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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on April 21, 2016
Cute story about a gorilla and other zoo animals going to bed. There are very few words in the book so it can be as short or long as you like. If your children like gorillas this book and Eric Carle From Head to Toe are my recommendations.
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on May 5, 2016
This is one of our son's favourite bedtime books - he's now 13 months. We do sound effects as we go and ad dialogue, but really, the pictures say it all. Our guy gets so excited as we get closer and closer to the bedtime part of the book (don't want to spoil the story) - and laughs and laughs when he gets to it. Such a great book. I highly recommend.
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on January 23, 2004
The creators of children's picture books that seek to enchant the viewer always run the risk of sometimes becoming TOO sweet. A book that's dripping with sweetie-pie sentiments is always in danger of disgusting the discerning (and purchasing) parent. "Good Night, Gorilla", on the other hand, balances deftly between sweet and smart, becoming both at once. In a simple story, a night watchman at a zoo bids goodnight to each of his animals as a sneaky gorilla unlocks them one by one. The unwitting watchman goes home (animals in tow) and it's up to his wife to put them all to bed again. If I was a better writer I'd be able to tell you just how cute this book is. It's SO cute! But not stupid in the least. Rathmann has filled this story with clever little subplots that kids will enjoy following. A small mouse with a banana lugs the heavy object from picture to picture. Rathmann even goes so far as to wrap a picture on the back of the book's cover around and into the inner fold where the tiny mouse stands by, patiently. The book also emotes deadpan beautifully. In one scene the watchman's wife says goodnight to her husband and the page goes black. Next we hear each animal in the room (that crept in unbeknownst to her) saying goodnight back. The two page spread that follows is just a single pair of wide open eyes in the black dark room. The deadpan wit will not be lost on either kids or their adult parents. If you'd like a book that you can read fifty times over without getting nauseated or bored, find yerself a copy of "Good Night, Gorilla", and count yourself lucky for having discovered it.
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on December 14, 2012
My little guy just loves this book for bedtime! I think the best part of this book is the opportunities where you can make the story your own and insert noises, descriptions, etc to enhance the story. I can honestly say that while he gets tired of most other books after a few weeks, this one has become a mainstay in our going to sleep routine :)
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on November 27, 2005
I have read this story to my 2 yr old son many, many times and each time he seems to find another small detail in the illustrations that he delights in, whether it is the colour of the keys or the armadillo's soother, he is so happy to point them out. We read this story in a hushed tone to set the mood for the sneaky gorilla who manages to release the entire zoo population who then sneak into the keeper's house for the night. My son's favourite page is the page with just the eyes of the keeper's wife in the dark when all the animals have answered her "goodnight" wish to her husband. There are very few words in this story but we manage to make it one of the longest stories we read by discussing the details and giggling over the gorilla's antics. We love this story and we know you will too !
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on March 11, 2013
Excellent. This book is recommended for language development (delayed S/L, EAL/ESL) students. As a language instructor I plan to build a unit of work with this book.
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on April 23, 2003
Every night, I'll read several stories to my 2-year-old, but he always insists that we end with a reading of "Goodnight Gorilla" - he loves the facial expressions on the gorilla, and thanks to this book, now knows what armadillos and hyenas are...even if he can't quite pronounce 'armadillo' yet.
It's a wonderful, silly book. If your child likes "Goodnight Moon," (s)he will probably get a kick out of this silly story.
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on August 18, 2001
This is by far my favorite and my 21 month old daughter's favorite. The illustrations are amazing in their detail. I've been reading it to my daughter since she was about 8 months old, and I'm still finding fun "treasures" in the pictures - such as the people appearing in the window of the neighbor's house, the photo on the bedside table. There are so many others, but I don't want to give it away as the fun is in discovering. There is so much to this book with few words - my daughter gets different things out of it at different stages of her development. As an infant she liked the rhythmic "Goodnight Gorilla...Goodnight...Elephant, etc." and the bright colors. As she started learning animals, she loved pointing out the zoo animals. Later she was enthralled by finding the banana on every page. Lately she has been interested inthe different items in each of their cages. She was so excited the evening she realized the doll in the armadillo's cage was "Baby Ernie!". You won't be disappointed.
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on March 5, 1999
My sister sent this book when my son was only a month old, and he has been read the book almost every day in the subsequent 15 months. With very few words, but the most expressive illustrations, this book tells the story of a naughty gorilla who frees all of the animals in the zoo and leads them into the zookeeper's house and bedroom.
Simple as it is, the book provides lots to talk about--the names of the animals as they join the line to the zookeeper's house, the little mouse with the banana, the toys in the animals' cages, the surprise of the zookeeper's wife when she realizes the animals have bunked down in her bedroom. (You almost get the feeling this is not the first time this has happened.) The little touches are wonderful, my favorite being the peeled and eaten banana at the end, after the little mouse totes it around throughout the book.
This is my favorite book of my son's and I believe he understands the humor of it. He's now climbing the stairs and I can get him up to his room by promising we'll read "Goodnight, Gorilla."
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on March 3, 2001
My almost 2 year old son will not go to sleep until he reads this book! A zookeeper is locking up for the night and checking that all the animals are secure in their cages. Little does he know that the gorilla (who is so funny looking at us while making the "shhh!" sign)has swiped his keys and is following him around, unlocking all the animals cages. Eventually, the zookeeper goes home, unknowingly with all the animals in tow. They all crawl into bed with the zookeepers wife, who, after discovering there's far more than 2 in the bed, must take all the animals back. The gorillas facial expressions are priceless, and when you read it, note the pictures on the zookeepers walls- his wedding photo is there, and while his wife is in a wedding dress, he's wearing his zookeeper uniform! It's the little hilarious attention to details that make this book as enjoyable for adults as it is for kids.
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