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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on January 19, 2011
This series has made it through our family of 6 and their spouses. It is now being shared with the in-laws and their families. Best to buy the boxed set as you won't be able to stop after the first book!
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on March 1, 2009
For a full day this book sucked me deep into it's incredible story... time passed and I didn't notice. I couldn't stop reading until I was done. Then on the last page I read, 'End of Book One' and my mouth fell open, my stomach dropped. I didn't get to know the end of the story. There's so much more to come... and another book to be released in Sept. I have another day off tomorrow and I'd really rather just have the next book now and spend another day in bed entranced by the next part of this amazing story.

I'm a teacher and I also work in a childrens book store. I read a review about this book and was intrigued. The description reminded me of a Japanese horror movie called "Battle Royale" which follows a similar storyline. That movie was great, but utterly disturbing and full of gore. So, I really wanted to read this book intended for youth, wondering how the author could have a similar story but not have it turn out as disturbing for the young readers. She succeeded. I'm still not even sure how, but she did it! Incredible.

I will be recommending this to friends my age, other book lovers, the book buyers at my store, teachers and youth (with a warning about the material as it still is about an upseting game/war). I can't wait to get my hands on the next book!
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on January 9, 2012
I see many people complain that the ending was unsatisfying, but I personally loved it. For an original and epic story such as this one, the ending was just right. It was sad, of course, as most war stories are. But there was also a large element of hope, as the characters we've grown to love throughout the series find a way to live with the immense sorrow and ordeals they have suffered, and build a new life, with love and wisdom. This is only described briefly in the last few pages of the book, but it is enough.

In my opinion, had the ending been different (read: more optimistic and all-appealing), the series would not have had as much power, and as big an effect on the reader. These were very emotional and intense stories, so it only makes sense that the ending is as realistic as possible, without the absence of love and hope.
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on February 1, 2012
My sister and I read the first book after a mutual friend loaned it to us, and we loved it so much we decided to buy the trilogy set so that we had the books for when our children get a little older and are interested in reading them. Great story line, much different from the usual kinds lately out there. We are looking forward to the movie coming out and hope that the producers do it justice and keep it true to the book. It is a story line that makes you "hungry for more" on the characters and the tradgedies and triumps that take place in their life. Very much worth buying and reading!
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on October 11, 2013
Katniss everdeen is a 16 year old girl who loves her sister more than you can imagine. Times are hard and Katniss's family must fight for survival. The Hunger Games are an unforgettable read. Most people watch the movie before reading the book. That right there is a big mistake. The audience watching the hunger games wants blood and violence. So the directors think okay, lets give them what they want. So they make the movie with blood and violence and the parents of the kids watch it and seeing all that violence their immediate response to their child is "no you cannot watch or read the hunger games they are too violent" period end of story. But what the parents do not think is "hey, maybe the directors of the movie have over done all the violence." If you are thinking that you are right. In full truth the movie is actually way more violent than the books. In the first book there is about six deaths, three of which are slightly violent. let me assure you there is no extreme violence. Okay so yeah Katniss does kill a few people and there are a few other deaths but over all this is not a violent book. The three slightly gory deaths i can think of are when Cato gets attacked by the dogs and Katniss finishes him off in mercy with an arrow, and when Thresh kills Clove with a rock to the head. Another one is when Rue gets stabbed with a spear and dies but that one is more sad then gory. Overall these deaths aren't that bad at all. There is a bit of sadness though. So now that you know there isn't much violence you are going to say "ok but what about the romance?"I have to admit there is quite a bit of romance between Katniss and Peeta. They kiss quite allot. Unlike other books it does not describe the kiss. For example it would say "... it was a long kiss the first one where she and peeta were not sick or dying." frankly I don't think that is too bad. The author is showing romance in a very respectful way. There is no sexual content in this book. The Hunger Games is a great book where Suzanne Collins keeps you suspended every minute. It is a great read suitable for readers age 11 and up. Parental guidance is suggested. If you feel that the Hunger Games is too mature for your child you might want to consider letting them readGregor the Overlander the start of a series also written by Suzanne Collins. this series is a good read for all ages to enjoy.
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on December 3, 2011
Seriously, these books are addictive.

To give you an idea of how good they are, I started the first book yesterday's evening, and just finished the third one.

There are so many incredible twists, so much stuff you don't expect, it's great.

The actual story gets a bit too teenage-oriented in the last book for my taste, what was actually a great, very realistic (As far as fiction goes), world that was created is a bit, but really, just a tiny bit, becoming too... I don't know... teenage-oriented in the last book, really not that big of a deal, and really, that's probably just because I wanted something to mention that wasn't perfectly balanced. Still some of the best books I've ever read, particularly the first.

The stories, which seem to have been written for teenagers around 15, is very interesting for adults too, especially the first book which had me riveted to my seat for the +- 400 pages (All 3 books are roughly the same lenght, I'd say).

I think everyone will relate one way or another to the books, most likely to the love story (Very, very good, not at all the cheap girly stuff I expected (Seeing as the main character is female and the author too)). I think the author made a great job with making these books interesting to male readers as much as female ones. As a guy, I really could identify myself to a particular character. I can't really speak for women, knowing none who have read the books, but I think they'll find what they're looking for on this aspect too.

Even if romance isn't your main concern (And it certainly wasn't mine when I started reading), you'll be very well taken care of with this story where Gentleness, Barbarism, cruelty, social inequities, manipulation, war and courage meet for the Hunger Games.
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on December 1, 2008
A few things I did not know until after I read this book : 1) it is sold as a "young adult" book. Didn't know and frankly, glad I picked it up anyway. 2) It's the first of three books. Again, glad I read it anyway.

This book is, in a twisted way, a social commentary on our society, obsessed with their bodies, fixated on the new reality show, oblivious of what is actually going on in the world around them. I can actually see something like this book happening to us in the not-so-far future. And it is scary.

The people that run the fictional country of this story are in power and they know how to wield it over the rest of their nation. They are the have-it-all and they don't share. Because they rebelled at one point, ages ago, the better part of the nation has to suffer and they do without... anything, really. And to better control them, the leaders pack a bunch of kids every year and make them fight to the death in front of a TV audience.

I won't give away any more of the story but I hope that if you read this book, you will get the irony of the people watching the games, obsessed with their appearences while young kids are forced to kill each other.

A great book.
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on January 28, 2010
My niece who is 12 years old told me that her teacher was reading The Hunger Games to her class, she said it was this amazing book and thought I should read it and everyone loves it. I thought at first if my 12-year-old niece loves it, maybe it would be a little too immature for me. Heck was I wrong. What a great read. You can probably see that by reading all these good reviews! It is so exciting and thrumming with excitement I couldn't put it down. I finished The Hunger games and Catching fire in only a few days. I thought it might be a weird concept at first but I really was hooked right from the beginning. I loved all the descriptions the author gave and I felt like I was going through what Katniss was going through. I am telling everyone I know to read this one. I don't think there will be anyone who doesn't like this book or the next in the series! Absolutely Fantastic! I just wish I didn't have to wait all the way until August 24th for the next one! Oh the suspense...
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on October 6, 2013
I had absolutely no interest in reading these books. Saw the movie and thought it was ok, but still wasn't planning on reading them. Then someone I totally respect told me just how good they were, so I picked them up, and oh my goodness.....I was hooked immediately! Definitely lives up to all the hype, and of course the book is WAY better than the movie.
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on August 30, 2010
Because I've been waiting months for this book, I'd promised myself I'd read it slowly and savour it, becuase after I'm finished there's no more. As it turns out, I read all of Mockingjay the day I received it in the mail. As expected, it was excellent. As dreaded, I didn't like it.

Suzanne seems to be one of those writers whose books get better and better with each installment. I thought Catching Fire was better than The Hunger Games, and Mockingjay is written even better than Catching Fire. After the just have an unquenchable hunger for MORE that will never be satisfied, but that's okay, because it's the mark of a good series.

Despite all that, the problem with Mockingjay, (for me at least) is that it wasn't any fun to read at all.

Sure, it's intense, suspenseful, poignant, and it cuts to the action faster, but I missed Peeta; Katniss's usual spirited and brave demeanor was replaced by a "Who cares?" attitude, and while it might be completely justified, it wasn't any fun on the reader's part; the whole book hangs a downcast, depressing and overly serious tone; I hated the anticlimax.
In lieu of spoilers, I will not mention names, but a certain important character was somewhat randomly dropped off at the end. We weren't given any closure about his relationships with his fellow characters. May or may not leave you feeling cheated.

Another reviewer, on I believe, called this book a work of "nihilistic anti-war propaganda;" in other words, Collins is biased into thinking that war is the most disgusting, horrible, and awful thing that ever existed. And while she's entitled to her opinions, especially when they are well-supported, it's untactful to try and force her readers into seeing things her way, instead of giving them the facts and allowing them to form their own opinions.
This seems to be the reason for much of the unnecessary tragic events that happen in this book, and why it's so depressing: the author is putting out propaganda to 'help' us see how very very bad war is, instead of giving us a balanced view of the reasons people go to war, and why it may or may not be the best way to solve a conflict.

Now, the end. We never expected a completely happy ending for a series like this one. We would have enjoyed a bittersweet ending thoroughly. But I think the downer ending was just overdoing it. Did the author purposely twist the ending to a level of heartwrenching sadness? Probably. Was it necessary? Hmmm.

So, the writing was intelligent and unique to its author. The plot was (excepting the anticlimax) tense, winding, and fast-paced, the action neverending. The characters, especially Katniss herself, were depthened even further. Despite that, I didn't like it, I'm sorry.
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