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4.2 out of 5 stars45
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on July 31, 2001
The nice thing about the Pantheon edition is that the translation tends to be quite literal, so it's a very good one for someone learning German to use side-by-side with the original. (Plus the stories are great!)
Oh, and by the way: The Brothers Grimm were not folklorists, but linguists (besides making a huuuge German dictionary, they were the ones showed that German, English, Dutch, etc. are related to Greek and Latin). The reason they collected folktales is because they were looking for dialect-specimens and this is an old linguists' trick--you get a much purer version of speech in the (linguistically) relaxed folktales than you do in interviews.
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on May 13, 2004
My experience was this book was bad, but that was my fault for not reading the other reviews before buying it. If you know what you're buying, it's a good book (which is why I'm giving it four stars).
I bought this to read with my children. Don't do that unless your kids are teenagers at least. The original stories aren't meant for small children. At a minimum the kids get bored; at the worst, they'll be terrified.
I didn't care for the quality of the book myself; it looks like it was layed out by somebody that normally designs dictionaries or phone books. But you might like dense copy and inconsistent illustrations.
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on June 21, 1999
I just finished reading this book a couple days ago, and I found it to be quite entertaining. However, many of the storylines in the different tales are quite similiar and so reading this book can feel a bit monotonous at times. In some cases, the storylines can completely veer off from where you think they're headed and can end with totally different characters and environments than were present in the first half of the tale. The writing can seem unfocused, unsolid, and inconsistent (within each separate tale, that is). Also, I personally found most of the characters to be, in a certain aspect, quite annoying, because at least half of the major characters in this book at some point or another in each tale acts almost completely without any rationality. My favorite example of this is in the first couple short paragraphs of the story "Sweetheart Roland", in which an evil witch has two daughters, one bad and biological, and the other foster and good. The bad sister tells her mother that she wants the good sister's apron, and so the mother basically says "well then, I'll go chop off your sister's head while she's asleep tonight and you shall have the apron tomorrow morning." Similiar types of behavior by the characters in these stories is the norm. I personally would hesitate to read these stories to children, because themes of inter-family homicide (usually by parents against children), torture, and cannibalism are prevalent in this book. But as adult entertainment, they're quite fun to read, in a way similiar to The Adventures of Sinbad.
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on December 14, 1998
I thought this book was great! Not only is it full of wonderful stories, but also it let me finaly put a name to a story I knew from childhood: "The Princess in Disguise". This is a requirement in all book-lovers' collections.
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on July 7, 2014
Some damage to the front cover and first few pages
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on January 21, 2004
My opinion of this book was very good, I have read it with great interest. Some of the stories were a bit gruesome for my liking. I enjoyed the most popular stories and noticed how it was different from the ones commonly heard.
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on November 28, 2003
Amanda Braschnewitz November 28,2003
Grimms' Brothers ( The fisher man and his Wife.) 30201000523082
If your were to catch a giant flounder, that was an enchanted prince who would grant you anything you wanted, what would you wish for? A fisherman and his wife lives in an old rusty shack on the beach. the fisher man went fishing on the dock and caught nothing but a giant flounder. The flounder was an enchanted princeand told the fisherman that if he would let him go he would grant him anything he wanted. The fisherman agreed, let him go and went home empty handed when he got back he told his wife and she told him to go to the flounder now and ask for a better home. So he did. And when he got backhis wife was standing inside with a surprised look on her face. The next night she wanted a castle, they got it. The niext night she wanted to be king, she got it. It went on and she wanted to go so far up the line that she finally got to the point where she wanted to be King of the universe. Did she make it up there ot did the fisherman and his wife lose it all?
(The straw, the coal, and the bean.)30201000528082
once the straw, coal, and bean talked it over they lwft the old witch's house and headed towars the creek. A witch was making a soup. Ahe had a bag full of beans for her soup. She put straw down, Coal on top of that. Then started them on fire. She put the beans in a pot of water. On bean, one straw, and on hot, fiery coal managed to escape from all of this. They decided to run away. They came to a creek and didn't know what to do. the straw came up with an idea. He would act as a bridge. the coal went first. he was so hot that he broke the straw in half. What happened next? Read to find out.
(The twelve Dancing Princesses.) 30201000523082
If you were a prince and was offered the chance to pick one of the princesses to be his wife, by finding why their shoes were danced to pieces if you succeded,would you? There were once this king with twelve daughters. They all had glass shoes. When they went to sleep they went dancing somewhere but the king couldn't figure out where. So he offered any Prince to find out where they would go if he who tried failed he would sacrifice his life, if he found out where thye went dancing he would be able to pick one to be his wife. Each time the princes tried, the princesses would give them wine, which would put them to sleep.They were given three days, each day they would fall asleep from the wine. Finally a Prince was on his way to try and he ran in to an old woman. The woman told him not to drink the wine and pretend to go to sleep, and gave him a cloak that made whoever wore it become invisible, and told him when the princesses are leaving to dance put this on and walk with them. Did the Prince find where they danced their shoes to peices? read to find out.
This whole book was a page turner because there were some funny, best, worst, and weird fairy tales in there. You always wanted to know what happened next. It wasn't boring, only some of the stories were boring. They were very interesting. I think that anyone who likes fairy tales would like this book. This book is worth 19 pts.
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