Runner, and the whole back and forth thing with Theresa was just plain annoying.

Thomas felt completely detached from the rest of the group, which I am sure was part of the point, but it just seemed like all those relationships that were built up in The Maze Runner didn't matter at all and were a waste of space. I hope things come together better in The Death Cure.

Another thing that really annoyed me was the whole thing where Thomas would meet someone new, debate whether he should basically tell them his whole life story, then decide he either can trust them or has no other choice, and then those characters have no real main part in the book. Again it just feels like filler...and annoying filler at that...

I guess it just felt like overall there wasn't enough surprises to keep my interest, especially since I knew there would be one more book. I find most trilogies tend to slack in the second book...almost as if there really should have been only two books in the first place.

The chapters were kept short, yet involved, which keeps the readers interested and coming back for more. So that's a plus. There were also a few new characters added that made the story interesting, and hopefully continue to do so into The Death Cure. The writing was fantastic as was to be expected, just felt jumpy and unnecessary at times. Overall it was still a very enjoyable read, despite my complaints. It was interesting to see what happened to all the surviving gladers after they thought they were finally safe from the maze.

I recommend this book to anyone who loved the first one, and plans on finishing the series off with The Death Cure.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon February 10, 2011
Pros: lots of tension, great pacing

Cons: while I still didn't connect with any of the boys, I didn't find them as annoying as I did in the first book

Picking up directly where The Maze Runner left off, The Scorch Trials doesn't let the Gladers relax much before the next round of horrors begins.

While you find out a bit more of the mystery surrounding the boys - including the fact that there was a similar experiment for girls - a lot of mysteries remain at the end of the book.

Look forward to a wild ride of one bad thing followed by another.

This book is definitely better than the first one. All of my complaints for it were dealt with/not applicable here. The pacing is good, there's some downtime to appreciate the situation the boys are in but not enough to feel bored. There's little character development, but the book takes place over two weeks so that's to be expected. And what development there is, follows logically from the events of the story.

While I felt teens would enjoy the first book better than adults, the sequel is a fantastic book for readers of all ages.

Can't wait for the third, when I hope to learn what's really going on with WICKED.
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on November 6, 2015
The Scorch Trials starts a few hours after the end of The Maze Runner. Thomas and the other survivors of the Maze are resting from the ordeal they just went through. The next morning though, it becomes clear that they are not safe and that their problems are far from over. Teresa is missing, and a new boy, Aris, has taken her place. Then the Gladers are told that they have the Flare, the virus that has decimated the earth’s population, and that they now have to go through Phase 2 of the trials. They have 2 weeks to walk 100 miles North to a safe haven where they will find the cure. What obstacles and dangers will they have to face to get to their destination? Will they be able to make it in time?

The Scorch Trials is the second book in the Maze Runner series. While it is not as good as the first installment, it is still a lot of fun to read. The story is fast-paced and entertaining, even though I found that the walk in the desert — the Scorch — was a bit long. The world the Gladers discover outside of the Maze is terrifying, all the more so because it could be real: the sun is so hot it kills, and most of the human race is infected by the Flare. Little by little, Thomas starts to recover his memories, and what he finds out seems to suggest that he was deeply involved in the creation of the Maze and was an active member of WICKED, the organization behind the experiment.

The book is really different from the movie though, partly because Thomas and Teresa can communicate telepathically in the novel and not in the film. But there are other changes too that I won’t get into because I don’t want to spoil the story. Therefore, readers might be disappointed by the adaptation. The movie will be out on DVD on December 15, 2015. So you will be able to judge for yourself.

Please go to my blog, Cecile Sune - Bookobsessed, if you would like to read more reviews or discover fun facts about books and authors.
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on August 27, 2015
The human body. Divided into parts filled with bones and muscles. The brain controls everything in a subconscious way. You are in control of the way your body moves and what you put into it. Yet your reflex, breathing, and how it reacts to illness the body turns into a mind of its own. It is in the darkest of times we can push our bodies to the breaking point. Tearing at flesh, and seeing how much blood one can lose. At that point we can all be amazed at what the body can handle, and be shocked at simple things like water and tear it apart. The fitness of the survivors mean nothing to the task their bodies are in stored for.

The remaining Glades that survived the Maze has been taking to rescue. After giving fresh clothing, food, warm showers, it is off to their dorm room for the night. All of them, except Teresa. Being the only girl they put her in the dorm across the room from the boys. During the night a cry was heard from the windows. The people infected with the flare called Cranks were banding on the windows begging the boys to kill them. To get away the boys broke out of the dorms only to walk in a new nightmare. Bodies of their rescuers were handing from the ceiling dead. Even worst Teresa was taken by WICKED. Left was a boy named Aris, whom claimed he was in a Maze as well, just instead of all boys and one girl, it was all girls and him. Aris called himself Group B, as they were all Group A. WICKED cleaned up the bodies and left the boys starve for three days waiting for the second half to begin. Their instructions were clear: tomorrow they will leave the room and get into clean air. There they will have two weeks to travel ten miles north to the safe haven. They have all been injected with the Flare and will die unless they make in and get the cure. There will be things they have to survive, as only the best of the best can survive.

James Dashner did a better job with this than the first book. Maybe it was because in the first book he had such a plot line to develop he did not even realize how unemotional his characters (especial Thomas) was. In this I feel he made them more emotional and more caring words each other. At times they were still cold, and blank to what’s going on around them; yet that is to be expected after all that happen to them. Also the rift between Thomas and Teresa was at an interesting point, especially after Thomas was given all these memories about each other when they were younger that Teresa had no idea about. The Scorch Trials I expected to be the flop and in a way it was. I liked it because of the emotion Thomas is finally showing, as they gave us a lot of information about the flare and WICKED. The plot was unnecessary and just made the whole think more confusing and messy. The movie hits the big screens in 2015 with Dylan O'Brien still playing as Thomas. As the trilogy continues we get to see if WICKED is good like Teresa believes, and if they will really let Thomas walk away?

Check out more of my book reviews at
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on September 16, 2011
This is quite a book, so full of action and crazy horrible situations that it doesn't let you relax for a second. I kept thinking that Dashner has created a diabolical dystopian Lord of the Flies scenario, filled with tension and mystery as well as brutal situations of survival.

The Scorch Trials takes place immediately where The Maze Runner left off. It is full of excitement and the horror of the boys battling the elements, trying to save their friends, fighting thirst and starvation, and fighting the Cranks. The Cranks turn out to be fairly intelligent, zombie like beings and definitely add to the element of terror. Then there are killer thunder and lightening storms, scorching heat, and the constant threat of starvation.

Dashner does a great job of building a chaotic, brutal and dying world in this book. The characters are confused and in the dark about what is going on, and the readers are only slightly more knowledgeable. It is so difficult to imagine in what kind of world creating a scenario where kids are killed off by monsters in order to collect data is a good idea. Even with more knowledge than the characters, as a reader I felt their betrayal, fear and frustration.

I think this book will really appeal to teens who like thriller and horror books, as well as books of survival. Some of the scenes are quite vivid and gruesome. The third in this trilogy, The Death Cure, is due out October 11 of this year. I can hardly wait to get my hands on it!
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on March 25, 2016
Wicked is good-- for giving our characters so many awful problems therefore keeping us entertained from start to finish.

Thomas and the crew are still not safe. Wicked didn't rescue them...yet. The team must first cross a scorching hot desert in order to get a cure for a disease that will ultimately kill them (yup, our poor boys are infected. There is a girl in there too, but I don't really care for her character.) If our heroes don't make it on time to the site, they will all perish.

Although survival continues being the main theme in Dashner's sequel, he nevertheless added a love triangle and rivalry as they boys are marked by Wicked in order to add ''variables'' to their crazy trials. The story is fast-paced, and new characters are introduced to make the trials more interesting. Can't wait to see what happens as more secrets are revealed.
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on April 17, 2011
My 14 yr old Son loved this book so much he could not put is down. The adventure kept him interested from start to finish. This is the second book to a series. He is already anticipating the 3rd book to be released.
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on October 29, 2014
I was very much affected by this book; I saw the movie the mazerunner and had to see what lie in wait for Thomas andTheresa although the movie deviated somewhat from the book as was expected.I got entrenched in the story although the writing at times was difficult to follow through because I identified so strongly with the gliders.I could not believe some of the struggles and manipulations they had to endure only to find out at the end that there was no cure.So of course I had to read the follow up book to keep on top of the next saga, very entertaining informative and hard to put down.
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