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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on May 10, 2016
utter crap. plot is scattered all over the place and there is a lack of story arc. no clear character development or even a sense of who the character is. its written like a thriller, with lots of action, drama, and perspective jumping but has the plot line and pay off structure of a suspense novel. each chapter seems discounted from the next and leaves the whole thing too disjointed to be engaging.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon February 23, 2013
Patrick Lanigan is dead, as far as anyone knows. His widow Trudy has collected on a substantial life insurance policy and brought her long-term affair into the open. His friends have shed their tears and made their peace with his absence. And his former partners are relieved that they will not need to run him out of the law firm to conceal their own illegal activities.

When quite a lot of the law firm's money disappears, it becomes clear that Patrick did not die in a car accident. He has the money and is... somewhere. There are people who want the money back. They look for him for years and finally they find him. After some unpleasantness, Patrick finds himself in Federal custody, facing charges of embezzlement and murder. He recuperates and begins to tell his story.

Patrick begins to put his life back together with the help of two other lawyers. Sandy is his attorney, longtime friend, and one of the pallbearers at his funeral. Eva is a close personal friend who has helped Patrick hide the money he stole. With their help, Patrick follows a carefully-crafted plan to obtain his freedom once again.

This is an excellent legal thriller, as we expect from John Grisham. It is a mixture of painstaking plans and clever improvisations. As Patrick's story unfolds, we understand more about his motivations and revise some of our initial assumptions. Some characters, on the other hand, behave pretty much as expected.

If you enjoy this book, you may also want to read The Racketeer, also by John Grisham. It has different plot twists, but a similar theme.
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on June 17, 2011
The editor of The Partner should be fired. The ending of a book should reward the reader for taking the time to share in the lives of the characters, not punish him/her. This is a brilliant story with fantastic, characters and a driving plot.

It has everything I love in a novel, International settings, a sympathetic lead character and plenty of suspense. Grishams typical courtroom drama is at the center of this story but he has done an excellent job of incorporating political intrigue and a touch of adventure. In my opinion it's one of his best until you get to the end of coarse.

This joyride of a novel was brought crashing down by an incomprehensible ending.
The end of this novel warrants 2 stars but I can't ignore how fantastic the rest of the book was. I'm so angry. I could have loved this book. I won't give away the ending but I recommend stopping with about 20 pages to go and allowing your imagination to finish the book.
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A great lawyer is meticulous, calculating, aggressive, relentless, and prepared for anything. John Grisham lovingly shares an intricate plot to provide you with an unforgettable portrait of those qualities in action. In the process, you'll also see a man whose soul is offended by his profession.

Ultimately, this book is about a dream . . . a dream that may be more dangerous than an addictive drug. What will you do to capture your dream? That's what you'll be asking yourself after you read The Partner.

The beginning of the book seems like an international espionage thriller. A group of private detectives track down a fugitive to a little town in Brazil near the border with Paraguay. They pounce, and the fugitive is in for his worst nightmare . . . remorseless torture aimed at getting him to tell something he doesn't know.

Soon, an unlikely intervention creates a whole new vector for the story. The fugitive has to face the music from a lot of angry lawyers . . . including his former partners.

Like many legal thrillers, you'll be getting no more information than you need to know to follow the action. Pay attention to the questions that occur to you: Thinking about what might have happened is half the fun of this book.

If you aren't interested in the ins and outs of how lawyers think about criminal issues, you won't like this book as much as I did. I was impressed at how well the legal issues were displayed without being too technical. Remember that lawyers usually spend a lot of time thinking through how the opposing attorney will respond to various probes.

Watch out for the unexpected!
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on October 26, 2012
Typical of John Grisham. Excellent story, hard to put the book down. A must read for anyone who enjoys mysteries
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on February 14, 2004
Patrick Lanigan once was a well-like, well-paid young partner in a flourishing Mississippi law firm, with a pleasurable future ahead of him. Then he did the most unbelievable thing. He faked his death, watched, nearby in a tree, his own burial, then stole ninety million dollars from his own firm and vanished into the night, ran from his life and into a new one, or did he? But after four and a half years of living on the run, with shadows behind him, shadows that he couldn¡¦t see but only felt, shadows that kept him awake at night, they finally tracked him down. Now he is back home where it all began and where it will all eventually end, as a new story is about to emerge because Patrick knows the truth, something that no one else in the world knows he knows. The truth about money and greed, but perhaps, not enough about it to help him to the end.
The Partner, like many of Grisham¡¦s other books, are full of surprises and a true page-turner. As the story slowly unravels itself, I find myself unable to put the book down. Continuously throughout the book, it is full of surprises, all the way to the very end with the most startling ending. Though my initial reaction to the ending was disbelief and disappointment, nevertheless, when I thought about it, I found it wasn¡¦t that bad after all. How many people fake their deaths, steal ninety million dollars, get caught, then freed with thirty million dollars left and still live happily ever after? Sometimes in life, things just don¡¦t happen the way you expected it to. Sometimes people just aren¡¦t the way you expected them to be. Especially when it comes to money, large amounts of money, let¡¦s say, in the millions. Because sometimes, even the most trusted person, the most unexpected person, can¡¦t protect himself or herself from the seductive desire for more money.
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on January 25, 2004
A young smart Mississippi lawyer Patrick gets wind of a scam his law partners are involved in and turns the tables on them by absconding with their 90 million dollar financial windfall and then disappearing for four years. But Patrick, aided by his new found love, Eva, is so far ahead of his pursuers that he orchestrates his own recapture in South America.
The book essentially recapitulates Patrick's elaborate planning in undercutting his partners and in faking his own death. Interrogations and interviews by lawyers and law enforcement personnel are the mechanisms for piecing together the story.
The author at times tries to portray Patrick as a victim, but his cocky personality does not support that position. Patrick's ability to be two moves ahead of everyone else borders on the unbelievable, a good example being his certainty that he could be recaptured and beat all charges against him. The book loses tension because it becomes obvious that Patrick is bullet-proof in that he has already thought of every eventuality.
In the end, the author comes close to undermining his entire book with an ending that is simply baffling in the context of all that has transpired. You'll have to read it to find out.
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on January 5, 2004
"The Partner," John Grisham's 1997 crime novel about a superlawyer on the lam pitted against his beautiful but shallow wife, his well-connected but shallow former law partners, and the military-industrial-political-financial-legal-insurance-press complex of the entire Western world, is decent beach reading. No more, no less.
Told largely through flat, deposition-style dialogue -- a narrative technique, as old as Richardson, in which characters tell a story simply by relating to each other what happened before the novel began -- the book features a heavily diagrammed (and largely implausible) plot, morally ambiguous characters, swatches of local color (here, the Mississippi Gulf Coast and Brazil), plenty of cynicism about the motives of powerful men, and a final twist that, because of the limited character development, rings false.
Graham Greene's standard of literary criticism was defined by a question: is there anyone in this book you'd care to invite to lunch? I don't think so here. Grisham aficionados may find "The Partner" to die for. For anyone else, save this talky book for a lazy day at the beach. Robert E. Olsen
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on November 2, 2003
A Review by Jason
One day a young lawyer from Memphis -Patrick- snaps. He fakes his own death in a car crash and disappears. Six weeks later ninety million dollars disappears from the firms account. The only person that could have taken the money was Patrick. The firm began its journey to find Patrick. It took them through the Brazilian Rainforests, France, and finally to the small Brazilian town of Ponta Pora. There is only one person who knows were the money is not who you think it is...
I like how the book holds you in your seat without wanting to get up to do anything else. It is suspenseful and exciting. John Grisham is a magical writer who makes you "see" the characters in your head. There are so many points of view here, and from many different places in the world. It brings excitement in every page as you race through the Brazilian Rainforests, the small town of Ponta Pora, and the streets of Memphis. It has theft, murder, the law, and the FBI. It has a ear-shattering climax that explodes.
I give this book a four star rating. It has a good plot and is a great story. I would recommend this book to people of all ages and who like to read big novels.
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on October 10, 2003
In the book The Partner, the author John Grisham writes " Another scream filled the cabin." This shows the horror and the pain the main character went through. The author's purpose in writing this novel is to grab the reader's attention and keep them in suspense. He does this by giving details on the setting, plot, characters, and language.
This novel is about a lawyer, Patrick Lanigan, who fakes his death so he can steal his firms money. He steals ninety million dollars, he takes the money and runs to Brazil for four years. A bunch of people the firm hired to look for him are trying to catch him. The people final catch Patrick. They take him to a cabin in the middle of nowhere so they can torture him. When the FBI finally get him from the people the firm hired to catch him they keep him in a Puerto Rican military base.
It all starts in Brazil. When the people the firm hired to catch him do, they take him to a cabin where there is no one around for miles. Eventually the feds catch him and take him to military base in Puerto Rico.
There were a variety of characters in the book. All kinds from sneaky characters, Patrick Lanigan, to scared characters, Trudy Lanigan.
The plot is explained by Grisham when Lanigan takes the money from the firm and runs off. He runs to Brazil and tells a lady to take the money and hide it and not to tell him where she has it hidden. When the antagonist finds him they torture him almost to death. The FBI trick the kidnappers into giving them Lanigan, and they torture him.
The language Grisham uses is easy to follow and easy to understand. He uses figurative language and imagery. He writes using a mixture of all kinds of alliterations and allusions. He flows smoothly. He changes scenes in every chapter and sometimes every paragraph.
All these aspect of the novel and author make this fiction novel a great book to read. Grisham keeps the suspense going throughout the book. He keeps his audience on the edge of their seats and forces them to think. This is a great novel it will keep the reader wanting never to put it down.
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