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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on January 26, 2004
A friend sent this book to me right after the loss of my 39 year old brother, saying it gave her comfort when her grandmother died years before. I was hesitant, then couldn't put it down. The book brought me great comfort and peace during a trying time. I now recommend it to others who have lost someone.
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on April 6, 2004
If you enjoyed books by Dannion Brinkley, Betty Eadie, and James Van Praugh, you'll enjoy this one, too. Narrated by radio talk show host Joel Martin, this book beautifully recounts how Joel went from healthy skepticism to firm belief in the validity of medium George Anderson's gift of communicating with the spirits of people who've passed on. We read about how difficult it was for young George to grow up with his special ability, which frightened some of his teachers and annoyed others. In fact, he was almost institutionalized.
Thankfully they didn't succeed in suppressing George's gift, and as an adult he agreed to be studied and scrutinized extensively to see if, indeed, he was talking to the departed. The conclusion, time and again, is that there seems to be no other explanation. (One skeptic preferred to believe that instead of receiving messages from the other side, George actually memorized volumes of information from an enormous secret computer that stored the most intimate and minute details of every person's life. Come on!)
We Don't Die is full of very touching dialogue between the living and their loved ones who, through death, have moved on to the next dimension, with George serving as the "tool" that enables communication. Amazingly, George believes we all have this gift, to a degree.
I especially enjoyed learning these points: 1. Spirits on the other side don't just idly sit around -- they have fulfilling "jobs" which they enjoy and value; 2. Love is the bond that continues to connect us with people and pets who have passed on, whom we loved here on Earth; 3. Forgiveness is key to spiritual growth -- some of the spirits who had been killed, for example, said they've forgiven the perpetrators and would like others to forgive as well; and 4. We see more clearly from the other side, as evidenced by those spirits who did hurtful things on Earth and ask their living loved ones for forgiveness.
While here on Earth, we are to live abundantly and use our unique gifts to better ourselves and those around us. There's no need to rush death -- we all die when it's our time -- but there is no need to fear death, either. After we die, we continue to exist in another form, in another dimension. That's the message of this book, which provides hope and comfort to anyone struggling with life or with a loved one's death.
-- Graciela Sholander, [...]
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on November 10, 2003
To the skeptic reviewers - If you don't believe, fine, but you don't have to act like such insensitive, arrogant jerks about it. You approach the subject with all the intelligence, sensitivity and charm of Madeline Murray O'Hare! I had a friend who had a personal reading with George. He told her information that was very personal and unusual to her, NOT general. She went to the reading a bit skeptical and came out of it convinced. She told me the information in the session. I'll respect her privacy, but it was to the point and very individual. I was surprised, myself. I also have a friend and a child cousin who have had near-death experiences. They had no reason to lie about their experiences and they were quite convincing. I also have an ivy-league educated scientist friend who is quite religious who points out that if you truly are intelligent and well-versed in scientific thought, one of the things you understand is how much we do not yet know about the universe. Following some of the thought of skeptics, one would draw the conclusion that just because we don't have the scientific knowledge or methodology to discover something, it must not exist. Now there's an intelligent viewpoint!
I do not like the trend of millionaire celebrity mediums with TV shows and large fanbases, but I think this book has a lot of valuable information to consider. I've seen "the amazing randi," on numerous shows (he does like the limelight, doesn't he!) and I don't see him as being any more credible than the other celebrity seekers out there. I've gone to skeptic society Web sites, where I found they were as interested in money and selling product as anyone else. Much of their "scientific" study seems instead to use pseudo-science and unobjective methodology designed to "disprove." So, they have not convinced me. If you're one of those who question others level of "brain cells" and need for a "crutch," time to take a look in the mirror before you spew any more hurtful arrogance. Many of us with post-graduate degrees from wonderful schools think you're wrong.
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I must admit that I used to take the whole idea of mediums with a grain of salt, until I saw George Anderson on tv. He was able to tell people all about their departed loved ones without requesting information or input of any kind. I was so impressed I bought the book.
This book is written by a highly sceptical radio personality, who has used every means at his disposal to debunk the whole medium idea. George Anderson cooperated with the book and the testing.
I was particularly interested to read some of the case studies, understand some of the rationale behind after death communications. It helped to understand in depth the passing of my brother, and by being able to get this perspective to deal with it better. I was also very interested in what he said about the nature of the afterlife. There is no hell per se, there are just different levels based on how spiritually advanced people were in life.
This is the kind of book to read when you need to read it, when the time is right. I passed my copy along to my sister who was also very impressed and she in turn passed it along to someone who found it to be a great comfort. This book could be helpful to someone you know.
In grief, the one piece of knowledge that might help you get the perspective that helps you to deal with the loss can be so elusive. This book can help you. I would also recommend Lessons from the Light, which focuses more on the afterlife.
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on May 5, 2000
It was James Van Praagh who personally recommended that I read WE DON'T DIE, and that this book was a primer for him when his mediumship was in the developing stages. I am grateful for the referral, for investigators of the mediumship phenomenon may discover, as I did, that George Anderson was initially reluctant to demonstrate and go public with his talents. Overcoming an abusive upbringing in which his sixth sense was mistakenly perceived as mental illness, George Anderson boldly transcended his fears and insecurities, and Martin skillfully describes Anderson's rise from skittish radio talk show guest to masterful bereavement counselor and evidential superstar medium.
While I struggle to understand why many mediums charge large sums of money for private consultations, Anderson's credibility is bolstered by the fact that he is currently volunteering to participate the most comprehensive mediumship study to date headed by Dr. Gary Schwartz at the University of Arizona.
WE DON'T DIE offers hope and encouragement to those suffering from bereavement as well as vital information for readers who want the facts about the survival of human consciousness after physical death.
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When my father died, I starteda journey of intense pain andjoyful spiritual awakening.My mother had a serious strokewhich led to more srokes and an Alzheimer's-like condition.My father cared for her for 12years. We lost her -- and welost him -- they couldn't attend graduations, weddings,holidays. Our grief was deep.Then she died. And at the ageof 81, he allowed a 49-year-old "girlfriend" toseperate him from us becauseof jealousy. We grieved evenmore, but he was having so much fun that we released himwith love, hoping for eventualreunion. Then he died of asudden heart attack, and allhope was lost. My grief wasso intense that my skin actually hurt. I spent days in bed. I read Betty Eadie'sbook to try to find out wherehe was. Until I read ofGeorge Anderson's work, I could get no peace. Now I know that my Dad is working beyond the veil on the thingsI tried to teach him while hewas here. I can let that go.I know I'll be seeing him again. And all of us in myfamily have had our eyes opened thru these Andersonbooks to be able to discernthe ways my Dad has been trying to communicate with us.I've always had a faith, butwould never have believed thepathway I'm on now. What makes such a difference in thebooks is the continual repeti-tion of actual people's sessions with this kind,gentle man -- the words theyhear their loved ones say thruhim -- words only the familywould understand. God blessGeorge Anderson for his giftand his work. His books arebetter than any therapy I could have received or anysupport group I could haveattended. Without the books,I really fear I would havebeen stuck in a pathological,frozen grief that would haveheld me for a long time. After six weeks of immersingmyself in his books, I can letmy Dad go now. And I'm movingforward to live my life asfully as possible, rememberingto say I love you to my lovedones whenever we meet. Godbless you on your journey.There is definitey help foryou in Mr. Anderson's works.
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on March 9, 1999
I cannot think of another book that has had such a profound influence on my life, religious beliefs and understanding of the afterlife. George's experiences as a medium prove, to my satisfaction: that life does not end at the grave; that our spirit/soul/self (whatever you choose to call it) merely sheds its physical shell at the moment of death; that we will be united with loved ones who've gone before us and who, indeed, are actually waiting to help us make the transition from this life to the next; that it is possible to receive messages from the "other side"; and that, in time, and if we so desire, we can return to the physical world as a newborn infant, with a whole new identity and family, and lead another earthly sojourn. Although I'm a practicing Catholic, George's book has given me a great new respect for non-Western religions and belief systems that teach reincarnation, ancestor worship (which is not really "worship" at all, but merely prayer to deceased relatives for their help and guidance), and the sanctity of all living things. It has also opened my mind to new ideas and helped me shed the arrogance of Catholicism, which teaches that Catholics alone possess the "full truth." I heartily urge those who fear death (whether their own or someone else's) to read this book. So, too, should anyone who has ever wondered whether this present, earthly life of ours is "all we get."
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on May 10, 2004
I found this book to be quite readable, but not as enjoyable as similar books by other authors. Instead of providing evidence and anecdotes about the medium, George Anderson, the author instead spends a considerable amount of time telling his own story. Regardless, for someone interested in the subject matter, the book is worth reading.
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on April 24, 1999
Review, The book We Dont Die,is mostly about G.Andersons psychic readingswith the families and the spirits of thier loved ones. The familiesseem to validate the info G.Anderongives to them. The book in generaldemonstrates that there is possiblyan after life. I think the fact thatGeorge Anderson,has all those psychic readings demonstrates howlife can exist after the physicalbody has gone. I would say it isa great book for anyone who is grieving the death of a loved one,it gives one hope that the soulsurvives,it is not the end of them. I found this book soon after therewas a death in my family,it has really helped me with the loss andto go on and have hope.Personallythis book about life after death helped me greatly and I had a hardtime putting it down. I would definately recommend it,will mostlikely help those who had a loss,butgood for anyone interested absolutely. Sincerely M Delong
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on March 26, 1998
I have read "We Don't Die" and "We're Not Forgotten". Both of these books have made a significant spiritual awakening; not only for me, but for family and friends that have lost loved ones. Now we know that we all will be together some day, and that crossing over {death} is just a "graduating" step towards a higher spiritual level. I never would have believed in communicating with the other side; including through dreams. But I was assured this was real when it hapened to me. I had 3 dreams of a friend that crossed over. The dreams were not scary in any way, but towards the last dream. My friend comforted me and assured me that he was OK, not suffering and at peace. GEORGE, THANK YOU AND THANK GOD FOR GIVING YOU THIS WONDERFUL GIFT AND SHARING IT WITH US. Dont't ever stop communicating with our loved ones and friends. May peace and happines be with you.
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