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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on March 23, 2015
This tale takes is into the world of theatre and starts with one of those rare moments when Dallas, Lieutenant Eve, takes a bit of time off to enjoy an evening out with hubby Roarke. Naturally, where she goes, death is not far behind and this time she even witnesses the murder happening rigt in front of her eyes ... and still does not make it any easier for her to solve. In fact, have you ever considered the time and manpower necessary for the police to interview each and every attendee at an opening night at the theatre? And that, of course, includes the boss of the homicide department as well as the 'head shrink'.
All in all, J D Robb delves into the world of performing artists as well as supporting cast and crew as well as stand ins with vigour and appears to know exactly what is going on on stage as well as behind the curtains. Even the reaction of the audience is captured with the knowledge of someone who knows exactly what is happening. Once again, there are plenty of red herrings and secret lives to be discovered as well as insubordination among police which ups the antis some more as the story unfolds. And that is only the official and professional plotline!
As always in this series, Eve's somewhat underdeveloped social life as well as her early life are rearing their heads and introduce an amusing factor as well as one that almost tears your heart out. All the different plots, characters and overall descriptions come together beautifully, taking readers - whether new to the series or 'experienced' in what is going on - on a ride they will not quickly forget. There are lessons to be learnt, insights to be discovered as well as sheer, interesting and intriguing suspense and mysteries to be had - essentially, once you pick up one of this authors books in this series, you will no doubt be hooked from beginning to end.
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on August 23, 2003
I have read all of the In Death series by Nora Roberts (J.D.Robb)
and have enjoyed the clever repartee between Lt. Eve Dallas and
her partner Peabody probably better than Eve's somewhat tortured dialog with her husband Roarke. This book's plot is interesting in that Eve and Roarke are witnesses to a death on stage at Roarke's new drama dome. The murderer is known but the "why" of it is not. Eve's pursuit of the "why" makes for a convoluted discovery and involves a cast of colorful characters so typical of the author's fertile imagination.
At this point in the series, I am a bit tired of Roarke's greed and the author's constant reminder about Eve's nightmares of her hideous childhood. Enough whining already! Also tiresome is the too precious relationship that is developing between Dr. Mira and Eve, as she is being patronized into a sort of "daughter" for the psychologist with huggies and kisses. That bird won't fly.
I like Eve just fine as a rough as a corncob character. I like her toughness, her grit, her insecurities and her brilliance as crime solver. It is, in my opinion, time for her to be promoted to Captain and have Peabody and a new female character enter into the picture as a crime solver and give Eve her just dues for her role as mastermind. This could add some fascinating color and new trails of intrigue to the series. Also overdone is the rattling of candied nuts in a bag perpetually being munched by Captain Feeney. His limited dialogs replete with curses is tiresome and boring after awhile. This guy is supposed to be her mentor and he comes off increasingly as a buffoon. Lastly, even though this book is not the latest in the series Lt. McNab's too cute smart mouth ramblings make him seem unbelievably stupid at times.
Mavis and Leonardo in the story line add a dash of pizzaz, yet less is more for those two. Yes, this review sounds critical and it is not meant in a mean spirited way. It is just that the
story is getting stale and, in my view, it is time for a fresh perspective to surface. I will, however, continue to read any new books and have stored them for rereading. That is how much I really like this series.
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on August 5, 2003
I've never written a review of anything before. This series is sooo good I just had to write something! I read the first 10 books in the series in 11 days!! I love the characters, especially Eve Dallas. It's very interesting - and sometimes painful - to read how she wrestles with her past (molestation and murder) and her present (married to the richest most handsome man in the world) and tries to reconcile it all with her job of "standing for the dead". In this book, Eve learns that "standing for the dead" means sometimes you have to stand for someone who may have deserved what he got - the victim was a scumbag who used everyone he could, and one person in a particularly disgusting way. Eve even goes out of her way to assist the murderer in getting the lightest sentence possible, something she would have never done before because of dedication to her job.
There are other great characters. Officer Peabody is another favorite. And once again there is growth in her. Peabody started out as a straight arrow, serious police officer who seldom laughed or cracked wise, and just wanted to learn at Eve's feet. Now she's loosening up and manages to even make Eve lighten up - occasionally.
The murder mystery parts of the stories are sometimes grusome and a lot of peole die before the end - in this book there were only two, a relatively low body count. But it's interesting following Eve through her paces - here the "crime of passion" type motive is one she's not particularly "keyed into" because of her past as a loner. But as she goes through solving the crime, her feeling towards her friends and mostly her husband change also. I think this is a very entertaining series of books in general and Witness in Death is definitely one of my favorites!
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on January 22, 2002
"Witness in Death" is another fabulous addition to J.D. Robb's irresistible "In Death" series. Lieutenant Eve Dallas, the hard-boiled NY cop, is back for another adventure with her wonderful cast of family, friends and co-workers.
In this instalment, Eve and her ultra-sexy billionaire husband Roarke are out for a night on the town, attending the opening of a new play at Roarke's New Globe theatre. Eve's night off is interrupted, however, when one of the players is murdered on stage in front of thousands of witnesses.
Eve is quickly on the case, and finds herself in the unfamiliar position of being her own best witness to a murder. Unfortunately for Eve, many of the suspects are talented actors, and she must dig down beneath their facades to find their true feelings and the true killer!
This mystery is suspenseful and thrilling, and will keep you turning pages all through the day and night. Robb has crafted a wonderfully original and intriguing tale. Eve and Roarke continue to develop as a couple, and their ups and downs, their tenderness and their passion, are brilliantly conveyed to the reader. We celebrate along with Eve for her triumphs, and feel her pain as she deals with her haunting past. This intense connection with the characters is something I don't find often, and I credit Robb's immense skill as a writer.
The entire "In Death" series is sure to please readers. "Witness in Death" is a fantastic addition to this fun, exciting, and utterly addictive series. Don't miss out - buy this book today and ENJOY!
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on September 30, 2001
I'm just blown away by this entire series. It's amazing the way J.D. Robb (aka Nora Roberts) puts out a new novel in the series every six months and they remain consistently well written. It is a fantastic combination of sci fi, mystery and romance. They get better, and better, and started out great with the first book. Each section really builds the characters, and this book I would say so far has the most emotion between Peabody and Eve. Eve reveals a little bit of a side you knew was there but she doesn't show very often!
This section in the series, "Witness in Death" starts with Eve and Roarke attending opening night at the New Globe Theater (which Roarke does own) and witnessing a real murder right on the stage. This one brings a bit of Eve's past back to her and she shows a sensitive side. Another one of Eve's friends is a suspect and Eve goes out of her way to spare her. You really get to know Peabody better and she carries her own and is such a fantastic character.
I love this series and it sure gets addicting. I can't put a book down and J D. Robb does a great job with the "Who done it " I never know who it is until the very end. If you haven't already, start with the first book in the series....Naked In Death! I recommend this book and the entire series...You'll love them!
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on May 25, 2001
I hadn't read one of the J.D. Robb novels in a while and picked this one up since it was available at the local library and it sounded promising. While I enjoyed it, and finished the book, I didn't find the plot to be much of a grabber, and I ended up scratching my head over a few scenes because they didn't match the overall tone of the book.
I think the biggest problem I had with the book was just the long drawn-out sex scenes that seemed to bring the suspense to a screeching halt. While it's good to see a happily married, monogamous couple in multiple books having fantastic sex on a regular basis, I really don't want to read about it for pages upon pages of text. Also, I still have trouble with Roarke. He's just so rich, so handsome, so worldly, and so perfect that it can be difficult to take him seriously.
However, I like Eve Dallas. She's what made me keep reading this book. I like seeing women cops in books, and specifically women cops in charge who can kick butt when they have to. They're not your mother, they won't bake you cookies, give you a glass of milk and tell you everything is all right. It's nice to see that kind of character in fiction. I could put up with the vacuous actor characters because I liked Eve Dallas enough.
All in all, it's not a bad book. It's not too cozy, not too hard-boiled, and there are some interesting enough characters to make me want to come back again to see how they're doing. While the plot won't leave you breathless, it will at least hold your interest. A perfect kick back and relax kind of book.
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on November 17, 2000
This is my first J D Robb novel and I was not disappointed. The novel is about a theatrical execution. The murder of actor/sex pervert Richard Draco takes place on stage right before the eyes of New York detective Eve Dallas who is in the audience.
Eve is both witness and primary investigator. She is a feisty, sexy and tough New York cop. Her investigation gets personal and complicated first of all because her husband Roarke is the financial backer for the play and was instrumental in bringing members of the cast together in this particular production. Now all the members of the cast are suspects. Secondly, Eve's best friend appears to have a motive for murdering Draco.
This would make a good movie. It reminds me of the movie Mercy because of the elements of sex tapes, sex perverts, child abuse and murder.
Ther is not much to indicate that this setting is futuristic though. There are telelinks in the cars, serving androids and ignition codes to start the cars but everything else seems current. Vulnerable women like Nadine still have romantic dreams about the ideal husband, kids and the house in the country.
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on September 20, 2000
My reading intake is so eclectic, I need a frequent break. JD Robb provides me with that much needed respite, by indulging my fantasy of riches, intrigue, suspense, erotic love & 2 snippy sidekicks to pick up the slack (at home & at work, but of course:)
I love Eve Dallas, her past is remarkably like my own. Her present is tortured yet secure, she is powerful and always gets the bad guys. Eve, Roarke, Mavis, Peabody and the rest are, as always predictably presented with just a modicum of suspended disbelief and a drop of incredulousness when viewing their future world.
Robb sets this particular future-mystery on-stage in a theater owned by Eve Dallas' infinity-gazillionaire husband, Roarke. The sexual excitement created between these two outrageous characters once again spills out into the lives of the other occupants of the unique space Robb enhances with each publication. The irony is that the initial murder takes place while Eve & Roarke are in the audience on opening night. What's playing, you ask? "Witness for the Prosecution", naturally.
The development of Eve as a character, clinging to her excellence as a detective while tangling with resurfacing memories from an impoverished childhood--while learning what "love" is from her own point of view--is a treasure.This is the one series I anticipate longingly for each new release.
Witness in Death does not disapoint. JD Robb keep up the good work, this heroine and her clan are indulgent fun.
I will read every single book in this series.
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on September 17, 2000
Nora Roberts writing as J.D. Robb gives us the "In Death" series of murder mysteries in a futuristic setting. New York Police Lieutenant Eve Dalls is tough, hard hitting, and a good cop. Beneath the hard exterior there is a woman with compassion for the victims of the crimes she investigates. The unlikely romance between Eve and Roarke, a multi-millionaire who made his millions by not so legal means, is hot, unpredictable and the stuff that romance novels are a about. The latest in the series, "Witness in Death" starts with Eve and Roarke attending opening night at the New Globe Theater and witnessing a real murder on the stage. It's fantastically entertaining, as all the J.D. Robb books are, and we get to see more of Peabody, Eve's assistant who is such a great character in her own right. I started this series a few years ago with book two and decided I had to read them all! I acquired all the books in the series up to that point and started with the first one. I loved it even though I had already read the second. A terrific series I grab each new book that comes out and devour it. Highly recommended!
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on July 22, 2000
Again, J. D. Robb gives us stories within stories. We have the murder investigation. But it is a play on the very play itself. We have the story of not only the growing relationship of Eve and Roarke, which we expect, but of McNabb and Peabody. Eve's growing family--now adding Truehart to that group. Like Agatha Christi, J. D. Robb is giving us stories with layers. That allow us looks at not just the surface of the character but glimpses of their depths.
Sometimes I go back and read the stories with the view of seeing how Even and Roarke's relationship has developed. Then other times I look at how Eve has expanded her friends from Feeney and Mavis to include other people. Eve's own growth of character from being isolated in her work to opening herself to a larger and fuller life has been like watching a friend grow and mature. Then there's the murder mystery. Have always loved a good mystery--from the days of Nick and Nora Charles to Diagnosis Murder. The twists and turns of the plots are great. I go back to see if I can follow the trail left by the killer.
I wish more writers would take a strong character that they create and continue to use that character in a story and allow them to grow.
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