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4.5 out of 5 stars
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on January 29, 2012
I would have to say this is my least adored book of the three. Though still amazingly descriptive and mind blowing, it contains a bit to much gloom and sadness, and it seems as if Katniss is in a somber daze throughout the whole book. There is not a happy, up lifting moment in the entire storey, and the death of Prim and hijacking of Peeta just make up want to spend the whole book sobbing from page to page. The mood is grey, somber and apocalyptic all through from the start to the finish as Katniss and district 13 fight to end the capitol's rule, and Katniss just witnesses more and more destruction she becomes a desolate shell of herself. This is not a light read and not for those in want of a happy, shallow storey about a girl's misadventures in high school love and lipstick. No, this book is not for the faint of heart, though I strongly recommend you grit your teeth and sit down to read this amazing story.
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on July 7, 2013
I read this book and I thought it was fantastic, a really good read. Then I went on and read the other two books. after reading the first one and re-reading it again I got a little curious, 74th hunger games, 12 districts, two from each district, so 24 tributes in total. So I decided to see how many had died or had been apart in total for the games. so I times 74 by 24 and it equaled 1776. I thought this was quite odd and just wondering if any body else had seen this. also I read hunger games and philosophy and there was no mention of what I stated above. I also went on and read Gary Allen's book none dare call it conspiracy. page 121 was quite interesting it described in intricate detail a hunger games style world, he even mentions districts and "peace keepers" I would strongly suggest for people out there to read that book as well. also that book came out in 1972 and hunger games came out in 2008.
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on February 23, 2012
I really liked this booked, I realize it received a lot of mixed reviews, and I fully understand why that is. Where the first two books had a lot of action, love, mystery etc. this one is very political and not a lot of romance at all. If you go in wanting to learn more about her and Gale or her and Peeta you will be disappointed. This book spends more time on Gale than the previous two books combined and Peeta does not have a big role in it at all. However, considering how much time was spent with Peeta in the previous two I was not surprised by this, as the audience really didn't know Gale. There is a fair amount of action, with Katniss' strong personality coming out and getting to know more about the other victor's. I agree that the author could have done a little more at with the ending but also realize that a lot of it was covered in the previous books and the choice was clear.
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on April 14, 2013
I had the opportunity to purchase the complete Hunger Games Trilogy for the low price of five dollars on a few weeks ago, so I thought "Why not?" If only to see what the buzz about the novels were, even though I'm not really the target demographic.

I found the series to be a very easy read of a dystopian society set in the not so distant future. If you take two of the Bachman books, "The Running Man" and "The Long Walk" and make a hybrid of them for teen readers you will end up with "The Hunger Games Trilogy". The themes of the book; starvation, oppression and eventually, revolution are disturbing topics for young adult readers and Suzanne Collins taps into the psyche of her characters very well.

The series is well written, with the exception of a few chapters and has a nice pace to it. I would recommend it if you are a fan of dystopian fiction.
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on August 1, 2012
I am so glad I stumbled onto this trilogy. It's a heart wrenching coming of age story. Set in a world that while futuristic is easy to contemplate given the state of the worlds politics and economies. Each book follows a different stage of the lead character Katness' development from angry teenager, to fighter/survivor, to figurehead and pawn of two sides in a conflict.

Collins has created a wonderful character that I could not help but relate to. She's flawed and scarred in everyway and yet remarkable in her strength and loyalty to her friends. This series toe's the line between a depressing representation of humanity and an inspirational tale of human perseverance.

Each book is a page turner, very easy to read with very good flow. If you are in the mood for some quality absorbing entertainment this is it. Well worth the money.
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on October 1, 2011
I was okay with the plot of this book; its execution was what bothered me.

One of the things I loved about the original book, and, to a lesser extent, the second, was how well everything was paced. The places where the book slowed down and the places where it went a mile a minute felt natural. There was good flow. In Mockingjay, the plot seemed to move in fits and starts that didn't match the tempo of the events that were happening. A lot of the major events happen "off camera," so to speak, so much so that I began to question why we were still seeing the story through Katniss' eyes and not someone who was conscious or present for the events. Then, toward the end of the book, there's a rush of major events that don't seem to carry any emotional weight as the plot barrels through to the end. Now, I understand that Katniss would be in shock, and might not be feeling the full extent of the events, but it just felt...empty. Low impact. Rushed. I'm not sure I can properly qualify what I'm trying to say here, but it just didn't sit right with me. It didn't mesh with the Katniss I've come to know, and it felt as if I were reading a point form summary instead of the ending of the novel.

As well, I felt that the book's climax came out of nowhere, and the in-world reaction to it didn't make any sense to me. I actually reread the section several times trying to figure out why there wasn't a bigger uproar over what she did, or why she actually made that decision in the first place. The pieces of the puzzle are there and I can see what the author was trying to do, but they just don't fit together properly in my head. Feels forced.

Overall, I'm very disappointed with the execution of this book, particularly the last third of it. I do recommend that fans of the first two books read this one, but keep in mind that you may not be too happy with how the story is told.
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on September 15, 2010
I am a huge fan of the first two books. Not necessarily the best books i've EVER read, but definately the best books i've read in a long time. the third however, i'm not so sure about.

I don't have the same issues as alot of the other reviewers. I didn't expect a happy ending. But i did expect a more detailed ending. It seems like the author ran short on time and didn't get to develop the ending like it should have been done. Which, as i think about it, seems to be the problem with most of the book. It feels rushed. There were a few places where i was confused about who was who or couldn't imagine a scene based on her descriptions. I never had that problem while reading the first two.

I'm not a huge sci-fi fan, so it was the wonderful character and story development that got me hooked in the first place. That development is lacking in the last one.

I'm still recommending it to buy, if for no other reason, it finishes the trilogy. But, i have to admit, i'm feeling a little disappointed.
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on January 3, 2012
I am not much of a reader of anything other than uber short magazine or newspaper articles. My New Year's resolution is to read this trilogy before the movie comes out in theatres this March. It may the simplest of tasks for many but for me it was a challenge. Turns out it may be easier than I thought as I am 1/3 the way there...(now 2/3 the way). I could not put the first book down! Although I am way way over the recommended "young adult" audience I can't believe I was so entertained by the storyline that I finished the book in ONE day and have already starting the second book. The lead character in the book is inspiring and who couldn't do with a little romance thrown in? I already have relatives waiting for me to complete the trilogy so they can borrow the books and read it themselves....hmmm maybe I should charge them rental fees ;)
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on December 10, 2013
This third and final chapter of the Hunger Games saga is a bit of a bore but, at least, there is closure. Actually, I must compliment the author in taking her time to end the story well. Unlike many thrillers where everything happens in the last 20 pages, this book and the story come to a slow, natural ending. I found the first half of the book pretty frustrating because Katniss is such a boring, whinny, self-centred character. Fortunately, the author provided enough distraction with the life in District 13 and other battles to keep me interested through the first part. The 2nd half of the book is better and the action picks up as the final confrontation with the Capitol starts. I'm glad that I read the whole series but, the 2nd and this 3rd book are nowhere near the quality of the first one. I give it 3 stars out of five (good).
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on November 25, 2013
These are well written books. I couldn't put them done and can admit that I've read them more than once, ok 3 times in a row. It's not like any other futuristic book, as at first it seems like you're put back in time with the way the people in district 12 live. But of course the human race has advanced just in a place called the Capital, (government dwelling) while the lesser districts are left to starve. And of course there are the annual Hunger Games designed by the Capital to keep the districts from rebelling each year a male and female tribute are brought to the Capital to take place in these games. Which means they fight to the death. Well I won't go into more than that as I'm sure most people have heard of the movies if not the books. The movies have been great so far and the books are even better in detail.
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