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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on February 4, 2003
The Heart of a Werewolf
When most see the book "Blood and Chocolate", they wonder what it is about. This book is about trust, betrayal, and family.
Vivian Gandillon is a girl with a wonderful gift. She is a loup-garou, a werewolf (so is her family). After a terrible incident a year earlier she finds her pack in ruins and still can not find her place. Vivian wants nothing more than to have friends outside the pack and fit in. Suddenly she does fit in because she met Aiden Teague.
Aiden and Vivian fall in love. With that love Vivian gets a great boyfriend and friends making her happier then she has been in a year. Although she is happy, she longs to tell Aiden what she is. After a terrible break-up Vivian forgets herself and when she wakes up she realizes she is in such despair that she may have started a chain reaction of terrible murders.
After many days of mourning and confusion she feels that she is the cause of all the problems that endanger her and her pack. She then decides that she is the problem and she knows her solution. Vivian must kill herself and she knows the best way to do it. Vivian is just about to kill herself when her friends from the pack find her and confess that she had been set up by two from the pack. Vivian realizes that the two who are responsible for the murders might come and try to harm Aiden.
Vivian knew she must find Aiden before the traitor of her pack did. As she looked she was fearful that she would not find him first. Aiden turned out to be easy to find because he was looking for her. She wanted to tell him to leave but he was still fearful of her after their break-up.
Earlier she had sent her friends to gather the rest of the pack so they could bring down the traitors, and know she wished they were here because out of the corner of her eye she saw two creators advancing on her and Aiden. As they approached she tried to think on how to stall so she asked them why they were killing innocent people. They hated her and the loved the kill and just did it for sport and now Vivian and Aiden were their next victims. Vivian had other plans she lunged at them and knocked them down with her furry.
The fight would have lasted only seconds, but the rest of the pack had finally arrived and their leader and the pack made quick judgment and the traitors had to die. Aiden, who was frightened to have witnessed the whole thing, stood shaking hoping to be released. Vivian came up to him and told him to go and if he every spoke about what happened he would die.
For weeks Vivian would not come out of her room she was ashamed to have expose the pack and more embarrassed to have dated Aiden. She was trying to forget about Aiden and the traitors, and her friends and family tried to comfort her but she did not want to be comforted. Until one night Gabe came to comfort her and she found what Aiden would not give her she found love.
A few years ago I would not be seen reading about werewolves ,but after reading Blood and Chocolate I changed my mind. My reading choice in books changed after reading this book. I hope you will read this book to.
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on November 24, 2002
The book I chose, Blood and Chocolate, by Annette Curtis Klause, was an excellent book. From the moment I started reading the first page, the book sucked me right into the story. The author chose the perfect characters to play werewolves. Each person had a unique and amazing personality.
Rafe and Vivian were my favorite characters. I loved Rafe's bad boy image. And Vivian was so cool. She was always so calm and sophisticated. Whenever she was faced with a problem she never lost her temper. I wish I could be like that. I lose control of myself every now and then.
I liked a lot of things about the book. I especially liked the way the author described the transformation of people into wolves. "Her laugh turned to a moan at the first ripple in her bones. She tensed her thighs and abdomen to will the change on, and clutched the night air like a lover as her fingers lengthened and her nails sprouted. Her blood churned with heat like desire. The night, she thought, the sweet night. The exciting smells of rabbit, damp earth, and urine drenched the air..." Her choices of words are amazing. It seems almost as if she had experienced it for herself.
The theme of the story is to accept someone for who they are. Aiden didn't want anything to do with Vivian once she told him she was a werewolf. I totally agree with it. If a person can't love you for who you are, then that person is not a true friend. I can relate to this. For a while I thought I had to act a certain way or do certain things for people to like me. But after reading this book I realized that they weren't my real friends. My real friends like me no matter how I act or what I do.
I would definitely recommend this book to people who are fascinated by vampires, werewolves, or witches.
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on July 19, 2002
Vivian's a werewolf. And her pack's in a swirl of trouble after running away from humans who've discovered their secret. The incident has left a couple of werewolves dead, including Vivian's father, the leader of the pack. Now the pack struggles with finding a new leader and building a new life within the suburbs of Maryland. After the upsetting loss of her father, Vivian decides that she's had enough of her pack and chooses to find a different kind of companionship: humans. Before too long, she finds herself following in love with one. And because of her desire to be open and honest with her lover, she reveals her true nature to him one night. Unfortunately, her true nature frightens him...right into another girl's arms. Now she realizes what a mistake she had made; she has threatened the lives of her whole pack by revealing herself to a human... and yet she still desires his love and simmers with hate for his new girl. And within her pack the power struggle continues, with the victor trying his best to hold the pack together and the losers tendering a desire for vengeance. Then the deaths of occur, one after another, each eventually pointing to what the humans think of as wild dogs. But the werewolves know better. Someone within is murdering the humans. The members of the pack must uncover the murderer, before it is too late and the humans discover them. And Vivian is left with a single question: will she choose the love of a human over the well-being of her pack?
This is a well-told story which has slithered its way into the list of my favorites. Instead of being told from a human's point of view, we watch from a young werewolf's. Werewolves aren't just the mystical, shape-changing creatures who howl at the moon any longer. In this story, they have as much depth as the humans do. This book is very worth reading. Over and over again.
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on July 4, 2002
Vivianne is not a "normal" teenager. She is a sleek and powerful predator. She is a wereworlf. But one day at school she notices a poem describing the change into a wolf next to a picture she has drawn in the school newspaper. She immediately seeks the author out wanting to know how some human should dare know the change into wolf form. The author turns out to be a boy named Aiden, who with his bohemian looks and interest in magaick and all things weird intruiges Vivianne like no human ever has before. Aiden and Vivian start to fall in love even though she knows it's forbidden bcause he is a "meat boy" and only half a person for Moon's sake! Not to mention that she is now Queen B and belongs to the leader of the clan, Gabriel. Vivianne decides she no longer wants to hide herself from Aiden and decides to show him her true self. What will happen? Will Aiden still love her?
What a GREAT book. Man, I thought that Gabriel was awesome and Aiden was a real wimp. What is it with hott dangerous guys named Gabriel (see Dark Visions by: LJ Smith)? Anywayz buy this book. You wont regret it.
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on June 29, 2002
I read this book for the first time a few weeks ago, and I have to tell you, I hated it. It just was not what I had expected, and I thought Vivian sounded like a slut. Then I read it again, and I loved it. It was very well written, the dialogue was realistic, and I could relate to Vivian once I looked past what I had originally thought was sluttiness. Everything fit as it should.
Vivian is a werewolf who loves being what she is, though she can't really stand her other five age-mates in the pack, who all are male. She's beautiful, independent, and strong. Things are going just fine for her, until she meets bohemian poet Aiden. She falls in love with him immediately, and it's not hard for her to win him over. Then she tells him that she is a werewolf, sure that he'll understand and appreciate the gift she has. Things go downhill from there. Then there are a few human murders, and everything points to Vivian.
This book has everything it should--romance, suspense, drama, gore--perfect. It's a wonderfully spun tale about a girl trying to figure out the difference between love and the need to protect and dominate. I highly recommend it.
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on May 23, 2002
At a first glance, Blood and Chocolate by Annett Curtis Klause did not sound that appealing to me. The story is about a girl living in the human world, with a group that can change into wolves (including herself). She falls in love with Aiden, a human boy, and they begin dating. The pack she lives with doesn't really approve of this "inter-species" mixing. While Vivian, the girl, falls deeper in love with Aiden, one of her own claims her as his mate. Now Vivian has to choose to live either with her pack and her admirer, or leave the pack to be with Aiden.
My friend lent me the book with the warning that I wouldn't be able to put it down. Not believing her at first, I started the book and found it surprisingly interesting! I liked how Klause made the story come alive and seem realistic, as if these human/wolf creatures really do exist. The story was easy to relate to because Vivian is a teenager going through her High School years, just like me. She deals with things like becoming accepted among her peers, just like all kids at her age do. The story was suspensful, and draws you in. I give Blood and Chocolate a five-star rating. I would reccommend this book to teenagers, high school age and up. This age group will understand and be able to realte to some events better than younger kids and adults could.
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on March 26, 2002
Hey the only reason I gave this book 4 stars was it can't measure up to L.J Smiths books at all. Vivaian is a 16 year old girl, at least that what she a appears to be to most people. She's a werewolf. But thing's aren't perfect in her world. Far from it, she's in love with a Human boy Adien and has the unwanted attention of all the the boy packmates close to her age, Plus Gabriel who is her mothers boyfriend (they are also both werewolves) had been paying attention to her and she's not at all pleased. When she accidently makes herself werewolf queen to Gabriel by defending her mother she's angry and scared now Gaberiel won't leave her alone and there's nothing she can do about it. But things are getting worse, someone's been murdering the humans around the area and Vivian thinks it's her, parts of the dead people have been showing up in her room but she can't remember doing it she thinks she's going crazy, she plans to show Adien that she is a werewolf.. but her plan goes terribly wrong, now Adien thinks she's an awful creature and neither Adien or her new friends will speak to her. She tries to use Gabriel to get Adien back but Gabe was to smart and now he hates her, or so she thinks. Things are sprialing beyond her control 3 people have died and everytime all signs point to her.. but she can't remember any of the murders. She knows she must pretect the pack at any cost so she decides to kill herself. Gabriel shows up and saves her from doing it but when they get home there's another danger...........Adien. And he's got a gun
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on January 24, 2002
I read this book because a friend suggested it, and since then I have read it twice. This book is incredible. The main character Vivian will make you think what it is like to be a teenager - even if you aren't a werewolf. This book is unusual in that Vivian can control her being a werewolf except during the full moon. The only other book that I have read about werewolves that has this is "Blood Trail" by Tanya Huff. Vivian's "pack" has moved to the suburbs after their farm was burnt down and their leader (Vivians father) died. In the suburbs there are constant fights for leadership, and Vivians mother must deal with the threat from a younger female. All that conflict is made worse when Vivian starts seeing a "meat boy". Vivian must decide whether or not to reveal her true nature to her new love - and she must also deal with the advances of the Five.
Vivian was a character that became like an old friend. You completely enter her world of scornful teenagers and pack-rules of her family. Gabriel makes you love him and hate him in turn as he becomes Vivians hunter and protector. At times I was frustrated with this book because it seems as if the author was keeping a secret from you - only to have the story engulf you.
I really enjoyed this book and recommend it to anyone with a taste for the unusual. If you enjoy this book then you should also try "Blood Trail" - which has a vampire as well as werewolves.
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on December 27, 2001
Vivianne is what people would call a werewolf. She is sleek and beautiful, and at night her body transformes into something beyond human comprehension.
It is only one day at school, when she submits her "wolf art" into a school newspaper, that she notices the poem next to it. A poem that describes the change and what it is to be a wolf. It is written by a boy named Aiden, and who she initially seeks out to meet.
Aiden has an unusual interest in magick. All things wierd. Him and Vivianne fall in love despite the fact that Vivianne knows that she is forbidden to date a "meet boy" and she belongs to the clan leader Gabriel.
But will her and Aiden's relationship survive? Will love conquer all, as they say? What will Aiden do when he finds out what and who Vivianne really is?
Woo hoo!! Great read!! I have to say that, unlike some people, i LIKED Gabriel. He was strong, aggressive, and the gorgeous bad-boy type. This was an AWESOME book!!
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on November 13, 2001
I dont know why but books about supernatural creatures have always facinated most people.
However, i find this book to be one of the best that i have read in a while about this sort of thing. anyway, heres some of the story line, although you get enough of that usually in other reviews.
In this book, Vivian is a Werewolf, and lives in a suburban area. this and werewolves dont usually fit however, and this is shown when the pack starts to gain friction and momentum. this is becuase the pack has decided that they need a new leader, and to determine who is the best fit to take control they have a small tournament (not really all that small). the problem with this is that there arent many wolves in the little group that Vivian is part of, and so, not many wolves to contest for the position. coupled with this plot, there is the fact that Vivian feels attracted to a non werewolf, which just doesnt usually work out. however, Vivian thinks that Aiden will understand her if she just gives him time to get to like her, or be her soul mate as he says in the story. the problem with this is that werewolves cannot have children with non-werewolves (its not biologically possible), and so, the relation couldnt work out unless she could turn him into one, which cant be done like in most storys with the biting, pultices, and drinking from a pawprint of one. but anyhow, this book is very good and i highly recomend it.
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