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2.9 out of 5 stars
2.9 out of 5 stars
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on September 14, 2012
The reviews below detail pretty much everything we can say about this book.

I will also add that her muse decided to take either a sabbatical period because after Flirt, Bullet, Hit List and now this one is just not worth your money to buy. I used to be #1 fan, loved cerulean sins, the harlequin, dance macabre.... now it has no inspiration. The events happen without plot. Characters you fall in love with just disappear completely next book.

And the "I do not have room to love another one" is getting realllllllllllllllllllly tiring. Plus it looks like Mrs Hamilton loves her own jokes because we have the same one 3 times in this book!

I am not sure how I could finish it... I was hoping till the end but it was useless. From my fav author, she let me down more and more each time after Flirt... But this one is the top of the cake :(

Mrs Hamilton... if you are not inspired by Anita Blake anymore and just write to pay your bills, turn to another series.

I am now very (VERY) suspicious that #9 merry gentry will be readable... I may wait some reviews before I even buy it.

Mary's Naughty Whispers
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on June 8, 2012
I was eagerly anticipating this installment of Anita's journey. Impatiently awaiting publication...the book finally arrived, what a disappointment. The storyline, which I shan't divulge, as you can read it in other reviews, is truly limited and too much of a seesaw of Anita's personal angst. By the climax of the book I didn't care. I much enjoyed Hit List but have warned my reading buddies away from this book - stating if they have to read it either borrow it from a friend or wait until someone sells it used.
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Imagine a train derailing and crashing in very, very slow motion... and then backing up, and crashing again. And again. And again. And again.

That's what it feels like reading "Kiss the Dead" (or more appropriately, "Kiss of Death"), the 22nd Anita Blake novel. It starts off with some promising ideas... only for Laurell K. Hamilton to get bored with all those moral issues and police problems, and devote most of the book to sex'n'wangst. Again.

A bunch of new vampires have appeared in St. Louis -- ordinary, non-goth, non-French vampires, made by the rogue Master Benjamin. Anita (who is dressed like a hooker, naturally) joins up with RPIT to track these vampires down, only to discover that they consider her a horrible monster and would rather die than be blood-oathed to Jean-Claude.

Now pretty much forget that, because nothing interesting happens in that subplot for the rest of the story.

Instead, Anita goes home and spends time with her various boytoys, including the underage Cynric and brainwashed "bride" Nicky. Asher has a massive tantrum because he doesn't like Anita and Jean-Claude having sex with random other people, and Anita's marathon sexathon with Nicky has dire consequences.

For the first few chapters, Laurell K. Hamilton seems to be making some effort to go back to when the Anita Blake series was semi-decent. She brings back RPIT and classic characters like Dolph, Zerbrowski and Larry Kirkland, and there's an actual problem with rogue vampires that has some potential moral ambiguity.

Only... Hamilton isn't really interested in that. So after a few chapters, she tosses that to the wayside, and devotes the rest of the book to four things: sex, whining, praising Anita, and sneering at "haters" (such as Kirkland, who is now inexplicably a "hater") who are just jealous of her vast harem of effeminate imaginary men.

So the rest of the book is a soupy mass of sex, sulking and long hackneyed lectures, with the occasional almost-action scene tossed in like a consolation prize. The only reason it isn't hideously boring is because it's so BAD -- there are so many silly, bizarre moments, like a vampire being exiled because he lightly injured Anita's lip. Why? Because for the next day, she can't give any of her boytoys oral sex! THE HORROR!

Anita continues to be an absurdist parody of a strong, sexual woman, flashing her thong at the entire police station and dressing like a hooker during official police business. She's also supposedly a wonderful person despite having a pedophilic relationship with a new teenage concubine and a man she brainwashed into subservience. What a saint.

The other characters are slowly becoming ghostly shadows of their former selves -- there are so many one-note characters that you can't keep track of that they all sort of blend together. The few that do stand out are the "haters" like Asher and Larry Kirkland, who just suddenly become evil meanies who dare to say mean things about poor Anita.

"Kiss the Dead" starts off with some promise, but it all gets thrown down the toilet as Hamilton falls back on what she likes best. Total trainwreck.
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on October 18, 2012
This book was an insult to her fans of which I will no longer be one. The plot only covered the first few pages. It was supposed to be about vampires capturing a young girl & turning her. Just a few pages & the girl disappeared from the story completely. The book then went on & on about Anita & her men & whether she had to show up at PTA for her underage lover. Shame on you Miss Hamilton for insulting all of us with this drivel. Needless to say I will no longer be buying any of your books.
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on December 12, 2014
Since Blue Moon the editing of the series has been bad...or close to nonexistent. This book shows improvement over some of the latest installments but it is still poorly executed and poorly edited (if it ever has been...). I mean, how many times do you have to mention the preternatural football league project?
Yes, it's a neat idea. Now, unless you want to develop it, once is enough.

And what about character development? The main character now has little to do with Anita, the animator and vampire executioner we knew and loved since The Laughing Corpse (I didn't like the 1st book). This character is whiny, lets herself get manipulated and used for...everything really, while she requires ego boost, hand holding and lies about her remaining THE MAN, the good guy, forever and ever. Amen.

Does Anita even love anyone really? Does she even love herself? Hmmm....she doesn't like being a woman, she doesn't like being short, she doesn't like being a necromancer, she compares her lovers to comforting objects (to stuffed penguins incidentally). She doesn't even like killing anymore (which is her job as a vampire executioner). Maybe she likes being a cop or being with SWAT but no, too many rules to follow...

Mixing the law with vampires, wereanimals, zombies and other supernaturals remains an excellent idea though. I have yet to see someone else come up with such an idea. This idea is great because it makes the novel somehow urban and super realistic while talking about vampires, wereanimals and the like.

Anita being a necromancer and a succubus are also great ideas. There is not a lot of novels about these flavors of supernaturals.

I don't care about Asher. Or Mephistopheles. Or whatever.
Better yet, kill a bunch of them so we can hear more about the ones we are supposed to care about. Like Zerbrowski. Like Edward. Nathaniel. Marianne, her psychic teacher. Edward. (Again I know). Veronica Sims (Ronnie). Detective Arnet. Claudia. Olaf. Sadly, Jean-Claude has to remain alive...and I guess Richard as well, but I would kill them too. And make Micah lie to Anita by omission like he did since his first appearance in the series.

And the names...?! Or the nicknames? Bleurgh. Who was the intended audience anyway? Men? No. I don't think they'd enjoy reading how they are used as Anita's sex toys. Women? Hell, no. Although there is a lot of feminine fantasies plyed out here, the series' main character has devolved into a sexdoll who is in denial. Who then?

It's just all so poorly exploited, executed and edited.
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on November 24, 2013
The first books were fantastic. I have been following this series from the beginning but at some point she lost it. I'm completely bored with her sex life and boyfriends (skipped a lot of pages yawn). The crime scenes tend to be all the same. Yes there is the guy in charge that hates you because of your lifestyle Anita yawn. Yes there are the girls on the force that don't like you either. Yes you have boyfriend issues.

She could have gone so far with this series. Could have explored the necromancy and witchcraft. Could have continued more interesting crimes and scenarios but this is just more of the same stuff rehashed over and over. I have given up on this book halfway through after skipping a lot of pages. I think I have given up on this series.
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on January 22, 2014
...AND so is this book. Laurell K Hamilton offers another look into Anita's troubled Relationships and abilities to be the Vampire's Greatest threat. The Executioner. As long as Ms Hamilton writes these books I for one will read them.
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on July 9, 2016
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on August 2, 2013
There is lest sex in this one as in the previous ones but there still a LOT of it and WAY too much descriptions of long hair and the size of male organs.
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on October 15, 2013
I have read the entire series and just finished this latest book which I loved but felt the final chapter fell a little short.
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