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on July 28, 2003
Hatteras West Inn and Lighthouse is always a surprise to visitors. You usually don't see a lighthouse in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Alex Winston, Innkeeper, loves this place. His father had it built because his mother loved Cape Hatteras.
The Trask family checks in. Cynthia, her daughter Ashley and her son Steven are only here because it is the only way to hear Mr. Trask's will. But, Mr. Trask's lawyer, and Alex's uncle, Jase Winston is murdered and the will stolen before it could be read.
Alex calls his brother Tony. Tony comes to stay at the Inn for the memorial service. Alex and Tony don't get along too well.
In the midst of everything, Elise Danton's fiance moves to turn. Elise is the housekeeper at the Inn. Alex is very interested in Elise, but doesn't want to interfere since she's engaged.
As Alex starts looking into his uncle's murder, he begins to question everyone. Could one of the Trask family killed Jase. Who else had a motive to kill Jase? Alex discovers a lot of information and has to sift through everything to find the killer. In the meantime, many things start happening and Alex knows he's getting close.
This is a very enjoyable series. I love lighthouses and like the idea of a lighthouse inn near the mountains. The scenery is very inviting. I would love to stay at this Inn.
Alex is a wonderful character. Very likeable. He enjoys his work, but the downfalls are shown as well as the good times. Elise is somewhat of a mystery. She's described well enough, but to add to the story, Alex doesn't fully understand her. I think there is a lot there to be discovered in future books.
I love all the characters in the local town. They are very realistic.
I highly recommend this book and the whole series.
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on January 26, 2003
Alex Winston is a nice, accommodating kind of guy who owns and operates Hatteras West, an inn centered around a colorful lighthouse located in the Blue Ridge Mountains, far from its Atlantic Coast namesake. What with demanding guests, financial difficulties, woman problems and a gathering of the Trask clan to read their father's last will and testament, Alex has his hands full.
His load becomes even heavier when his uncle, the Trask family lawyer who has been like a father to Alex, is found murdered in his law office. Who could have possibly wanted to bash in the head of the genial old eccentric? Tim's brother Tony, who was about to be written out of the uncle's will? Julie, a surprise Trask heir from the wrong side of the blanket? Perhaps the lawyer's secretary Nadine, the only one who can decipher the old man's handwriting. Or Vernum, the shy and shaggy gardener who hides from Tim's guests.
Tim Myers' Lighthouse mysteries are the coziest of the cozy, and Murder Checks Inn, the third in the series, is no exception. By now, the lighthouse setting has become familiar to readers, and no longer offers the surprises of book one, Innkeeping with Murder. Instead, Myers maintains interest by peppering the pages with suspicious characters, each with a more compelling motive than the last.
Cozy mystery readers are a forgiving breed. If the characters become a trifle homogenized and the solution a wee bit formulaeic, we don't care. Alex Winston is just such a gol-darned nice guy, and we really care about what happens to him and his charming inn. By the end of the story, Alex' life is heading in a satisfying direction and we look forward to what future books in the series have in store.
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on January 17, 2003
It's not many people who live and work at a place that means everything to them but Alex Winston is one of the chosen few. He works and lives in a lighthouse motel, the Hatteras West Inn and Lighthouse located in the small town of Elkton Falls, North Carolina. The guests he serves always entertain him and he currently looks forward to the Trask family reunion. However, when they check in, he realizes they are not on vacation but are there for the reading of a will.
Alex's Uncle Jase is to read the will to the grieving family, the wife Cynthia, the daughter Ashley and the brother Steven but he is murdered before he can. The only item missing from his office is the will and that makes the Trask family members prime subjects. A previous unknown but acknowledged daughter also is one of the beneficiaries of the will and she too is considered a suspect. There is one more questionable person that must be considered. Alex's brother Tony desperately needed the money that Jase left him in his will. Alex is determined to find out who is uncle's killer is even it means risking his own life.
MURDER CHECKS INN is so colorful that readers would like to take a vacation at the lighthouse motel depicted in the novel. The scenery is picturesque while the story line is fast light and entertaining. The support cast adds an extra touch of color to the tale. The protagonist is very likable and he knows all the suspects have viable motives, which makes him even more determined to find the real killer.
Harriet Klausner
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