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3.4 out of 5 stars
3.4 out of 5 stars
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on June 27, 2004
Laurell K. Hamilton has done it again! This newest book, #11 in her Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series, is a unique look at how the entire world of Anita Blake, necromancer, human servant to the vampire master of the city, member of the local werewolf pride and nimera of the local wereleopards, will fit together with ancient vampire relatives of Jean-Claud's coming to visit unannounced and ready to cause big trouble. While Anita fights her ever increasing urges of lust brought on by her association with vampire magic, she must keep herself together enough to play vampire and werecreature politics and avoid being kidnapped, while she solves a serial murder case in St. Louis. She takes two new lovers - Guess who? Let's just hope Richard comes to help in time! Or... do they really need him at all?
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on June 12, 2004
After reading what other's thought of this book, I will accept their opinions, because they did have some valid thoughts. But what I have been getting out of the last few books is that Anita is starting to grow up. As a person grows up and matures, so do their values and morals. Anita can't help what she is, the most powerful necromancer seen...ever. I want to see Anita marry the 4th mark with JC and marry Micah in real life. I did think that the aduer popping up all the time was a little repetative, but its now somthing that she has to deal with and has to controll, and it's somthing to be used against her in a metaphysical way. I like the sex. Anita getting hammered all the time makes the story that much more consuming because she was a prude, and that was somthing I didn't like about her in the first half of the series. If I had a harem of men that practically worshipped the ground I walked on, I think I would be having fun with them too. Just like the last 10 books, this one was spectacular, and I can't wait for the next one to come out.
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on April 29, 2004
First of all, let me start by saying that I have no idea why anyone would want to give this book any less than four stars. I for one finished it in a single night just because I could not keep my hands off it! This book, along with the two previous ones, definitely shows just how far Anita has come and how much she's matured. Her sarcastic humor and wit are definitely still there, but in smaller quantities because she IS mentally growing older by the day, a "side-effect" of her lifestyle. At least, that's how I take it. She is definitely on the way to "burning out", and it'll be interesting to see how she deals with it. ;) This brings me to my favorite part: Jean-Claude. I mean, come ON people, we've been waiting for so long for Anita to just finally admit that she love LOVES him, and now, with a bit of Jason's help, she has! And for some reason, I also think that the length and complexity of their relationship has forged a bond far more intimate, shocking, and tender than that which she had with Richard. By the way, I am SO glad he's out of the picture, for now at least. Micah is a good character for Anita because, like Jean-Claude, he accepts every single bit of her. I would have hoped that once she had realized all that she'd been holding back from JC, Anita would break all the barriers that Jason described (::cough:: Micah ::cough::), but then again, Anita does what she will. Nathaniel and Jason are lovable as always, though I would have liked to see more of how Nathaniel has changed with Anita as his Nimir-Ra. That story definitely has major potential. Our heroine is now immersed in vampire politics and vampire life, and this is definitely a change from the good ol' days when she was just "your friendly neighborhood animator". And exutioner, of course. LKH, nicely done! Can't wait for Incubus Dreams!
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on August 30, 2003
Wow. This book was so great. Although next time, I won't read so many spoilers for a book before buying b/c then I probably would have enjoyed it more.
This book was pretty much about Jean-Claude, Asher and vampire politics. Anita was less active in this book than in any other I read, mostly because she was observing what was going on around her. Unlike most enemies that threaten Anita, these (the bad vampires) were ones that she couldn't fight back physically against because doing so would cause a powerful backlash from the council member Belle Morte. Luckily, vampire society has a lot of laws and niceties, so by using her wits, she once again manages to save the people she has pledged to protect (the were-leopards), as well as other people tied to her. However, in the end, it is Jean-Claude who really saves the day by pulling a new power out of his hat. Due to this power, the bad vampires no longer have the right to be in his territory or bother him due to vampire law. (confusing, I know, but read the book and you'll understand).
At first Anita not saving the day bothered me because she always saves the day because she's the main character and the heroine. Aurora Teagarden always saves the day (with help), Stephanie Plum always manages to save the day (accidentally and with help), James Bond ALWAYS saves the day. Frodo saves Middle earth. Clive Cussler's Dirk Pitt always saves the day. BUT, then I realized that Anita was the one who helped everyone keep it togethter AND she did make some very important contributions, so even though JC really won the final battle, Anita still got to win the war. Thank goodness.
Anyway, some of the other reviews were complaining about the sex. There was a grand total of 3 sex scenes in a 403 page book. I actually thought there should have been more cause they were all pretty short. Just goes to show you what different people want.
From the very beginning of the series, Hamilton promised a woman who would kick butt and not fall apart when she killed someone (which she does quite often). Hamilton promised a character who wouldn't be afraid to lead, who wasn't afraid to be self-sufficient. What you get is a confident leader with lots of action. Then throw in all the supernatural stuff like necromancy, lycanthropes, vampires, and succubus/incubus power called the ardeur and you have the best darn series ever written. Seriously, it is truly the best. I have read just about every other present set mystery series out there with female leads and they all fall short. In most, the main heroine can't fight. But anita can (eve dallas can kick butt too). In every single one, the main heroine falls apart after violence. For anita, it's a non-issue. She gets the job done. All my friends (both male and female) love this series. All the girls want to be Anita (except for one who wants to be Belle Morte), and the guys mostly want to be either Jean-Claude or Edward. I guess Edward has a few more fans. He is pretty cool. Oh, there is one guy who wanted to be Anita, after he invented this elaborate hypothetical storyline where the traveler (a council member) steals anita's body and puts her permanently into a man's one. well... that's never going to happen (and it's kind of weird), but it just goes to show you how cool anita is.
If you are new to the series, I would really recommend starting at the beginning (guilty pleasures), but if you don't want to and just want to get to Cerulean Sins, I would at least recommend starting at Obsidian butterly (#9), then Narcissus in Chains (#10) before getting to this one (#11) because OB will introduce you to anita without all the complex relationships, and NIC will give you an excellent background on all her current powers.
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on August 13, 2003
Belle Morte, the vampiric "mother" of Jean Claude and Asher's bloodline, has sent her representative, Mussette and her entourage to St. Louis a month early, causing a whole slough of headaches for Anita. She has to figure out a way to protect Asher from being claimed by this beautiful sadist, handle Richard's being well - Richard, the increasing ardeur that is making her need more erotic feeding, and a serial killer. Her police friends are making life no easier, since Dolph is having a melt down on her. The mother of all vampires is waking up to make life really interesting. Anita's life was so much simpler when she could just shoot something and make things better.
***** With every new book, Anita Blake's romantic life gets a little more complicated. Each book in this series gets more fascinating. Though Anita breaks all the rules and sets up her own, it all makes a certain kind of sense. The characters continue to grow in depth and complexity. The only missing thing is Edward. *****
Reviewed by Amanda Killgore.
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on July 17, 2003
I read those unflattering reviews and thus held off buying this book, big mistake. I should have just trusted one of my favorite authors.
I love this Anita, she is not such a hypocrite in this book. She seems to have mellowed out a little and is trying to take care of her people. Yes, I do miss the wise cracking shoot them first Anita, but I don't miss the Anita that was just such mean sprited self-rightoues ... to those around her. This book dealt with things that had been sitting on the sidelines for too long; ie., Asher/Jean Claude and Jason. Despite what was written by one reviewer concerning Anita's new Federal Marshall status, I think she handle it quite well and wasn't pushy just professional. Yes, this book dealt a lot with the arduer but that is also where NIC left off, and showing her dealing with it and controlling it is important so that by the next book she can have it more under control like JC does. Also people complained about the amount of sex, the way I look at it is: 1. she is not having sex with strangers, the two/three people that she is with are long time friends and confidants. 2. if you don't like the sex scenes (which there is not a lot of), skip that part.
Now that things have been worked out and through for Anita in this book, I too would like to see a lot more action (not in the sexual form). The way I look at this book in comparision to the rest of the books in the series, is that she needed this time to come to grips with her personal life, instead of running away like she had done it the past. And as for those who are uncomfortable with her sexual nature, then realize that this is a fantasy realm and either don't read that section or just lighten up.
Overall I wish that I had read this book sooner!!! I can't wait for the next installment.
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on July 2, 2003
Well, if you are already up to book number 11 in this series then I can assume you have met and feel as though you know all the essential characters. In CS Anita is far from the no nonsense-vampires-are-bad type of gal we know her to be in GP. Jean Claude and Asher get a suprise visit from Belle Morte's right hand. This little predicament opens doors for new relationships. Damian fans be prepared to be teased mercilessly!! Hamilton only minutely covers the connection between Anita and the thousand year old red-headed hotty!! Jason is his usual witty,charismatic self but even Jason is surprised when Anita's "fire" engulfs both of them. Anita Blake Fans will love this book. It still has Anita's wit. Her sharp tongue and fast draw. Its still filled with our familiar sexy heroes and it introduces a couple of new villains sure to make your skin crawl. Fans of Hamiltons other works will see a slight resemblance between Anita and Merry Gentry. But fear not Anita may encompass some of Merry's heat but she'll still pull her Browning and put a bullet between your eyes. All in it. You'll thank me.
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on June 10, 2003
I love this book in the series. It was amazing and really interesting. The previous book let me down because of the fact that the men in anita's life didn't make such a big turn out. The tangle that is anita's love life gets straighten out some and the men are much more involved in this book, most notable is jean-claude and asher.
Those that love the series mainly for the police work that anita does in the series, this will disappoint. Although she does get a case, she doesn't spend major amounts of time in the presence of the police and she does not spend that much time beating up her brain about the case either.
Many things are taken out of the closet in this book and looked into more closely, even if nothing is really solved. Asher challenges Anita as well with questions about her commitment issues.
Mostly I love this because she doesn't end as confused about her life as she started off with and that is progress in my book and I have been waiting for her to make progress.....expecially in the direction of one seductively handsome vamp by the name of jean-claude.
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on May 26, 2003
The latest installment of the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series delivers all that we have come to expect from Laurell K. Hamilton and more. In this story we find Anita now dealing with the men in her life post-Richard. Narcissus in Chains the book prior to this ended with Anita and Richard calling it quits for good. But of course Anita cannot be without shapeshifters in her life, so the character of Micah, Anita's Nimir-Raj was introduced.
Never fear loyal readers, because just when you think her love life is starting to straighten itself out it gets infinitely more complicated. I won't give away secrets of this book, but Anita gets lots of action, some from very unexpected places. As always there are plots within plots, the central one being Musette's visit on behalf of Belle Morte the sour de sang (founder)of Jean-Claude and Asher's line. We learn more of what Belle Morte is like, and Anita's powerbase is explored more. If you don't remember, Anita is now a Master Necromancer, and has Damien as her vampire servant and the leopards as her animal to call. There is lots more going on in this book, but this should be enough to whet your appetite.
I am a huge fan of this series and each is more intriguing than the last. I can't wait to see what the next installment brings.
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on May 25, 2003
As you get in to the last few books in the Anita Blake series they become more sexual in content (with Cerulean Sins being the most graphic, by far), but do not let this dissuade you or sidetrack you. Some readers find the sex to be too much. However, it is not 'porn' as others have unfairly charged, but something that fits with Anita's growing magical abilities and the 'fuel' that feeds them. Remember that as you read and it isn't as offensive when read and consumed with that understanding.
For those calling Ms. Hamilton's writing 'porn', it is obvious you have never read TRUE porn. Instead of seeing it through the eyes of an observer of an orgy, see it as it is meant -- the 'fuel' needed by Anita and what she learns about what she needs and how she can use what she gets from the sex act.
I have loved Anita Blake and her characters since the first book and I still do. This is a series that forces the reader to re-examine their own boundaries and grow with the main character. I highly recommend this series, but strongly recommend it be read in order to fully appreciate the eventual growth and changes that occur during the course of time.
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